Cant Trust The Walls

Colby a young girl in her teenage years has a new interest for the gorgeous new kid who comes with secrets of his own. Colby doesn't know it yet but she has never been safe, as she learns more about herself. Secrets from multiple sources are unfolded.

Who doesn't like romance and horror? Its an even mix of both. Keep in mind it gets graphic and detailed. Please enjoy! Comment as well(:


5. Mother

First period and I'm ditching already. My anxiety is through the roof just thinking about seeing Elliot. Im not good at these things. Romance and sex. Ill just tell him what happened, happened. Its done now we move on. I stood up and walked down the halls. Looking for an escape I attempted to sneak out until someone pulled me back. "Leaving before our classes together" Elliot smiled "well at least you're not avoiding me". My first thought is of course it would be him to catch me AVOIDING HIM. Second, stalker. "I'm just tired" I pulled out of his hands only to be stopped once more. He pulled me down a random hallway "we should talk" he stopped and his eyes were searching mine. My body became a magnet and I was already pulled against him. My hips grinding into his lower body. Our bodies were both jolting telling us to act on it asap. But seeing as I have these stupid rules I pulled away. "Talk" I practically barked at him. "About last night.." He looked to me for approval. "No, not that. Who is she I want to know now" I paused. "Don't play dumb". "Ask the walls" he looked hurt by my interest being about the woman, and not about what happened with us.

I found an appropriate spot in the library to drift off into the world the angry red head always brings me to. If it was possible I would make contact with her. My questions needed answering but I couldn't focus. My thoughts started playing over and over, why was I so mean to Elliot earlier. He probably thinks I'm not interested. God I just hope this bitch.. And before I could finish my sentence I was there. "Bitch?" She smiled. "Thats nothing to call your mother". I sat there shocked, and disgusted. "You, you cant be. She died from a car crash right after I was born."

Black smoke rose up from the ground threatening to enter my lungs. Gasping for air, I began screaming. My little chokes for help were nothing to her. She laughed. I could feel something behind me. Paralyzed by fear I didn't dare look. Something cold and slimy touched my hand. "Help" the thing cried out. It was a woman's voice that called out. "Please" she pleaded. I finally worked up the courage to turn and see. It was my mother, the one who had died, covered in blood. She was missing one arm and half of her face seemed as if it was clawed off. She cried and cried. The red headed woman snapped her fingers. Out of the blackness that made up the walls. Children of all sizes and ages seeped out of the walls. All with black clothing and smiling faces. They lunged for her, I reached out and went to grab her, it was to late.They dragged her back into the wall.

"So much pain for someone you never knew" the red headed woman reached under my chin and pulled my face close to hers. "I created you, that woman, was only a body to hold you in. Demon blood flows strong in your veins. Every night you become a version of myself that I cant be in the human world. You do all my dirty work and you cant even tell." She released me. I fell hard onto the ground. My vision was restored and I was back in the library. My head was spinning I needed to leave. I hobbled my way to the back entrance when a hand grabbed my shoulder. "Back to class" Ms. Evans the librarian kindly said.

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