Loved you first

"Hi I'm alexia I'm Niall Horans girlfriend and we have been dating for 2 months now since the TMH tour has started because my friend kiara is one of there opening act and asked me to come on tour with her and I said yes. And that's how it all began so at first me and the boys never talked I would only stay with my friend kiara and the 5 seconds of summer boys but until the first show in the O2 Arena is when I spotted Niall and he spotted me. But someone from 5 seconds of summer likes me who is it and will I go for Niall or someone else? Who knows?" Hey I'm alexia and if you have any ideas contact me on twitter @alexialoves1. Check out little white lies also I'm still writing it so yeah it's pretty short and I want to get LUF. To 2k by August 10 so yeah guys hope you like it love you lots -A XOXO


27. Happy birthday Ashton!

*******next morning *******
What happen I found my self in bed and I looked at my phone it was alexia. I answered "hello?" She screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU DORK!" I laughed and said "holy balls today is my birthday haha I totally forgot well I hope no one remembers cuz they always forget my birthday" she legit gasped and said "open your door" so I walked to the door and opened it and I see alexia Niall,Louis,Luke,Liam,zayn,harry,calum, Michael,Lou,lux, Caroline,Lydia,Paul and Preston,Jon,sandy,Dan,josh they were all there and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHTON!" I laughed and alexia handed my this big ass cup cake and they started sing "happy birthday to you......." When they finished they laughed hugged me and said that being 20 is life changing but it felt the same haha but anyways they stared to leave and alexia came up to me and said "like the surprise  I gave you." I hugged her and spines her around and she laughed. We touched faces we were so close to kissing but she pulled away I said "sorry alex" she said. "Ash it's fine we cool like that it's like that one movie "LOL" her and BFF are like a relationship type of thing but there friends so it's fine your my bf/BFF  if that makes any sense but I have an actual boyfriend." I looked at her an kisses her cheek and put her down I said "okay alex let's go party tonight invite everyone I have one year to be 21haha so invite everyone after the show tonight." She laughed and said "wait first lets go eat breakfast then after sound check and the show then we party." I laughed said "okay" she kissed my cheek and whispered "happy birthday ash" and walked out the room. I want alexia I like her so much I don't want to be her best friend I want to be her boyfriend but she's with Niall. Ugh i hope partying Will get my mind off things  but hey I'm still 20 and in Miami can't drink yet but I can at least  party and have a good time. But first eat breakfast and then go to sound check and show then party. 

Alexia's pov 

Sometimes I really want to like Ashton not as a friend but as something else but then I love Niall with all my heart he's is the one I know he is. Were perfect together. So I just need to love Ashton likes bf/BFF because our friendship is amazing I can't just fuck it up. 

Niall's pov 

Alexia walked back to the room and she said "babe can I come to sound check with you?" I was looking at my phone and sitting on the bed then she was at the end of the bed and  I need her Im so ready  for I hope she feels the same way so I got up picked her up and said "of course doll." She laughed and said "Niall are you trying to get laid cuz I know you I know that when you want something you call me doll and stuff." She said with a smirk on her Face I looked at alexia and kissed her I still had her In my arms we walked towards the bathroom kissing her neck and then she moaned and little I put her against the wall I  was thrusting  a little she  put her hands on my chest and said "Niall I'm not ready" I kissed her and said "baby when ever your readying will be here waiting I respect you  I don't want to rush Anything with you if your not ready I just wanted to experiment but I think you didn't like it" and I put her down she hugged me and said "babe I love you so much and I love how you respect me but what just happen right was amazing but it's bad timing okay maybe later tonight" she said with a wink. I said "alright babe later then." She pushed me out and said "now that I'm in the bathroom Ima shower so out!" She closed the door and I stood there and said "can I join" she tell back "NO!" I laughed and went back to the bed played on my phone more. 

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