Your Not Welcomed

Blurb ❤️
~ 3 years before
I layed on the cold marble floor. Lifeless. Well...
I want to be.
My right hand was holding my bare stomach and my lefted was holding the...Pregnancy stick.
I sit up after laying in the floor for which seemed like hours. Probably was.I was too weak to fully stand up , so I stretched my body to reach for the pregnancy box on the counter.
Got it. I needed to be definite that I was really pregnant. Well after using the whole box in 1 day? I would say so , but I just needed to know for sure 1 more time.I took the box and 1 hand and the test In the other. "Yup there it goes. That little plu-"
"baby! I'm home!"
Fuck . What is harry doing home so early?
I scatter trying to hide the box. I throw it in the cabinet under the sink. Harry never does down there. I put the test in the back pocket Of my jeans. And pull my shirt down. I exit the bathroom to see Harry in the living room smiling ear to ear at me. "Hey baby. What are you doing home so early?" I gave him a peck on the lips. "I have good news!"
"Me too!" It got silent after I spoke.
"you first hazza." He took a deep breath and let it out.
"Me and the boys got signed to a contract and we're moving to L.A!" He picked me up and hugged me tight."That's great baby! I'm so happy for you."
I start walking towards our bedroom to hear Harry call out at me. "What did you want to tell me Taylor?"
SHIT! Kill me now!
I turn around slowly trying to advoid eye contact with harry. A voice in my mind kept telling me to lie and don't tell him but my heart was telling me to just say it. Say the truth.
I take a deep breath and sigh.. Here we go.....
"harry I'm pregnant. I took a whole box all today all they all said the same thing. Positive." I covered my mouth with my hand. He stood their . Frozen.
I couldn't read his expression it was a mixture of different emotions. He knew I hated that. "Um harry? Hazza?" The words I was dying not to hear came out his mouth.
"Its not mine."Huh?
"What harry?"
"I. Said. It's. Not. Mine." I was confused. Did he really just say that?
"What the fuck harry! It is yours! Who elses? I was a virgin when we first had sex. And I never slept with any other man except for y-."
"But we used a condom."
"Condoms don't always do that job smarty pants."
"We'll get rid of it."Did he really just tell me to abort my child? OUR CHILD?
"are you crazy! I could never do that! Even though we're 16, I'm going . We're going to step up and become parents!"
"yes we! Your the one who stuck your ding a ling in me and decided not to pull out!!! Now am I right if am I right?"
"my Careers just starting. This is going to set the group back. Alot!"
"What are you saying?" Oh ohhhhhh....
He throws a stack of money on the coffee table! "This should be enough to take care of the baby stoller and whatever you need."
"HARRY FUCKING STYLES! What are you saying!?"at that point tears were running down my cheeks.
"I'm leaving. I'm not rea-"
"It's not that simple. I'm sorry I have to go." He turns around about to leave out the front door .
"Hazza?" He looked back at me?
"it's you fucking job or your family. You choose."
I close my eyes praying he'll chose us. His family.I jump for the slamming of the door. I open my eyes and Harry's gone. Forever!
I break down crying on the ground. I was a mess. I didn't know what I was going to do without Harry! After a few hours I got myself together and sat on the couch. I lifted up my shirt and stared down at my stomach.
"It's okay mommys angle. It's only me and you. But we're going to get through this.....


Christiana Andrews

23, "New character" Taylor's new friend

Ema Styles

3, Taylor's and Harrys daughter

Harry Styles

19, Dating Morgan Ellis. And is in "1 direction"

Morgan Ellis

20, Harry's "new" girlfriend

Rashon Lowery

20, Taylor's friend. He helps out with Ema

Taylor Keith

19, The mother of Ema Styles. First love of Harry Styles

Terrell Smith

21, "New character" Taylor's "idk what to call him" she meet at work


7. Chapter7


"Hey baby." He said with a smile. "Hey Rashon.... What do you need." I wasn't trying to be rude but I was waiting for Harry to come.

Rashon just came unexpected.

"I just wanted to say hi and meet harry." Huh? He's not my boyfriend. I don't know why he wants to meet him.

"Ermmm I don't think that's a good idea.. It wasn't that kind of thing today." "We'll why?"

I was starting to get frustrated. What doesn't he get by NO!

"because.. It's just not type of thing. Ill tell you next time when you can come." "When will that be?"

WTF Rashon!

"I don't know... Ill have to see." I closed the door and he lefted.. Finally.

(Harry's POV)

I pull up at the apartment building Taylor told me too.

I walk out the car and this boy comes up too me. "Hey your Harry right?"

I nodded my head. Not because I didn't feel like being bother but because I just really wanted to see my daughter.

"I'm Rashon. Taylor's boyfriend." He held out his hand for me to shake. I rejected it.

I was taking back for a second. I didn't know what to say. Or think. She lied to me. I had this feeling in my gut. I felt like ripping his head off.

