My Future *Book 2 to My Bobby*

Emily is about to marry Bobby. But everything gets in the way. School, work, her parents and family. Can she keep up with it or does she goes way in over her head? What happens when she begins to rethink accepting the ring from Bobby?

Bobby is very possessive about Emily. What happens when Bobby is tired of working hard, faking nice, and picking arguments? Was marrying Emily what he really wanted?


3. Chapter 3

Emily's POV

That little skank! Bobby was mine; she was short and cute sure, but then I had to show her what was my territory. When the girl leaves, I smile and Bobby walks over to me, arms crossed. "I know your locker isn't broken, Em. What happened back there?" I trace his bicep with my finger. "What are you talking about?" He rolls his eyes. "Emily, she just asked me to help her around school." He grins. "I can do that, right?" He pulls me close and his whispers tickle my ear. "If you're not jealous." I pull away quickly, raising my chin and crossing my arms. "I'm not jealous." He smiles and kisses my forehead. "There's my girl. Nothing's gonna happen, I promise." I sigh and nod and he grins, turning around and walking down the hall. I trusted Bobby, but I was just scared. I was going to find out more about this girl. Because I need to fully know my prey before I attack. Unintentionally, I slam my locker door shut causing half the hallway to turn and stare at me. I scowl and they weave a path for me. "Emily!" I stop and turn around, waiting for Brooke to catch up. She squeezes my shoulder. "How's it going, hon?" I sigh, running a hand through my hair. "Stressful. Brooke can you help me with the invitations? I'm dying." She laughs and hip bumps me. "Of course! Awesome! I'll invite the others too." She whips out her iPhone and types something quickly before sliding it in her back pocket. She grabs my elbow and hurries me to the end of the hall. "Emily, are you 100 percent sure about this." I sigh and shove her. "Not you too." She sighs. "Emily I don't want you to be miserable! You might love him now but what happens next year at college when you find better guys? Different guys?" I narrow my eyes. "What do you mean different guys?" She groans. "Em, you know what I mean. What if this is just a fling that lasts a year and then you get tired of him! What if on the inside he's not as good as you think?" I clench my fists. "You might not know what love is because you've been in every boy's bed in the entire student body, but I know what's real and what's fake. It's about time that you learn the difference too." With that I turn around and stomp away. I swear having a wedding is more stressful than having a stupid baby. Why can't anyone understand that I truly love Bobby?

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