Loved you first

"Hi I'm alexia I'm Niall Horans girlfriend and we have been dating for 2 months now since the TMH tour has started because my friend kiara is one of there opening act and asked me to come on tour with her and I said yes. And that's how it all began so at first me and the boys never talked I would only stay with my friend kiara and the 5 seconds of summer boys but until the first show in the O2 Arena is when I spotted Niall and he spotted me. But someone from 5 seconds of summer likes me who is it and will I go for Niall or someone else? Who knows?" Hey I'm alexia and if you have any ideas contact me on twitter @alexialoves1. Check out little white lies also I'm still writing it so yeah it's pretty short and I want to get LUF. To 2k by August 10 so yeah guys hope you like it love you lots -A XOXO


9. 9.To be continued

Kiara POV

So we are at the arena and alexia going to beat my ass because I got drunk when im 17 but also because harry told her about the birthday. i was waiting outside while she was saying goodbye to the boys and that's when i saw calum and run up to him and.........jumped into arms and kissed his busted lip. he was surprised but he kissed me back it was amazing but that's when alexia came told me that we had to go. I didn't want to leave but calum said "to be continued." I giggled and he put down and i said okay and alexia grabbed my hand said "lets go."


Calums POV

soI was walkingand i saw kiara running towards me and she jumped igrabbed her and BOOM shekissed me i was oddly surprised but i kissed her back and then alexia came and ruined the moment and said to kiara she had to go but she didn't want to but i said "to be continued."and she gave me the cutest giggle ever and okay and she was gone with alexia.

Alexia POV

So Kiara said her goodbyes and I stayed little bit more because I need to talk with Niall and I said my goodbyes to the rest of the boys and then i told Niall to come with me into
Game room and promised him that I will be going sight seeing with him Because we are in Barcelona and I want to see the Churches but first I had to talk with Kiara.


Niall POV

So Kiara said her goodbyes and Alexia did but she told she had to talk with me in the game room and told meThat she promise me that We will be going sight seeing with me Because we are in Barcelona and She want to see the Churches but first she had to talk with Kiara. So Im excited and happy because we will be getting bonding.

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