Loved you first

"Hi I'm alexia I'm Niall Horans girlfriend and we have been dating for 2 months now since the TMH tour has started because my friend kiara is one of there opening act and asked me to come on tour with her and I said yes. And that's how it all began so at first me and the boys never talked I would only stay with my friend kiara and the 5 seconds of summer boys but until the first show in the O2 Arena is when I spotted Niall and he spotted me. But someone from 5 seconds of summer likes me who is it and will I go for Niall or someone else? Who knows?" Hey I'm alexia and if you have any ideas contact me on twitter @alexialoves1. Check out little white lies also I'm still writing it so yeah it's pretty short and I want to get LUF. To 2k by August 10 so yeah guys hope you like it love you lots -A XOXO


7. The clean up

Niall's POV 
So we get to the 5sos boys bus and see three nurse , four bodyguards and me alexia,harry,Louis,zayn walk in Liam didn't want to come because he didn't want to leave Kiara alone so we get in the bus see Calum bleeding from his nose and has a big black eye and see Ashton he just has a black eye and I can hear alexia gasp and I tell Louis to walk her out and sit next to Aston and ask him what happen and he said "that douche bag fuckin punched me and almost knocked me out and almost broke Calum's nose and left him with a black eye." I just stand there and say " damn Ashton and Calum why the hell didn't you guy fight back" I say trying not laugh and Calum looked at me and said "is Kiara okay were is she is she okay." He said I look at him and say "yea she is on the bus with Liam." And he just stayed quite and the nurses told us that they needed to rest and everyone left expect the body guards. and we all went back to the bus and I see Louis comforting alexia because she was crying and just walked to her and gave a kiss and hug and she said "T-THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!" I look at her and I say "doll calm down and no it not your fault." Giving her kiss and I picked her up in bridal style and walk all the way back to our bus 

Alexia POV 
" FUCK THIS IS ALL MY FAULT!" I screamed when Louis took me out and he said "alexia this Is not your fault calm down please." He begged me and I just fell to the floor and stared to cry and he wrapped his arms around me trying to comfort me and after 30 mins of crying Niall came out and he gave me a hug and kiss and I said "this is all my fault!" I said screaming into his chest and he looked at me and said "doll calm down and no it not your fault." Giving me kiss and picked me up in bridal style and walk all the way back to the bus. 
Liam's POV 
Kiki literally cried her self to sleep I had tear stains on my shirt and I looked Down see her sleeping I decide to put her in my bunk so she could sleep and after I put her in my bunk I walked to our small closet and got a pillow and blanket and fell asleep on a couch.

Kiara's POV 
I think I Cried myself to sleep in Liam's chest because around 11:00 pm I found myself sleeping In his bunk and I walked out and saw him sleeping on a couch and I smiled and went back to the bunk and said to myself " Kiara you will have to check on Ashton and Calum in the morning" and I fell asleep. 

Alexia POV 
Around half way towards the bus I fell asleep on Niall's chest and I felt him put me down and I woke up and saw him fixing a mini bed for us and I just smiled and walked towards him and gave him a kiss and he told me to go and get ready for bed and I did after I finished I went to our mini bed and layed down and I said "babe c'mon it's late lets go to sleep"I said while patting down the spot he was going to sleep on and he said " hold up babe I have to tell Liam to go to sleep in my bunk because he sleeping on the couch." So I waited and he came back and he laid down right next to me and wrapped his arm around my waist and said "goodnight doll" and I said "goodnight" 


Liam's POV 
I wake up to Niall say to go and sleep on his bunk because he will be sleeping with alexia in the game room and I said laughing "thanks mate that shit is very uncomfortable" and he said " night mate."

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