Your Not Welcomed

Blurb ❤️
~ 3 years before
I layed on the cold marble floor. Lifeless. Well...
I want to be.
My right hand was holding my bare stomach and my lefted was holding the...Pregnancy stick.
I sit up after laying in the floor for which seemed like hours. Probably was.I was too weak to fully stand up , so I stretched my body to reach for the pregnancy box on the counter.
Got it. I needed to be definite that I was really pregnant. Well after using the whole box in 1 day? I would say so , but I just needed to know for sure 1 more time.I took the box and 1 hand and the test In the other. "Yup there it goes. That little plu-"
"baby! I'm home!"
Fuck . What is harry doing home so early?
I scatter trying to hide the box. I throw it in the cabinet under the sink. Harry never does down there. I put the test in the back pocket Of my jeans. And pull my shirt down. I exit the bathroom to see Harry in the living room smiling ear to ear at me. "Hey baby. What are you doing home so early?" I gave him a peck on the lips. "I have good news!"
"Me too!" It got silent after I spoke.
"you first hazza." He took a deep breath and let it out.
"Me and the boys got signed to a contract and we're moving to L.A!" He picked me up and hugged me tight."That's great baby! I'm so happy for you."
I start walking towards our bedroom to hear Harry call out at me. "What did you want to tell me Taylor?"
SHIT! Kill me now!
I turn around slowly trying to advoid eye contact with harry. A voice in my mind kept telling me to lie and don't tell him but my heart was telling me to just say it. Say the truth.
I take a deep breath and sigh.. Here we go.....
"harry I'm pregnant. I took a whole box all today all they all said the same thing. Positive." I covered my mouth with my hand. He stood their . Frozen.
I couldn't read his expression it was a mixture of different emotions. He knew I hated that. "Um harry? Hazza?" The words I was dying not to hear came out his mouth.
"Its not mine."Huh?
"What harry?"
"I. Said. It's. Not. Mine." I was confused. Did he really just say that?
"What the fuck harry! It is yours! Who elses? I was a virgin when we first had sex. And I never slept with any other man except for y-."
"But we used a condom."
"Condoms don't always do that job smarty pants."
"We'll get rid of it."Did he really just tell me to abort my child? OUR CHILD?
"are you crazy! I could never do that! Even though we're 16, I'm going . We're going to step up and become parents!"
"yes we! Your the one who stuck your ding a ling in me and decided not to pull out!!! Now am I right if am I right?"
"my Careers just starting. This is going to set the group back. Alot!"
"What are you saying?" Oh ohhhhhh....
He throws a stack of money on the coffee table! "This should be enough to take care of the baby stoller and whatever you need."
"HARRY FUCKING STYLES! What are you saying!?"at that point tears were running down my cheeks.
"I'm leaving. I'm not rea-"
"It's not that simple. I'm sorry I have to go." He turns around about to leave out the front door .
"Hazza?" He looked back at me?
"it's you fucking job or your family. You choose."
I close my eyes praying he'll chose us. His family.I jump for the slamming of the door. I open my eyes and Harry's gone. Forever!
I break down crying on the ground. I was a mess. I didn't know what I was going to do without Harry! After a few hours I got myself together and sat on the couch. I lifted up my shirt and stared down at my stomach.
"It's okay mommys angle. It's only me and you. But we're going to get through this.....


Christiana Andrews

23, "New character" Taylor's new friend

Ema Styles

3, Taylor's and Harrys daughter

Harry Styles

19, Dating Morgan Ellis. And is in "1 direction"

Morgan Ellis

20, Harry's "new" girlfriend

Rashon Lowery

20, Taylor's friend. He helps out with Ema

Taylor Keith

19, The mother of Ema Styles. First love of Harry Styles

Terrell Smith

21, "New character" Taylor's "idk what to call him" she meet at work


9. Chapter9

(Taylor POV)

I watched as Harry walked out the door and maybe even out of our lives again.

This feeling is the wrost! Bui I only had it once before. When he left when he found out I was pregnant. Usually I would fall to my knees and cry my eyes out.

But not today. Today I was going to hold my on. Like I've been doing for these past years.

I wasn't going to break. Not again. Not ever!

I have to think about my daughter.

Not me.

(Harry's POV)

I stood their at her door debating on if I should open the door or not.

I decided it would be best if I didn't.

I walk down to my car still memorized by what happen. I can't believe Taylor. The only reason she did what she did was because I said go to hell.

I thought we were really getting along but after that little petty fight we just had, I feel like I was wrong.