Was I jealous?

"I'm harry styles. You know in the band one direction, the 1 top band in the world. Taylor first and oh! Before I forget, I'm the father of Ema Styles." I emphasized the "STYLES"

I started to walk away from rash? Rashoe? Rashow? I really don't know and I don't care. Then he said something.

I stopped in my tracks and turned around. Slowly.

"What. Did. You. Just. Say!?" I was starting to get really. Really mad.

"I said. You also the one who left Taylor who was pregnant and made her fend for herself! You also the one went almost four years with no contact toward Taylor nor ema! Your also the one who missed 3 of Ema birthdays. And Mr.Styles, your also the one who gave up such a beautiful independent woman to the one and only Rashon."

Ouch. That hurt. "Just mind your own fucking business." I spat at him and continued walking.

22B just kept replaying in my head. It was Taylor's apartment number. I walked up a flight of stairs and was automatically there.

I knocked on the door 3 times and waited . I looked down and checked out my outfit.

Looking good Harry.

I heard the door unlock and saw Taylor's beautiful face. How I missed touching it, kissing it. Being able to call it mine.

She only opened the door a little just for I could see her face.

"Hey Taylor." She didn't respond. She just gestured her head for me too follow.

I walked into the apartment. It was very small. All the rooms were in one except the kitchen and bathroom.

"Sorry my apartment is so small and dirty. I didn't get a chance to clean." "It's completely fine. It's small and cozy."

I followed her I guess into the kitchen?

"Ema? One of mamas friends are here." She moved out the way for me to see her.

She was beautiful. With those chocolate brown curls bouncing when she moved her head. That stunning smile that was just like her fathers.

People would say she looked just like me but, she definitely looked like Taylor. A lot.

I walked up to her and her beautiful green eyes were glued on me. I bent down to her level and she smiled right at me.

She had a beautiful smile.

"hello there. I'm harry." I didn't say my last name because it was the same as hers.

"Hi. I'm Ema Styles."

When she said Styles it sent shivers through my body. Ema Styles is my daughter. Not many people can say that. It was an honor to me.

Taylor mouthed something to me. I think it had something to do with Ema.

"Ema, would you like to play barbies with me?" She nodded her head widely and she took the lead.

I followed her into the living room where her toys were laying on the ground. I sat down across from her and picked one up.

Me and Ema started playing with the toys. Every now and then I would look up at Taylor.

She just watched as we played.

I wanted to cry. There isn't words for me too say. I made this little girl. She's mine. She my daughter. Just being around her makes me happy.

After sometime of playing barbies Ema asked me to get some ice cream. "now ema you know you already had candy. That's too much sweets!"

"Pwese mommy?"

(Taylor's POV)

I never thought this day would come where I would be watching Harry playing with our daughter.

Honestly, I thought I would never see it.

"Pwese mommy?"

Harry walked up to me. I tried to avoid him as much as I could. I was still pissed he said I was just "an old Friend"

"pweseeee...." She gave me those famous puppy eyes. I just couldn't say no.

"Okay you can but I'm going too." I wasn't letting Harry take Ema by himself.

That just wasn't happening.

I put Ema shoes on and got her car seat and went out the door.

I just followed harry. I guess we were taking his car. We got outside and we pulled up to this Black Mercedes.

It was way better than my raggedy car.

I strapped Ema in the back and sat in the passenger seat.


The ride was mostly silent. Except for Harry talking to Ema.

I was quite though.

My hand was on my thigh and I felt harry place his hand on mine. I looked at him and he looked at me.

I really did want to move it but I had to.

I took his hand and placed it back on the stirring wheel we here it should be.

We arrived at the ice cream shop and paps starting coming at us. They were surrounding the car.

"Ok guys. Keep your head down and don't say nothing. Got it Ema?"

"got it harry." We got out and they started asking us questions.

"Is this your new girlfriend? What about Morgan? Is this your daughter? What's her name?

It was really overwhelming. I didn't know how Harry delt with this everyday 24/7.

Then they started snapping pictures of all 3 of us.

Oh oh...

We walked into the ice cream shop.

I was exhausted. How does he deal with that?

"Do you go through that everyday harry?" "We'll yeah. But I promise I never knew they would be here. I'm sorry."

He looked Down and stared at his shoes. As much as I just wanted to kiss him and hug him and tell him it's okay,

I couldn't. He put me through so much. Plus he disrespected me when his "girlfriend" came over.

"It's okay." Was all I said. It had no emotion in what I said. It was plain and simple.

He looked up. I guess he was shocked that I even said "it's okay."

The three of us walked up too the register and the cashier started freaking out. ugh.

"OMG it's Har- Har- H- H- Har- Ha-"

"Harry styles" I said annoyed.

"It's Harry Styles in my ice cream shop! Ahhh" she yelled.

"Yes it is love. Can you take my order beautiful?"


"Yes I am. And it's on the house trust me."

