Cant Trust The Walls

Colby a young girl in her teenage years has a new interest for the gorgeous new kid who comes with secrets of his own. Colby doesn't know it yet but she has never been safe, as she learns more about herself. Secrets from multiple sources are unfolded.

Who doesn't like romance and horror? Its an even mix of both. Keep in mind it gets graphic and detailed. Please enjoy! Comment as well(:


2. Dream travel


It seemed as though he couldn't speak either, lets just say he was a little more smooth then myself. He didn't break the eye contact, but I saw a slow lip bit and his eyes soon after wondered my body up and down. I'm not positive if he knew the way he was looking at me, but I was meat, and he was a very hungry lion. Entranced by me practically. Never have I once been looked at that way. Once he realized what he was doing he quickly apologized and ran out. That, was not the weirdest part of my day believe it or not.


I fainted in total of 8 times that day, felt as if i had been strangled, 4 times. The creepiest thing was the feeling someone was 2 steps behind me at all times. The smell didn't return until a few weeks. But thats later in the story.


Tuesday started off shitty, one because my clothes are mysteriously missing and two because I had to borrow my cousins clothes. Black high wasted booty shorts, and a maroon crop top. For me, this was bold. I rarely wore anything thing other than sweatpants. Since I spent forever looking for normal shorts I was running late and still didn't find them. I dashed out to my car, and stopped just long enough to see a woman in my bedroom window. With a bundle of clothes in her arms. My first thought was, my cousin. Second, who is the redhead in this household. But she was gone so quick I thought nothing.


Walking in late when i still didn't know my schedule was weird. Every day was on and off classes. So even and odd days. Today being my even, i still had no idea who was in my class. 2nd period math with Mrs. G, great. I walk in ignoring her why are you late questions and keep my eyes down. I can feel everyone staring at me, probably thinking "wow she has a body under those sweats?" That I do.. I avoided the eyes as long as I could until I found the only seat right in front of Elliot. Fantastic. Today couldn't get any better.


30 minutes into class we got assigned math groups. Me being the antisocial and hateful one in the room, just kept to myself. Up until Elliot moved his desk with mine. I could feel his gaze burning into my skull but I didn't move. Something about him. If you ask why I cant look at him, its mainly because the kid is so perfect ill probably scream. He's the kind of boy who wears flannels and leather jackets, not polo and Abercrombie. He probably even listens to Modest Mouse or what ever other band I obsess over. Maybe I'm crazy but I cant even let myself find out. Its against my rules.


By the time I stopped my little mind babble. He was gone. Where? No idea, I guess he just up and left. Or... Just kidding he moved up front row next to Julie W. The biggest slut in school. Why would I be surprised. Instantly. He turned around like he knew I was watching. He winked at me and stood up walking slowly back to his seat. "Sorry," he says. "I was trying to get some human interaction seeing as my partner hates me". I burst into laughter. "Seriously? You don't have to cover for going to hit on some girls." I tried to make it sound as humorous as possible, trying to make it out like I couldn't give two shits. But he just stared. Like I had a map on my face, and he wasn't sure where to go. "Colby, why must you be so difficult with me."


I got home around 3:00 to find my cousin half naked in our front yard. She was supposedly trying to get a tan. I'm thinking it was just to get attention from the neighbor mowing his lawn across the road. I just threw my shoes off and walked inside. I collapsed on my couch and quickly fell asleep. My dream started out vivid colors, reds, purples, greens. Then it faded into a mountain view. I began walking toward the top until a little note appeared. It read "I still miss you". I assumed it was just dropped by someone else. Until, they started getting more personal. "Let me see you", 5 minutes later "say yes". Five more minutes, and i got "why must you be so difficult"


My eyes flew open. And were quickly forced shut. My body was shutting down and I was for the moment paralyzed. I couldn't move and I was fighting with all that i could to snap my body awake. My eyelids were twitching I could see flashes of people all around me. Three more minutes, and blackness crept over me and I was gone.









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