Your Not Welcomed

Blurb ❤️
~ 3 years before
I layed on the cold marble floor. Lifeless. Well...
I want to be.
My right hand was holding my bare stomach and my lefted was holding the...Pregnancy stick.
I sit up after laying in the floor for which seemed like hours. Probably was.I was too weak to fully stand up , so I stretched my body to reach for the pregnancy box on the counter.
Got it. I needed to be definite that I was really pregnant. Well after using the whole box in 1 day? I would say so , but I just needed to know for sure 1 more time.I took the box and 1 hand and the test In the other. "Yup there it goes. That little plu-"
"baby! I'm home!"
Fuck . What is harry doing home so early?
I scatter trying to hide the box. I throw it in the cabinet under the sink. Harry never does down there. I put the test in the back pocket Of my jeans. And pull my shirt down. I exit the bathroom to see Harry in the living room smiling ear to ear at me. "Hey baby. What are you doing home so early?" I gave him a peck on the lips. "I have good news!"
"Me too!" It got silent after I spoke.
"you first hazza." He took a deep breath and let it out.
"Me and the boys got signed to a contract and we're moving to L.A!" He picked me up and hugged me tight."That's great baby! I'm so happy for you."
I start walking towards our bedroom to hear Harry call out at me. "What did you want to tell me Taylor?"
SHIT! Kill me now!
I turn around slowly trying to advoid eye contact with harry. A voice in my mind kept telling me to lie and don't tell him but my heart was telling me to just say it. Say the truth.
I take a deep breath and sigh.. Here we go.....
"harry I'm pregnant. I took a whole box all today all they all said the same thing. Positive." I covered my mouth with my hand. He stood their . Frozen.
I couldn't read his expression it was a mixture of different emotions. He knew I hated that. "Um harry? Hazza?" The words I was dying not to hear came out his mouth.
"Its not mine."Huh?
"What harry?"
"I. Said. It's. Not. Mine." I was confused. Did he really just say that?
"What the fuck harry! It is yours! Who elses? I was a virgin when we first had sex. And I never slept with any other man except for y-."
"But we used a condom."
"Condoms don't always do that job smarty pants."
"We'll get rid of it."Did he really just tell me to abort my child? OUR CHILD?
"are you crazy! I could never do that! Even though we're 16, I'm going . We're going to step up and become parents!"
"yes we! Your the one who stuck your ding a ling in me and decided not to pull out!!! Now am I right if am I right?"
"my Careers just starting. This is going to set the group back. Alot!"
"What are you saying?" Oh ohhhhhh....
He throws a stack of money on the coffee table! "This should be enough to take care of the baby stoller and whatever you need."
"HARRY FUCKING STYLES! What are you saying!?"at that point tears were running down my cheeks.
"I'm leaving. I'm not rea-"
"It's not that simple. I'm sorry I have to go." He turns around about to leave out the front door .
"Hazza?" He looked back at me?
"it's you fucking job or your family. You choose."
I close my eyes praying he'll chose us. His family.I jump for the slamming of the door. I open my eyes and Harry's gone. Forever!
I break down crying on the ground. I was a mess. I didn't know what I was going to do without Harry! After a few hours I got myself together and sat on the couch. I lifted up my shirt and stared down at my stomach.
"It's okay mommys angle. It's only me and you. But we're going to get through this.....


Christiana Andrews

23, "New character" Taylor's new friend

Ema Styles

3, Taylor's and Harrys daughter

Harry Styles

19, Dating Morgan Ellis. And is in "1 direction"

Morgan Ellis

20, Harry's "new" girlfriend

Rashon Lowery

20, Taylor's friend. He helps out with Ema

Taylor Keith

19, The mother of Ema Styles. First love of Harry Styles

Terrell Smith

21, "New character" Taylor's "idk what to call him" she meet at work


1. Chapter1

"Mama." "Mama." Ema kept tugging on the bottom if my sweatpants. "Yes sweet heart what is it?"

"I want candy!"

"But angel, you just had candy yesterday!"

"I want more! I want more." She starts pulling on my sweatpants again.

"Ema if you stop and be a good girl the rest of the time were in the store , ill get you some chocolate." Her face lite up.

"Kay mama." I strolled down the isle clueless if what I had to get. "Ema?" She looked up at me from playing on my phone.

"Yes mama?" "What did we have to buy again?"

"Dapers, my food, and wipes. Right mama?" Oh yeah...


She always had a good memory.

I made my way to the cashier and started handing my items to him. "How are you today Ms.Beautiful?"

Was he trying to flirt with me?

"Um , I'm fine thank you."

I handed him the diapers. "Is this your little one?"

"Yes. Her names Ema." When someone always asked me about her I couldn't help but smile. I loved to tell everyone that she's my daughter. I would even shout it too the whole word if I could.

"Beautiful daughter for a beautiful mom."Thanks?

"Mama? Where my candy? I been good! Candy!!!" I almost forgot. I Bent down to grab her favorites. M&Ms.

As I was getting back up my eyes came face to face with a magazine. It caught my eye this time!Maybe because it had my ex plastered on the front cover holding hands with some ... Bitch. I picked it up and started reading the highlighted words.

"Harry styles new girlfriend? How long with this one last? Who is she?"

He has time for girls but not his own family? Who cares! He probably long gone forgot about me and ema already...I came back to earth when the cashier asking me a question.


"How would a fine girl like you like to go on a date with me?"I had enough.

"actually no I would not. I have more things to worry about like my daughter! So if you don't mind I would like you to ring these items up for me and let me leave. Plus how'd you get a job here? You like 12 years old?"He's eyes grew but didn't say anything else.