"No gorgeous. I insist." Harry ordered.

"I'll like a vanilla cone" I was about to tell him what I wanted but he said it for me. "Taylor would like one scope of oreo and one scope of chocolate ice cream."

I was dumbfound.

He really remember what I would always get. Over 3 years ago!

I was so happy, smiling inside but on the outside I just looked at him. He kept staring at me. I guess he was waiting for me to show any emotion that I remember that he remember my favorite kind of icecream I liked to get.

But I didn't show anything. No emotion. Nothing

We made quick eye contact for a second. With the look in his eye he wanted to continue his "stare" but I quickly looked away and turned my attention to Ema.

"What would you like sweetheart?" "I like vanilla wit SPRINKLES!" She yelled the sprinkle part. I chucked and gave harry that "go on" look.

"And Ema would like to have a vanilla ice cream with sprinkles!"

He got the ice cream and we left.

"Did you thank harry for the ice cream Ema?"

"Thank you Harry."

"No problem love. Anything for Ema."

I didn't talk after i said that.

I was quiet.

I was still trying to put the pieces together in my head that harry is in touching distance from me. It was like the two smaller "yous" on both of your shoulders like they do in the movies.

The angle was telling me too forgive, forget and let him back into mine and Emas life without any question. But...

The devil was telling me too forget him. I have Rashon. Forget harry and forget that he ever entered your life.

This shit Is really complicated.

We walked toward my apartment and I opened it.

I put Ema down. "Go into the kitchen and sit down at the table until you finish your ice cream. Okay sunshine?" "Okay mama." Ema ran into the house.

I closed the door slightly and stood there with Harry.

"Sooooooo" he said rocking his body back and fourth.

"Soooo Harry......" He took a deep breath.

"I'm leaving tomorrow for concert. So I don't know the next time Ill be able too see you too."

I was happy but also sad. Happy that I didn't have to have this urge to just kiss the shit out of him and sad because I didn't want him too leave. I missed him.

"You can always come on your with us.. You won't have too pay for the apartment or anything."

Is he fucking stupid?

"Number one, you have a girlfriend that Moryan, I don't know bitch. Number two, you just came too see us for a matter of about a couple freaking hours and you just want us to come on tour with you? And ... And.. I hope you don't expect us to stop our life for you can continue yours..."

He didn't look me in my eye.

"I forgot about Morgan.... "

"Bye harry." I said entering the house and about to close the door. But he stuck his foot between it. Ugh.

"What is it harry?" I said just only showing my face. "I'll see you around lady bug."

Lady bug? He hasn't called me that in years.

"Yeah lady bug. You are and will always be my lady bug." And with that he left.

I didn't want to close the door. If I did I felt like he was leaving my life once again. And who knows for how Long. I didn't until he was out of sight.

I walked into the kitchen where Ema was sitting at the table eating her icecream. I examined Ema and ice cream was all over her face and on her clothes. I picked her up into my arms.

"Let's go get my baby cleaned up."

(Harry's POV)

Morgan threw the magazine on the table.

"Harry's new girlfriend? Cheating on Morgan? Who's daughter is this? Does he have a lost daughter?

"What the fuck is this harry?" "It's me and my friend."

"And who's fucking daughter is that?"

"It's my friends daughter."

"Why were you with her!" "Because... We went to get them ice cream!" I shouted standing up.

"Why were you with her Harold!"

Did she just call me that?

NO ones allowed to call me that except me mum, Gemma and.....

Taylor. "Don't call me Harold!" "Well it's the only way you'll pay attention to what I'm saying!"

Calm down Harry. Calm down.

"What. The. Fuck. Do. You. Want. To. Know.?"

She calmed Down a little too. "Why were you with her and why were you hands and hands with that little girl."

I walk to the front door of her apartment and open it. She didn't try to chase me she just stood there. I looked back at her

"that's my ex girlfriend and my daughter, Ema." And I left.


I drove to my hotel room because it was the day for us too leave for tour. Paps were the same...

Asking about what happen and pictures and what they usually do.

I open the door to our hotel room and the boys are just sitting their watching tv.

I moved in front of it so they'll listen to me.

"Why aren't you guys packing? We're leaving in like 2 hours." I yelled at them.

Lou walked up too me and welcomed me with a hug. "Good news hazza!"


"We leave in a week. The stadium is being canceled out for another concert!"

I was so happy. Overjoyed. I was gonna be able to see my daughter again. But I have another week to have to deal with... Morgan's bs.

I walked toward my room and closed the door... I took my phone out my pocket and dialed a number.

Taylor: hello harry?

Me: yeah. Good news.

Taylor: what?

Me: I have another week too stay so ill be able to spend time with the both of you for a little longer.

Taylor: Great. Just don't show up to my house unannounced. Me: okay lady bug.

Taylor: don't call me that anymore

Me: why

Taylor: just don't

~ End call

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