My Future *Book 2 to My Bobby*

Emily is about to marry Bobby. But everything gets in the way. School, work, her parents and family. Can she keep up with it or does she goes way in over her head? What happens when she begins to rethink accepting the ring from Bobby?

Bobby is very possessive about Emily. What happens when Bobby is tired of working hard, faking nice, and picking arguments? Was marrying Emily what he really wanted?


16. Chapter 16

Bobby's POV

I lock myself in my room and pace violently. I didn't even know whether to be sad or mad. Before I know what I'm doing, I scream Emily's name and send a flying punch into the wall. The wall crumples at my fist, leaving a gaping hole. My knuckles were torn open and blood ran down my fist. I couldn't feel anything but the growing anger inside of me. What was she thinking? Has she gone mad? Why did she go to Lexi? What's her problem? I wash the blood off my fist but don't bother to bandage them up. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I click the green button. "What?" I snap angrily, running a violent hand through my hair. I hear sniffing in the background. "'s Emily." My breath catches in my throat and I immediately freeze. "What is it? What happened?" "Bobby, I'm so sorry. Emily got into a car accident......she's unresponsive." I click the end button and run down the stairs and out the door. I hear my parents calling for my name but I ignore them, turning hard and speeding down the street.

The car doesn't even come to a complete stop before I jump out and sprint inside the hospital. I slam my fist down on the receptionist's desk. "Where is she?" The woman looked shocked and scared. "Where is she?!" I yell roughly into her face before pressing my fist to my eyes. She sees the cuts on my knuckles and pales. "Young man, calm d-down." "Emily Harbor. I'm here for.....Emily Harbor." She quickly looks through her computer. "I'm sorry, only immediate family." I cant breathe. I squeeze the edges of the desk until I feel it slice my palms. "I'm her boyfriend!" I roar. "Damn about immediate family, I'm more than they will ever be to her!" The woman holds up a device to her mouth, hand shaking. I don't even have to guess what she's doing. Calling for security. I take off running blindly down the halls, searching for her. The doors were mostly open, and I yank back curtains and throw around folders. I soon hear the heavy footsteps of security guards as I turn the corner. I pull open the last tan door and see a woman lying on the bed, tubes and wires running through her entire body. Her face was mangled and her red hair was brittle and wet. I get light headed as I realize that the woman was Emily. The smell of blood stains the room, and I see three men hovering over her stare at me. "You can't be in here!" The first one, a black man with piercing eyes looks frightened. "Intruder!" The guards catch up to me and I yell and violently pull and push against their grip, trying to do anything to get back to Emily. I'm yanked out of the room and pulled down the hall yelling and screaming. I break free of their hold in the lobby and glance a glimpse at my reflection. My dark hair was dampened with sweat and water, making it look like a blackish color. My skin was pale and my light blue eyes seemed to pop out of my skull. I could see a vein standing out on my jaw, and a cut along my lower lip. There was blood gushing out from the insides of my palms from where I threatened the receptionist. My leather jacket just added to the effect. I looked dangerous and rabid. I looked like a monster. Emily wouldn't want to see me this way. I feel hands wrap around my bicep through my leather jacket and look down into the frightened brown eyes of Emily's mother. "He's autistic, he could break at any moment!" She screams at the guards. Mrs. Harbor changed a lot too. Her red hair was in a messy bun and she wore light green sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt that seemed much too large for her small frame. She helps me to a chair and holds my hands, rubbing her thumb soothingly over my busted knuckles. I wince and she says something gently under her breath, picking up my hand and pressing it to her forehead. But that's not what terrified me. It's the fact that she convulses into sobs.

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