Loved you first

"Hi I'm alexia I'm Niall Horans girlfriend and we have been dating for 2 months now since the TMH tour has started because my friend kiara is one of there opening act and asked me to come on tour with her and I said yes. And that's how it all began so at first me and the boys never talked I would only stay with my friend kiara and the 5 seconds of summer boys but until the first show in the O2 Arena is when I spotted Niall and he spotted me. But someone from 5 seconds of summer likes me who is it and will I go for Niall or someone else? Who knows?" Hey I'm alexia and if you have any ideas contact me on twitter @alexialoves1. Check out little white lies also I'm still writing it so yeah it's pretty short and I want to get LUF. To 2k by August 10 so yeah guys hope you like it love you lots -A XOXO


26. Ashton please

Alexia's pov 
While at the restaurant Ashton and I were laughing and talking I didn't see him once look at his wrist but when the waiter looked at his good plate and saw Ashton without his bracelets. The waiter made a face  and Ashton got very scared and worried and I looked at the waiter and said "may I help you?" Looking at him then at Ashton's wrist. He looked at me embarrassed and said "oh nothing..... are you doing with the plate" Ashton looked at me and said that he was done and he was going to the men's room and to get the check and got up from the table and went I looked at the waiter and said "yes we're done.May I check please" he said "certainly" I looked out the windows of the restaurant and saw Ashton kissing fans scars on Their wrist. I smiled and I payed went outside joined him and we back to the rooms 


Ash pov 

While Alexia payed for our lunch I went outside to see some fans and some had cuts scars so I kiss them because I always do and I feel bad for not telling them that I know how that feels to cut and have those ugly as scars that reminds you of a horrible time in your life. At one point a fan   asked "Ashton do you cut" I looked at her and said "babe to be all honest  I do....well I used to" I looked down and I saw her cry. I pulled out her out of the crowd and I said " babe you have to be strong for me and you because without it we will be nowhere and these cuts don't mean nothing to us they just remind us of random ass things and horrible timings in our lives." She stopped crying and I said go back to the crowd give me your Twitter name and I will follow you on Twitter." She said okay and I handed over my phone to her and she typed in a user name and followed herself on my account. And I said "you should always DM me if you ever have problems" she looked at me and said "thank you Ashton I love you have saved my  life" 


******* back at the hotel******

Niall's pov 

Alexia went out with Ashton to lunch because he had some problems she is a very good friend with Ashton. and I do love that she helps him with anything he has problems with. She came back in the room running to me and she jumped into my arms I spun her around and said "babe what's wrong" she said "Niall I just had a rough day today can I just please cry on your shoulder" I looked at her and put it down and said "alexia why would you cry on my shoulder. I am always here for you you do know that matter what it is I am here for you you don't have to ask me to cry on my shoulder" She said with a little tear coming down her face "please don't tell anyone but Ash cuts... Well used to" I saw her cry before but she burst into tears and I have never seen her cry like this before. All I could do is just hug her and tell her everything will be fine. Me and the lads already knew Ashton cut.  We got the news from Liz. So I just hugged her and took to the bed and cuddle with her. 

Alexia pov 

 I had  to tell Niall because he is my boyfriend and I tell him everything. And this is a big situation for me because I haven't had a cut incident since my best friend did it two years ago. Which broke my heart in to 1 million pieces. And Ashton's story broke my heart into much more millions of pieces. 

*****Ashton's flash back*****

"Ashton I hate you so much your the worst son ever "
"You will be anything In life"
"Just kill your self stupid ass"
"Your gay and you will always be gay" 
"Just stay out of the family Ashton we don't want you here"
Those thoughts went through my mind and I looked at my family picture and broke it and with the piece of glass I looked at it and looked the mirror and then down to my wrist and went across my wrist right on my vain two deep cuts . I saw the blood going down my arm then the bathroom door open and my dropped the glass and saw my mother in tears I blacked out from the lost of blood I heard my mother scream;
Then I heard nothing......... 

*******end of flash back*******

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