Cant Trust The Walls

Colby a young girl in her teenage years has a new interest for the gorgeous new kid who comes with secrets of his own. Colby doesn't know it yet but she has never been safe, as she learns more about herself. Secrets from multiple sources are unfolded.

Who doesn't like romance and horror? Its an even mix of both. Keep in mind it gets graphic and detailed. Please enjoy! Comment as well(:


9. White Room

"I don't understand, if you're one of her children too, how are you and Elliot cousins?" I said. "Well, Elliot's mom, and her sister were into dark magic. My mom, made a deal with the devil because she couldn't naturally have a child. Elliot's mom was going to have a child through the red head this way, until she got pregnant by an actual human." Jay said, looking ashamed. "Hey, hey." Leaning forward I grabbed his shoulder and pulled into his body into me. The people in our local coffee shop were staring like we were having sex. "Come on lets go," he said. We headed out to the street and back to our cars. "I miss hanging out with you. I never see you anymore." Jay sighed. "We'll hangout more I promise. Ive sort of just been sleeping off all this new shit I've been discovering about myself." "B, you know you'll be with him all the time." He started walking towards his red pick up truck. "Why are you so concerned?" "No reason, I just.. I want you safe and happy." He climbed in his truck and drove off.

I decided to stay at my house for the night. Im thinking she wont visit tonight but I guess we'll see. I still feel her. Now that I know of her presence, I never feel alone. I took 2 sleeping pills and laid down on my bed. I tried to think of the beautiful things in life. Like Elliot, and my best friend Jay with the beautiful eyes. Now that I think about it, Jay is gorgeous. I had never noticed until he smiled at me in the coffee shop. The way the sunlight illuminated his eyes, his full lips, and his sharp jawline. His hair was pushed back and curling at the tips. I almost melted when he looked at me. He hadn't looked at me in that way before. Maybe it was the red head telling me he was obsessed with me. Or my need to forget all about her. I slipped off into sleep...

White walls and a black door. The room was the size of a normal classroom. The room was empty, except for a chair and myself. I heard voices, and my name being said. The door opened. A figure of what I assumed was a man stepped inside he was wearing a long black robe with a hood pulled over his face. He stood to the wall on my left where the door was. The man fidgeted with his hands. I waited what felt like forever and he took off his hood, leaving beautiful blue eyes staring back at me. They were Jays eyes.

"Jay? Whats going on?" I said. He placed a finger to his lips and motioned for me to keep quiet. He approached me, I stayed seated. He removed his robe and let it fall to the floor. His bare body faced me, only covered by a tight fitting pair of black boxers. His arms were veiny and intense. I let my eyes wonder to his torso. His abs were only slightly carved. He had tribal looking tattoos running across his ribcage. Looking angelic, his face was still stiff. He knelt in front of me. He was glowing.

"Colby," his whisper sending shivers through my body. A smirk appeared on his lips. He brought his lips close to my ear. "Like what you see?" He said in a sarcastic tone. "Relax," he grabbed my hands and place them on his shoulders. "You're shaking, its just me. Why are you so nervous?" he continued to whisper in my ear. "We're safe together. You're safe with me." I looked at my hands placed just above his beautiful collar bone. His skin, like silk. I swear I've never been so entranced by a collar bone. I let my hands follow the outline. I ran my hands down his chest and stopped when I had noticed what I was doing. "Don't, don't stop." He spoke. His face inches from mine. His eyes burning so intense into my own. I ran my hands slowly up onto his neck, watching as I did. I let my hand reach his jaw. I ran my fingers gently across his chin, cheeks, and forehead. "When did you get so beautiful Jay?" I said, expecting a smile. His face remained like stone. "Whats going on," I continued trailing my fingers across his upper body. It was like a drug. "I cant tell you right now, but all that is important is our time together right now. Before he takes you away from me." Jay spoke with anger in his eyes. My mind immediately flashed to Elliot. The boy who made me feel ways I never had before. Jay stood up, clenching his fists. He punched a wall, over and over. I stood up and ran to him. He wouldn't stop. I threw myself in front of the wall. He dropped his hand to his side. He went to turn away from me, but habit made me pull him closer. One arm leaning on the wall, just over my head. Other by his side. I grabbed his bleeding hand and held is close to my heart. I now had sudden realization I was only wearing a white bra and panties. I grew red with embarrassment. "Don't," and he brought his hand to my chin. "You're so fucking beautiful." He ran a finger over my bottom lip. My back started to arch towards him, our hips so close to touching. I put my hands on his sides and started to wander. I wanted to pull his bare body into mine and melt into him. But i was waiting for him. His eyes still transfixed on my lips. I arched a little bit more and I felt him. His breath was so hot on my lip I was aching for a kiss, and so much more. He moved his hand away from my face and ran it up my thigh. His fingers traced over my underwear. He was teasing me? He continued, still looking into my eyes. I felt him stiffen beneath me. Heat rushed through my body causing me to sweat. He pulled away from me, only to bring his lips to my neck. He kissed me softly right below my ear. "Once you're really mine" he whispered.

And I woke up.

Hey guys! So I really need some specific input on this chapter. What do you guys think of Jay, and what do you think of him having a thing for Colby? Can you see them being together or..?

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