Completely Wrong.

The drive to the hotel was pretty silent. I walked up to the room ignoring the paps then I usually do.

I walk into the room not bothering to acknowledge the boys. I just wasn't in the mood.

I opened the door to the bedroom and laid on the bed. I stared at the ceiling above me.. Remembering the events that happen today.

A tear slippe out the corner of my eye and rolled down my face thinking about the fact that I may never see my daughter again.

It still seems so surreal that I was in Taylor's presence.

Emas too. Ema is really just a little mini me. We look alike and everythi-.

Someone knocked on the door. "Come in." I said wiping away what's left of the one tear I just shed. It was Lou.

"Hazza? What happen?" He said sitting next to me on the bed.

I sat up and spilled out everything that happen today from what Morgan told me too leaving Taylor's apartment.

"Wow. I'm so sorry about that Hazza. But if it makes you feel any better? I get sad when your sad. Your the mooder." I chuckled to myself. "A mooder Lou? Really?"

"Yes Hazza really. A mooder is someone who can control everyone else's mood. Pretty cool if you ask me." He said standing up.

"Thank you Lou." He walked toward the door and opened it. "No problem Larry."

I gave him the glare and threw the pillow at him.

(Taylor's POV)

I curled up next too Ema on the couch. She came to me and snuggled into my arms.

This feeling have your baby laying in your arms is the most amazing, indescribable feeling ever. "Mama?"

I looked down at Ema with her beautiful green orbs. "Yes baby?" "Why Harry leaf? I miss Harry."

It broke my heart to hear her say that. I miss him too.

A lot.

But I wasn't giving in so quickly as I did when he wanted to enter our life.

"He'll be back soon. But you have me for now." I gave her a small crooked smile.

"K mama" she said turning her attention back to the television. I heard my cell ring and got off the couch to pick it up.


Why is Lou calling me?

Me: hello?

Louis: Taylor? It's Louis. How is my niece?

Me: she's good. But what do you want?

Louis: whoa what i do?

Me: you told harry about ema when you gave me your word you wouldnt.

he was quiet for a few seconds.

Louis: im really sorry tay. i just couldnt lie to Hazza. You know that.

Me: whatever. What is it?

Louis: me and the boys are dying to meet her before we leave.

Me: I don't think that's a good idea.

Louis: please please with a cherry on top?

Me: no

Louis: please please please please please please please please ple-

Me: fine! Is Harry going to come with you? Because if he is, your not coming.

Louis: nope. He's not coming. I swear this time

! I sighed into the phone.

Me: okay. But not right now. I'm not busy so maybe 5?

Louis: yes! It's perfect! See you then. Bye!

~ end call

(Louis POV)

I'm so ecstatic I'm going to go see Taylor and Ema Later .Since Harry is like my brother she's like my niece.

And I'm like her uncle.

I ran Into the room where Harry was just getting off the phone. I jumped on the bed!

"Hey" jump "Hazza" jump. "Lou stop jumping on my bed!"

I took one jump and sat crisscross apple sauce on his bed.

"Who was little Harry on the phone with?" I said poking at his stomach. "Morgan."

Ugh. I never really liked her but Harry would hurt me if I said I didn't to him. He really likes her.

"Oh." I said looking away from him. "What did she want?"

"Oh she just keeps bugging me about seeing Ema." He looked down and held each side of his nose with this thumb and pointer finger.

I hated to see Harry down. It broke my heart into millions of pieces. "Harry?" "Yeah?" He voice was very shaky but he didn't look up at me.


My eyes grew huge and I put my hand over my mouth.


(Taylor's POV)

why do I forgive so easily? I forgave Louis in a matter of seconds and Harry!

After all the shit he put me through! That's really unforgivable! But I don't know why but I keep running back to him.

I looked over next to me to find Ema sound asleep in the fettle position. My daughter was beautiful.

I heard a Knock on the door. Huh?

I didn't ask anyone to come over right now. I waited until they knocked again to get up.

I finally heard the second knock and got up from my comftable

spot on the couch. I walked toward the door and stood on my tippy toes to look through the peep whole.


I unlocked the locks and opened the door to find Rashon with bundles of roses and flowers in both of his hands.

"Aw Rashon you didn't have t-" he dropped all the stuff and kissed me on the lips so roughly.