He rung up the items and I paid for them with the last bit of money I have.I turned to walk out. And I heard that stupid cashier call out at me "have a nice day sexy!"

I just stuck my middle finger up at him not even looking back and kept it moving.

I got Ema buckled into her car seat and got in the front to drive home. But I needed a cigarette. I been off for about a month now but I need one. Just one.

I open my glove compartment where I keep my "just in case" cigarettes. I got my lighter and exited the car, because I didn't want Ema to inhale that bad stuff. Plus I didn't want her to even know I smoked.

As I was smoking the only thing that crossed my mind was harry. And that ugly bitch.

I feel nothing for him no more after he left me as a single mother. But what really pissed me off was that he was out busy with that hoe when he should be here. with us.

With his family.

I dropped the cigarette and stepped on it.

I got back in the car and turned the engine on.


"yes sunshine?" "Why you leave me in car?" It hurt me. I couldn't stand to make her upset.

It's only been me and her for 3 years now.

She cried , I cried

She laughed , I laughed

She smiled , I smiled

She frowned , I frowned

shes my backbone and I was hers. "Mama?" "Oh yes baby. I was doing something. Did something happen when I was gone?" I looked back at her. I had to see if she was lying to me or not.

"Nope." She said popping the "p." "I miss you." She did her famous smile. That smile when she smiled ear to ear. Just like her father .....

ugh. Her father.

"We'll I missed you too. You ready to go sleepy time when we get home?" I reached back her a tickled her little stomach.

"Ha ha mama stop ! I tickle!" I stopped and turned back around to head home.

About 10 minutes in to the ride home , I looked into the mirror and saw my little sweet angle sleeping.It reminded me of when I would wake Harry sleep in the mornings.

~ flashback

my head was laying right next to his as he slept so peacefully.

His lips carved into a smile every now and then. I wonder what's hes dreaming about?

I just watched intensively as the moonlight shined through the window glistening on his beautiful skin.

I listened to him breathing. It was very clear since it was silent. So silent you could hear a pin drop.

I caressed his soft chocolate curls so delicately as if he would break.

It was literally the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Harry moved his head around and fluttered his eyes open. I quickly closed mine to it seem like I was sleep. I felt Harry's soft lips touch my forehead. I smiled. I felt the bed sink so I patted his side. He wasn't there. I opened my eyes to see almost naked harry entering the bathroom. I stretch to make it seem like I just woke up. "Hazza?" "Oh I'm sorry baby. Did I wake you?" "No, it's fine. Quick question what were you dreaming about?"

I heard the toilet flush and then the light switch turning off. "You really wanna know." "Yes." "You really really wanna know?" "Yeah hazza!" "You really really really wanna know?" "You know what? Never mind!"

I felt the bed sink again. Hazza was back. He grabbed my waist and snuggled his chin into the creak of my neck.

I was dreaming about a girl. With brunet hair. We were actually running away. To get married. We ran and ran and ran to a far church. Far away from our parents."

"I get it harry. You were getting married to a stupid bitch."

"Now hold up now baby. I wouldn't want you to call yourself a stupid bitch."

He let go of me and turned the other way.

~ end of flashback

I couldn't help but let a couple tears fall. I didn't bother wiping them away.

I miss Hazza. But I don't miss what he done to me. He abandoned me and his child. And never called, text me or nothing since then. It's not like my number changed , so there wasn't an excuse why he could get in touch.

"Mama?" Oh god. I woke her up.

I tried to wipe my tears away as quick as possible but I was not use. "you cry mama?" "No baby. Mamas fine. Go back to sleep." "No! Mama don cry! I wove you!"My little angle.

"Thank you angle. You made mama feel better."

"You welcome mama." And she drifted back to sleep.

We arrived home about 15 minutes after she woke up. It was very dark outside, since it was nighttime. But the light from my apartment building helped a little.

I unbuckled Ema out her car seat trying my best not to wake her. I picked her up and her arms went automatically around my neck. I got my keys out my purse and opened the door.

"Home sweet home....." I turned the light on to my small Apartment and put my purse down. I had to clean the dishes but I had to put Ema to bed before I do that. I walked over to out bed and laid her down. I went to grab Ema some clothes. I was pretty cold-


I was already paying alot for bills and it just slipped my mind. I grabbed Ema a long sleeve back shirt and her favorite black leggings. She wasn't impressing any one! She was sleeping for god sakes!

I took her clothes off and dressed her in the clothes I picked out. I did it as gently as possible.I tucked her into the covers and kissed her forehead. This little sunshine changed my life.

For the better ...

I silently tip toed out to the kitchen. I cleaned the dishes and while I did , the only thing in my mind was Harry. Why can't I stop thinking about that bastard ?

I got a glass of liquor to ease my stress a little. I was going through a lot since I've had Ema. Everything crossed my mind.

Especially the last time I did.... You know what!

"3 years!? What the f-" but really didn't stress. It hadn't crossed my mind. Ema was and is my main priority.I wobbled off to bed. I cuddled up with Ema . She was cold. Probably because we have no heat!

As I was drifting to sleep , I heard ema say something. "I wove you mama. Me an you. Togetha for eva."

that really touched me.

"Together forever my little angle."

I get woken Up by the sound of someone knocking on the front door.

I get up and walk to the door. "Mama?"

"I'll be back in a second sweetheart."

I go to the door and look out the peep hole. Rashon...

I open the door and rashons smiling eat to ear holding a bag. "Hey Rashon"

Instead of a "hi back" he pulls me to him and kisses me . Tongue and the whole nine. He pulled away with both of us panting.

"hey "


Dont mind My Spelling "Angle" Means Angel :)

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