Cant Trust The Walls

Colby a young girl in her teenage years has a new interest for the gorgeous new kid who comes with secrets of his own. Colby doesn't know it yet but she has never been safe, as she learns more about herself. Secrets from multiple sources are unfolded.

Who doesn't like romance and horror? Its an even mix of both. Keep in mind it gets graphic and detailed. Please enjoy! Comment as well(:


7. Possibilities

Its sunday night and Im still at Elliot's. Basically all saturday I watched movies upstairs and today I haven't left my room once. He makes me so nervous I cant speak. Usually its my sarcastic comments and my funniness that protects me. But he knows me, past all the bullshit. I feel like he can see everything I do. Even though that's not all true I cant shake the feeling he is a few steps ahead always.

A knock on my door shatters me of my thoughts. "Uh, yeah. Come in" I sound so stupid. "Avoiding me in my own house I see." He smiles. "No, well. No. Im going to leave soon, I'm just." He stops me. He places a hand on mine. "Please, don't. You're safe here. His green eyes pierce into my body and I'm shaking. "Ok" i mutter out. "Whats wrong with you, are you sick?" He places one hand on my shoulder and one on my forehead. He looks at me all over. "Colby, what is it." Not moving his hands. I lick my bottom lip looking into his eyes. I lean into hug him. His cheek is pressed into mine. I can feel the stubble that is starting to come back and I shuddered. I slowly dragged my cheek across his. Putting my lips closer towards his. His breath was hot on my closed lips. My eyes were still down looking at his hands trembling. Maybe he is already over us, if there is, I go to pull away. But I decided to look into his eyes before I moved. He was awaiting mine. He was staring at me. Hungry. He was biting on his lower lip so hard I thought it may gush blood. Within an instant. His hands squeezed my hips hard, and brought me onto of his lap, our breathing was fast and hot beating down on each others lips. He laced a hand into the back of my hair and pulled me into him. His lips clashed into mine. They were so warm and wet. His teeth caressed my bottom slip slightly pulling, I moaned and kissed him harder. I escaped out kiss and moved closer into his body. His hands ran up my bare back and scratched. I grabbed whatever hair I could on his head and pulled to the side. I let out a breath of hot air onto his neck and he let out a soft moan. I placed light kisses going all the way down his neck. "Why are you so good at teasing, you don't have to. You already have me." He panted. "Its my favorite thing to do, you don't like it when I.." I ran my tongue up the side of his neck, moaning into his ear. "Yes, please. Yes" he said. I continued but now bitting and sucking hard on his neck. He shuddered and pulled me tight into him. He unhooked my bra, ripped off my shirt and looked to me for approval. I laid him down on the bed. I turned to the front of the room, facing away from him. He quickly wrapped his hands around my torso exploring with his hands. He kissed my neck and tried to play my own game on me. I took a step forward and slowly took my bra off. He took a strap in his teeth and pulled it off aggressively. He starred. Not at my body, but my soul. I took off last nights pants and let him stare. He sat at the end of the bed jaw dropped. "Colby.." He looked away. "What.. Im sorry, to far for you." Feeling embarrassed I grabbed my clothes to cover myself. "No," he stopped me. "You're beauty is overwhelming. I had imagined what you look like exposed before. But this is so much better. You're skin," he placed a hand on my shoulder and ran it down my arm. "Your hair," he ripped my hair out of my bun and blonde curls fell around me. "You," and he kissed me. He swung my legs up and onto his hips. He walked us over to a door. He pushed up against me. He ran his hands all over me I let him explore. Then,

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