Loved you first

"Hi I'm alexia I'm Niall Horans girlfriend and we have been dating for 2 months now since the TMH tour has started because my friend kiara is one of there opening act and asked me to come on tour with her and I said yes. And that's how it all began so at first me and the boys never talked I would only stay with my friend kiara and the 5 seconds of summer boys but until the first show in the O2 Arena is when I spotted Niall and he spotted me. But someone from 5 seconds of summer likes me who is it and will I go for Niall or someone else? Who knows?" Hey I'm alexia and if you have any ideas contact me on twitter @alexialoves1. Check out little white lies also I'm still writing it so yeah it's pretty short and I want to get LUF. To 2k by August 10 so yeah guys hope you like it love you lots -A XOXO


5. Time to be a big sis and wtf man

Kiara's POV 

So after I finished my act Ashton pulled me to the side and told me "Kiara I have to tell you something." I said "what's wrong?" "Kiki Calum has a crush on you and he want to go out with." I just was so happy because I have a crush On Calum also but I have David and then I hear David " who the fuck is Calum kid huh?" I looked and David punched Ashton in the face and the  Calum and came I  said " CALUM GO AWAY PLEASE." And David said "so this Calum. Who the hell are you hitting on my girl." While punching Calum in the face and I dropped down on my knees and told David "GO AWAY DAVID I HATE YOU AND WE ARE THROUGH" and Paul and Preston  came to help Calum and Ashton and Alberto took David out of the stadium and David shouted "KIARA WATCH YOU AND CALUM ARE DIED." And I just ran to the tour bus to see alexia coming out and she dropped her things and came to me and asked  "Kiki whats wrong?" I said " D-David he p-punched c-Calum and a-Ashton because Ashton told me that Calum likes me and David heard.and told me that me and Calum are died and Alexia and we broke up he is leaving right now." I was so heartbroken and alexia asked to come with her to the 1D bus so I did I don't want to be in my tour bus right now 

Alexia POV 

So after the show I went to the bus to grab my backup and somethings i packed my pjs and some cloths for the morning and toothbrush, toothpaste etc.and I head out of the tour bus I see Kiara crying her eyes out and I stop and asked her " Kiki whats wrong?" She said " D-David he p-punched c-Calum and a-Ashton because Ashton told me that Calum likes me and David heard.and told me that me and Calum are died " " Who the hell does he thinks he is?! kiara come with me to 1D bus." "Alexia and we broke up he leaving right now." "Kiara let the motherfucker leave c'mon let's go." Ugh I'm so pissed off who the hell does  David think he is for doing that to poor Calum and Ashton hope they are okay. 

Ashton POV 

FUCK! I shouldn't have told kiara about Calum liking her now she is crying , me and Calum got punched by that douche bag and Calum is pissed off at me and damn I think I might get a black eye this not good. 

Calum's POV 

So I get punched because of Ashton and now Kiara is crying and I'm heart broken And I'm pissed the fuck off with that stupid douche bag and he will pay what he did to me and Kiara and I will make Kiara mine 

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