My Future *Book 2 to My Bobby*

Emily is about to marry Bobby. But everything gets in the way. School, work, her parents and family. Can she keep up with it or does she goes way in over her head? What happens when she begins to rethink accepting the ring from Bobby?

Bobby is very possessive about Emily. What happens when Bobby is tired of working hard, faking nice, and picking arguments? Was marrying Emily what he really wanted?


8. Chapter 8

Bobby's POV

I'm awakened by Emily's screams. I jolt up instantly, getting ready to protect her. But she's just covered in a layer of sweat and she was shaking. She collapses into my chest, sobbing. This started happening frequently, at least twice a night. I started to hate her dreams, the vicious way she screamed. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part is that she always cried my name. Her parents stopped running in, and the bags under my eyes grew. Emily was driving me insane, until I thought of something. What if her nightmares were centered Maybe because I'm the one bringing them on? With that thought I slip out of bed and out the window, casting one last look at Emily's feverish face. "Baby girl I hope this works." I mutter and jump. I roll for a little bit before I jog to my car. What if she needed me and I wasn't there? She'd never forgive me. With one last look at her bedroom window, I step on the gas and drive ago my house, thoughts of her and the wedding swirling in my mind.

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