Emily is just one of the normal girls who go to college and work to help earn money for her family. When an accident 'accidentally' happened and it cost Emily to lose her job, she must do what's left to do. It's New York; everywhere is filled up. What would she do?

Harry is also another usual guy who goes partying at night, especially in New York. Both his mother and father own loads of huge companies. Harry has a job. He works as a salesman in one of the most famous lingerie store; Victoria's Secret. Why?

Let's find out. ***

a/n i suck at description.. Please just give it a chance, i promise it'll be worth it :)


3. Chapter Three

All three of us decided to stay at the shop until it closes. Just for the last time.

“Are you sure you don’t want to catch a ride with us? You know that we don’t mind right?”

Kevin shouted as he walks to his car along with Trevor by his side.

“Yeah, it’s not like your house is out of town!”

Well yeah, it’s not out of town, but if only they knew where I live. They’d burst they’re bubbles. You’d think that after a couple years or so being in a band with them that they would’ve known where I lived. Well. They don’t.

Fact is I don’t want people coming to my house. Until now, I’ve never had a visitor before, except for the debt collector. Like in all stories, the debt collector is evil and he just loves the sound of money.

“I’m fine, you guys get going! I’ll be fine! Walking will get me fit!”

I shouted as well.

“Have it your way, em!”

Trevor shouted, getting into Kevin’s car.

I let out a small laugh as they drive past me shouting they’re last goodbyes, for now.


I tugged my blue sweater closer to me as my body shivers within the cold air.

In the corner of my eyes, I see a group of guys and girls hanging out by the fences, looking drunk as hell. I tried my best to not look at them at all and focus more on walking past them.

“How much for a night, babe?!” a voice shouted, by the sound of it I could easily assume that it’s a guy.

I hope he’s not talking to me. Go, go, go feet. Make me go faster. I tried to walk faster than I was before.

By now, I heard footsteps behind me as the guy called out again,

“Is this part of it? I like a good chase!”

I finally took a chance and look behind my back to see the group following me. I need to start running. Just before my feet let me run, a hand touched my shoulders and shoved me lightly towards a brick wall.

I figured the guy doing this was the one who keeps shouting at me. As he places each of his hands beside my ear, I was trapped and I decided to push him off.

He didn’t expect me to do that and I heard his group chorusing the word ‘ooohhh.’

“I am not a stripper!”

I shouted at him as he stumbled backwards.

“Well, I didn’t ask for a strip show, but that would work too!”


I recognized that voice. It was the guy in green from the shop! But where is he?

Everything’s just too dark to see.

“You know this girl, Styles?”

The guy who had his arms around me earlier asked and looked to his side.

Finally, the guy in green walked a bit closer to me. And it was then that I could finally see his face clearly. And, yes, I think I have to admit the fact that he is kind of cute. Why didn’t notice this before? And he doesn’t look drunk like the rest of his ‘friends’?

“No.. But she’s mine, I’ll be off, we’ll meet up again tomorrow back at your place, Horan”

Everyone in the group let out a chuckle and so did the guy I just pushed earlier,

“Alright, have fun”

The guy in green grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the street as the group leaves.

“No, please! I’m a virgin! You wouldn’t want one with no experience right? Please! I have a family! I need to get money! They won’t survive without me!”

I struggled to get my hand to slip away from his death grip. By now a tear or two have fell from my eyes.

“Would you please stop moving and shut up? I know you’re not a hooker! You’re that girl from the coffee shop!”


“What’s a hooker?”

I asked as we stop by a car.

“A hooker is some slut you pay to bang, now get in the car”

“Wait, then what’s a stripper?”

“Someone you pay to rip off they’re fucking clothes, now get inside the damn car!”

“What? Then what did that guy wanted to do with me?”

“He wanted you to rip off your fucking clothes and bang you, now get inside of the fucking goddamn car!”

If it was a cartoon he would have steam coming out of his ears, but too bad this isn’t the Tom & Jerry show. But, his face is flaming red so I decided to keep my mouth shut and nodded.

When I finally open the car door, I asked again,

“But, what if you’re a serial killer?”

“Do I look like a serial killer to you?” he asked, gritting his teeth.

I take a closer look at him. I didn’t notice the fact that he had a couple of tattoos here and there. He was wearing a stained green shirt. The stain made it look a little like blood. And he was also wearing dark skinny jeans. Followed by his curls which was completely everywhere.

“Yes, you do kinda look like a serial killer to me...”

I answered, hesitating a little bit.

He grabbed my shoulder and whispered in my ear,

“If you don’t get inside this fucking car right now, I’ll go to the fucking zoo and feed you to the goddamn lions, you hear me?”

As he finished his sentence, I hurried inside his car and sat down in the passenger seat. He wouldn’t do that, would he? Maybe?

He made his way around the car and opened the car door to the driver’s seat and sat in. He turned on the engine and started driving.

I didn’t dare to say anything, I just looked at him. What is he doing? What are we doing? What am I doing?

“Where are we going?”

That question seemed to struck him because I can see his grip on the steering wheel loosen a bit.

“Where are we going?”

He repeated the question in a whisper. He turns his head to look at me. Which made me raise one of my eyebrows, expecting him to answer my question.

I let out a scream as he pulls on the brakes.

“What the hell?!” I screamed and bumped my head to the dashboard.

Seconds later, a big blue bruise starts to form in my forehead. The guy looked at me again with a shock written on his face.

“It wasn’t that hard of a bump was it?”

His expression softened as his finger touches the bruise and presses it.

“Ouch! You tell me! What was that for?”

I pushed his hands away from my head. He reached to the backseat to grab something and pulled it out.

A jacket? What?

“Here, wear this..”

The guy in green wrapped his jacket around my shoulder. And I quickly shrug it off of me.

“I’m fine, besides I’m already wearing a sweater..”

I looked down to my sweater.

“You’re freezing to death, just wear the damn jacket for god’s sake, why are you so hard-headed?!”

This time when he wrapped it around my shoulder, I didn’t shrug it off.

“Apply some cream later on, I don’t have one in my car”

He said, gesturing to the bruise on my forehead.

After a moment of silence, I finally thank him for the jacket. And he nodded. Then, he continued driving again.

“Where do you live?”

“What’s your name?”

We both asked at the same time. He asked regarding of where I live, and I asked his name. While I stayed quiet, he answered my question,

“Styles. Harry Styles. You?”

“Umm.. Emily Court”

“Right, so, Emily, where do you live? I’ll take you home”

He offered.

I hesitate for a while. I don’t want to tell him where I live. For all I know, he still could’ve been a serial killer.

“You can drop me off here..”

He glared at me,

“Are you stupid or something? You were about to get raped earlier and you want me to drop you off here? In the middle of who fucking knows where?”

“Why do you care?”

“I may be mean, but I still have some fucking goddamn moral”

“You swear a lot..”

“Thanks for the comment”

He said gritting his teeth again.

“Now, where do you live?”

I looked down,

“1432 Mavensworth”

He stopped the car again, gently this time. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Mavensworth? Isn’t that in the bad part of the town?”

I let out a sigh, not looking at his face, which was still staring at me.

“Look, are you going to get me there or not? I can just walk from here..”

I look around.

“..Wherever this is..”

I finished my sentence. He finally turns his head and continues driving.

When we finally reach to the front of my house, I mumbled a thank you and jumped off of the car and walked to the sidewalk as he drove away.

Wait a minute. I was in a car with the guy in green. I was in a car with the guy who lost me my job. The guy who’s going to make me pay the middle-aged woman’s hospital bills. Why didn’t I confront him? Why did I forget?

And more importantly, why is his jacket still around me?

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