Bad Little Boy

Hey, I'm princess gumball. Prince gumball's sister. Nobody really knows about me, except marshall, fionna, and bubba. He isn't fond of me though. This the story of how i fell for a demon, unconditionally. Enjoy.


2. keep her a secret

   Pg's pov

Me and marshall were running through a field when marshall got a call.

"Yea mom." He said, he kept arguing with his mom about something. Until finally he sighed in defeat.

"Okay mom, on my way." He said as he hung up. "I gotta go, cya later pg." He flew off. Is it wrong I'm in love with him? I don't think it is, eve if he is a demon he's not a bad little boy. Or maybe he is? Well, yes he's bad but he's not little. Oh well. I began walking home when bubba stopped me.

"What are you doing out here?!" He asked "you're not supposed to leave the castle, muxh less the kingdom!" He yelled.

"Why can't I go places?! Besides, marshall flew in through my window and brought me out. I can get out whenever I want you know!" I yelled. I knew marshall got on his nerves. He didn't say a word just stormed away. Of course I followed him.

"Where are you going?" I asked. He pointed into my bedroom. Oh no, I am not going back in there.

"Why eo I have to, just answer me that!" I yelled.

"Because, its your duty! Now get in that room or I will put you in the tower!" He yelled. I whimperd and ran into the room. Bubba is sweet but he can be mean sometimes, if only marshall wasn't busy.

"Mom sad to keep her a secret." I heard bubba whiaper himself. "Keep her a secret."

   Marshall's pov

"Sup mama!" I said flying into the castle.

"Someone is here to see you." She said and pointed me to the living room.

"Oh, hey marcy. What's up!" I said walking into the room.

"Uhm, marshall. My dad wants me to rule the nightosphere." She said plainly.

"What? If you do that we won't have any time to hang out." I said.

"I-I know. But its my duty and my father says one day he's going to die and I'm going to have to take over anyways." She said.


"Marshall calm down." Marceline touched my shoulder. I sighed.

"Sorry marcy. I just don't like loosing good friends." I said.

"Well maybe you don't have to." She jumped up.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, kind of scared what she was going to say.

"Come live with me, in Ooo!" She said. "It'll be fun, you can bring anyone you want, except gumwad. I don't want another royal pain In my butt." She said.

"Thanks marceline, but I'm going to have to think about it. If I brought anyone well...I would want to bring 3 people. They're all girls but one is a cat so it doesn't matter." I said.

"Who?" She asked.

"Fionna, Cake, and Princess Gumball." I knew what she was going to say.

"No, no no no no. Not another princess."

"But c'mon! She's always cooped up in her room by her brother, she loves adventure, she's a total tomboy and hates everything to do with being an actual princess, other than the title that is." I said trying to convence her, I had a feeling I'd be convencing fionna and pg too. Finally she sighed.

"Alright fine! But if she's a snob you're in for it!" She yelled flying out the window.

"Yes!" I said to myself and went back to the candy kingdom, I had to tell fionna.

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