He came into the apartment and closed the front door without breaking the kiss. I jumped onto him and wrapped my legs around his waist while he carried me into the kitchen. The only place that sleeping Ema couldn't see. He sat me on the counter and started to kiss me deeper than before . He moved down to my neck and probably left noticeable hickeys. I let out a small moan. "Ah Rashon." I wanted him so badly but something was telling me it wasn't right. He began to slid my spaghetti straps down my shoulder. "Rashon." I said still with my lips attached to his. "Yes baby" he start cuffing my right boon into his hands. "Stop." He instantly pulled back. "Why baby?" Really? "Because.. My daughter is sleeping in the other room and I had a long day." He slid my strap back up shoulder and picked me up off the counter. "Then tell me about it."

We sat on the floor in the same spot as before and I started telling him about my day. And Ema.

It felt like deja vu. It basically was.

"Taylor?" He whispered into my ear since I was sitting in his lap. "Yes?"

"I got you a job interview." I was frozen. Shocked. "Are you kidding me?" He chuckled.

"No I'm not. It's in about a hour. It's an interview for a cashier at another Starbucks. I picked that because you have experience." I jumped up and straddled him.

"Thank you." Kiss "so" kiss "much." I better get ready!"I let out my hand and pulled him up.

"Can you watch Ema for a little bit? Your wonderful with watching her?" He nodded his head excitedly! Was he that excited to babysit her?

I ran into the bathroom and took a very quick shower and threw this on.

They really didn't care what you wore since your going to be wearing uniforms but I still had to look presentable.

I kissed ema and rashon goodbye and left.

(Rashons POV)

finally alone with Ema at last.

I walked over to Ema asleep on the couch and shook her.

"Ema.. Ema baby. Wake up." Her eyes flittered awake and when she saw me her eyes immediacy widen. She sat up looking scared.

I slapped her. Across the face.

"What did you tell your mother?" "No- no- nothing." She said while bursting out in tears. I felt bad. I didn't mean to hurt her.

I sat on the couch and pulled her to my lap.

She rejected me at first but after me hitting her again she gave in.

I rocked her in my arms until her quieted down.

Once she did, I roughly took her arm and pulled her over to the bed.

Let the fun begin.


after a while I finally stopped. She hasn't cried as much. Probably because she was used to it by now.

I was about to buckle my belt when I heard someone knock on the door.


I quickly dressed ema back up and fixed my outfit to make me seem like nothing Happen. I open the door.

"Hey baby how was the -" I was speechless.

I didn't know what to say so I stood their frozen unable to move or talk.

"Ha- ha- Harry?"

(Taylor's POV)

I walk into Starbucks and scan the room. It's not very packed but then again, it's mostly never. I walked toward the door that said "employees only."

I took a second to gain some confidence and knocked on the door. "Come in." I heard from the other side of the door.

I slowly opened the door and saw a man sitting looking down at a pile of papers sitting on his desk. I moved in closer into his office.

"Hello how may I help you?" He said not looking up from the papers on his desk. "Um, I'm Taylor Keith. I came here from my job interview?"

He looked up at me for a second and took a glance while scrunching up his nose to get a better look. He looked down again. "Oh yes. Please take a seat." I gladly accept it and lay my purse in my lap.

"So, Ms. Keith" he said while holding his hands together and laying them on his desk giving me his full attention. "Rashon told me you have plenty of experience working at Starbucks. Is that correct?"

"Yes it is. I've been working at Starbucks for about two years now and been doing really good. I go to work on time and sometimes I even pick up extra shifts."

He wrote something on a yellow piece of paper.

"Why did you quit your other job?" "Actually he said that he was cutting people off and I was one of the lucky ones!" I give a sarcastic smile that makes him smirk.

"Okay. So right here it tells me that you've missed over 30 days!" He looked taken back. Shit! "Yeah. Actually I had a lot going on with my daughter and everything...."

He looked up at me. "You have a daughter?" I smiled widely.

"Yeah. She's 3 and her names Ema." I could go on and on bragging about her

. "Is she going to interfere with you and your work?"

"No. Sir"

He wrote something again on the yellow paper.

"When can you start?"

I smiled.

(Harry's POV)

I was about call Taylor and apologize to her about what I said but Morgan called me.

Me: hey baby. What's up?

Morgan: nothing much. What do you have planned today?

Should I say that I'm going to go see Ema or just lie? Ugh. I let out a deep sigh.

Me: I'm going to go see Ema today.

She screamed into the phone

Morgan: what time? Cause I have to Get ready.

Me: not to be rude but who said you were coming?

Morgan: oh okay. Nevermind then. I'll just talk to you tomorr- Me: no baby! You can come! We're leaving about right now. Be ready

Morgan: yay! Okay bye love.

