Emily is just one of the normal girls who go to college and work to help earn money for her family. When an accident 'accidentally' happened and it cost Emily to lose her job, she must do what's left to do. It's New York; everywhere is filled up. What would she do?

Harry is also another usual guy who goes partying at night, especially in New York. Both his mother and father own loads of huge companies. Harry has a job. He works as a salesman in one of the most famous lingerie store; Victoria's Secret. Why?

Let's find out. ***

a/n i suck at description.. Please just give it a chance, i promise it'll be worth it :)


1. Chapter One


“You didn’t have to cut me off”

“Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing”

“And I don’t even need your love”

“But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough”

I sing out parts of the chorus along together with Trevor. I work in a downtown café, it’s just a part-time job to help pay for my classes. Yes, I’m currently in college; I major in economy and literature. I basically love literature; I love how it can express feelings in ways that not everyone can be able to say in their own ways.

I can’t say much about economy. It’s just the fact that people who major’s economy during college, has an easier chance to get a job. And if I want to help my family, I’d have to do anything. So, that’s what I basically did.

Every night, I always do this kind of performances. Since I have always been so weak because of my umm.. sickness, my boss told me to just perform instead of working hard and serving. My boss is like an uncle to me. He’s really nice with anything and stuff. His name is Mr. Fredric.

“You didn’t have to stoop so low”

“Have your friends collect your records and then change your number”

“I guess that I don’t need that though”

“Now you’re just somebody that I used to now”

Since this is just a regular downtown café, we don’t have a stage; therefore Mr. Fredric uses some kind of ‘police line’ to mark the area so we could perform. I actually really like this performing stuff. At first, I was kind of forced to do this because no one would hire someone like me. Also, it’s New York, everywhere is already filled up. So, I somehow became attached to the job I have.

Once, the song that we were singing finished, everyone clapped they’re hands in appreciation. I smiled and looked up to the audience. I was and am still not used to people clapping they’re hands for me. Trevor stood up from his seat and thanked the audience.

“Thank you, everyone so much, we really appreciate the opportunity you gave us to perform tonight, and here is our next cover, enjoy”

We are called ‘The Dark Claws’, DC for short. Kevin and Trevor decided for that name. Our band only consist of a guitarist and 2 singers; Kevin, Trevor and me. We didn’t have a drummer because we didn’t have enough space for a full drum set.

As soon as Trevor sat back down, Kevin starts playing an intro for the song Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood. I and Trevor start singing our parts while enjoying the music we’re making. I don’t really see the point of making music if you’re not going to enjoy it. That’s how it works, doesn’t it?

“It’s too cold for you here and now”

“So let me hold both your hands in”

“The holes of my sweater”

And as I was about to sing my part, someone accidently knocked they’re freshly made hot drink to Kevin’s shoulders which caused him to stand up. Since our corner is a tad bit too small, he bumped into me, which made me fall down the chair I was sitting on and bumped my mike on my way as well. Which made a middle-aged woman tripped and dropped her plate to the floor and she fell to the table that was next to her.

“Are you okay?”

Trevor held out his hand for me to reach, which I did, and he helped me up. He takes a look around my face to see if it was damaged by the fall I made. Very dramatic, might I add.

“Yeah, I’m fine”

I scrunched up my nose. I know I’m easily bruised but there’s another person in the room who’s having worst fate than I am. Most of the people around the café are helping the middle aged women get up from the table.

“Your face, that’s a really deep cut”

I quickly touched my face, searching of what he is talking about. Once, my finger touched something weird in my face, I quickly looked at my finger. And I saw blood all over it.

“At least, it wasn’t that deep, it’s probably one of the pieces of the broken plate the lady drop” as I said this, Trevor handed me a tissue.

I thanked him and I see him standing on his toes trying to see what’s happening to the middle-aged lady.

“Go help her, I’ll be fine” I told Trevor and he nods.

I walk over to Kevin and see him trying to attach an ice pack to his shoulders.

“Here, let me help” I offered him and took the ice pack from his hand and hold it against his shoulders.

“Why ice?”

“Because it was hot!” I laughed at him.

“It wouldn’t be funny if you were to be the one with the burning skin!”

He exclaimed and frowned like a little child. My laughter finally died down.

“Alright, I’m sorry, Kevin” both me and Kevin smiled.

“What’s wrong with your face?” Kevin asked curiously once he sees the tissue I’m holding against my face.

“It’s nothing really” I replied. I didn’t want anyone to worry about me. I don’t like the feeling.

“So, what is this mysterious liquid that’s hurting my Kevin?” I quickly tried changing the subject.

“Ha ha, really cute, Em, I’m not hurt, I’m just harmed”

“And I don’t really see any difference, so what is it really?”

He glared at me but answered me anyway, “I don’t know.. The smells kinda blurry now that I got ice all over it..”

“Can I try?”

“To what? Sniff it?” he laughed at the thought.

Once he saw my serious face, he added, “You are serious”

He nodded in agreement to let me ‘sniff.’ In one ‘sniff’ I could know that it was the most famous liquid in my life.


I took a look around the room for the person who accidently knocked they’re coffee to my friend’s shoulders. Once, I saw a guy wearing black skinny jeans and a green shirt who was holding an empty cup that looked used, I was sure it was him. My sight goes to his face which was filled with amusement as he looked around the room of trouble he caused.

By now, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an accident when I saw a smirk on his face. I walked over to him and nearly shouted to his face.

“You did this on purpose, did you?”

My finger points to his empty-used cup which was dripping with drops of coffee. He looked down at me. Wow, I didn’t realized how tall he was until now.

“Me? I wouldn’t do such things!” he said as innocently as he could possibly go and his smirk was gone for a moment.

“Besides, if I did, you’d have no proof, sweetheart” he added along with his smirk showing up again.


“Yes, cupcake” he watched me in amusement while his smirk was still dangling by his chin.

He was having fun teasing me.

“There is proof, though. The cup you’re holding, it’s dripping with coffee, it’s still warm” I hold the cup to proof my point,

“And your face says it all”

He scoffs, “My face says it all?”

I nod my head and cross my arms around my chest.

“Your face says it all” I said to him once again.

“How can my face say it all?”

“Your smirk proves it!”

“What? My smirk?”

“Yes” I nod my head again,

“Your smirk”

He stayed silent for a little while and looks right into my eyes, which made me feel a little uncomfortable. We both stayed silent; me, waiting for a response, him, waiting for a good comeback, I guess.

“Alright, sweetheart, you win” he put his hands in the air; a signal of surrender.

“I win?”

I stare at him in confusion, just a second ago he was denying the fact that he did this on purpose, and then the next thing you know, he admits it. What’s wrong with this guy?

“Yes, cupcake, you won, what would you like as a prize?” he steps up closer to me, making me feel much more uncomfortable.

“W-w-was that s-sarcasm?”

Why am I stuttering? What’s wrong with me? Why am I nervous? Wait, a minute. I’m nervous? What?

“Y-y-yes, princess, but you did win” he mocks me,

“I admit, you’re pretty good at this”

“At what?”

“Being stupid” he blatantly answered.

“I-I’m not stupid!” I defended myself.

“Of course you aren’t”

“Was that another sarcasm?”

“You bet it is” he started smirking again.

I hate that smirk. I was about to blow up at his face when suddenly Mr. Fredric shouted.


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