My Future *Book 2 to My Bobby*

Emily is about to marry Bobby. But everything gets in the way. School, work, her parents and family. Can she keep up with it or does she goes way in over her head? What happens when she begins to rethink accepting the ring from Bobby?

Bobby is very possessive about Emily. What happens when Bobby is tired of working hard, faking nice, and picking arguments? Was marrying Emily what he really wanted?


19. Chapter 19

Emily's POV

I flutter my eyes open, and I feel the gears in my brain slowly starting to work again. The first thing I see is the face of a young woman writing on a pad of paper, the way she's dressed, I'm assuming she's a nurse. Her tag says Olivia, and she glances at me. Her face lights up and she drops what she was writing on, pressing a button over my head. "She's awake!" She trills happy, pink flushing her cheeks. "You've passed the worst of it, hon." She whispers into my ear. I give her a small smile. And several doctors rush into the room. The man's dark brown eyes shine as he looks down at me. "How are you feeling, darling?" I smile at him. "Better than I was." He laughs. "I bet you are." He hands pours something into my IV line, and gives me a tray of soup and water in a styrofoam cup with two pills, blue stripes across the center. Olivia and a fat nurse helped me take the pills and get comfortable. "I was waiting for you to wake up darlin' I knew you were gonna! I told that boyfriend of yours but he looked very spaced out. He really loves you pumpkin he really does." She tucks in my sheets as she talks, blonde ponytail swishing. "You're one lucky girl." She kisses my forehead and leaves, and I knock out.

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