~end call.

What did I get myself into? I walk into the living room and ask the boys if they're ready.

They all nodded their head and we left. The car ride is never quiet when Louis is in it.

But today he was. "What's wrong Lou?" I said to him looking at him while he sits in the passenger seat.

"Just a little nervous. That all" he starts fiddling with his two pointer fingers. I let out a chuckle.

"What?" He said looking at me.

"It's just that... Why are you Nervous?" "Because Hazza! It's my first time seeing my niece! What if she doesn't like me?"

He was right. It was the first time he was going to see his niece.

Just because where not related by blood doesn't mean anything. I consider Louis my brother! That's it! So basically, Ema is his niece.

We pull up too Morgans apartment building and she's already sitting outside on the steps.

"Hey baby." I yelled to her while I rolled the window down. she walked to the car.

"Hey baby." And pecked my lips.

She looked beautiful. She had this on. She sat in the back seat and we made our way to Taylor's apartment.

I don't know what I'm going to do.

First I come to her house unwanted then I come with Morgan? She's really gonna hate me.

We got out of our car and walked toward her apartment. Morgan was right next to me.

"This is where she lives?" "Yeah baby." She held onto my arm a little tighter. "It looks like a fucking pig sty." I didn't respond to what Morgan said because even if I opened my mouth! I would curse her out.

I walked up too her apartment and I let Louis do the knocking.

*knock knock knock knock* we waited for a few seconds in silence to see if Taylor was going to open the door. Nothing. Then he knocked again.

Two times amount before.

Finally I heard the locks being unlocked. Morgan held my hand a little tighter.

I could feel her sweaty palms touching mine. I looked at her while she looked at me. She gave me a small smile.

A "everything's going to be fine" kind of smile. The door finally opened.

My mind was already picturing Taylor standing at the door but when I snapped out of my thoughts it wasn't her.

It was that dick head. Just seeing him made me mad. I just wanted to beat the shit out of him.

"Is this Taylor's home?" Louis said. "Yeah but.She went for a job interview why?"

"Because she told us too come by. Is Ema at least here?"

I was hoping he said no. I couldn't stand the thought of another man with my daughter.

In a house. Alone. Together.

"Yeah she's here. Come on in." Morgan unlocked her hand with mine and followed the boys into the house.

I was the last one to enter.

"Why the fuck are you here by yourself with my daughter?"

"Whoa Harry. Calm down. I'm just watching my step daughter." That's it.

I pulled him by his collar up to the wall.

"She is and will fucking never be your step daughter. Understood?" He nodded his head wildly.

I let him down. I walked past Rashon pushing him while i did. i walked into the living room like nothing ever happen

Stay calm Harry. Don't do anything stupid.

"Where's my daughter?" I said too him in a angry voice.

"She's in bathroom. I'll go get her." We sat on the couch and Morgan sat next to me laying her hand on my lap.

"Why is this so small? Her whole apartment is the size of my bathroom."

Morgans little stuck up comments we're getting under my skin. I was ready to curse her out But this isn't the time and place for arguing.

My attention got cut off from me noticing Ema running out. I got down on my knee and she welcomed me with a hug.

"Hey Ema. I missed you." I said still not moving away from the hug. "I miss Harry too." She said and kissed my cheek.

My heart felt amazing after she said that too me. It was wonderful. It's an indescribable feeling. I got up and let the boys see her.

Louis was the most excited.

"Hey ema. I'm your uncle. Call me uncle Lou."

"I'm uncle zayn."

"And I'm uncle Liam."

"And I'm your fave pure uncle.. Uncle Niall."

Louis picked her up and sat her in his lap. They started talking a lot.

We actually seemed like a big happy family.

Just missing one person.


Morgan leaned into my chest and whispered something. "When am I going to have my chance to hold her?" "You'll get it baby. Hold on."

I walked over to where Louis was playing dress up with Ema. "Um Lou?"

"Yeah Hazza?" "Morgan wants to see her." I told ema to stand up and I walked her over to where Morgan was.

"Morgan meet Ema. Ema meet Morgan." Ema gave Morgan a shy wave. Nothing wild.

Morgan picked Ema up and sat Ema in her lap.

"So ema what do you do for fun?"

"Dress up, Barbies and col-" that's when the front door opened.

I saw Taylor standing in the door way frozen.

Shocked. Couldn't more nor talk.

Well... Until Morgan smirked.

"Why. The. Fuck. Is. This. Bitch. Holding. My. Fucking. Daughter?"

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