My Future *Book 2 to My Bobby*

Emily is about to marry Bobby. But everything gets in the way. School, work, her parents and family. Can she keep up with it or does she goes way in over her head? What happens when she begins to rethink accepting the ring from Bobby?

Bobby is very possessive about Emily. What happens when Bobby is tired of working hard, faking nice, and picking arguments? Was marrying Emily what he really wanted?


14. Chapter 14

Bobby's POV

I had a feeling that Emily had my phone. Should I go to her house? I didn't even know where I stood with her. But I needed my phone. I had to go to her house. I grab my jacket and bolt for my car.

When I pull up to her house I hit the steering wheel with the heel of my palm. Great. Her car was gone. I turn off the engine and stride inside. "Where's Emily?" Her parents were sitting on the couch and stared at me. "Excuse me Bobby, but you just can't walk in and-" Her mom sputters. "Where's Emily?" I cut her off. "Look, son, why do you wanna know?" Her dad stands up. I was about three inches taller than him and I give him a sly smirk. "My cellphone. Emily has it." Her father narrows his eyes. "Well she's not here." "Then where is she?" Mrs. Harbor walks next to her husband. "She's at some place called Reece? She went with a friend, she claims. Do you need an address?" I tighten my jaw. How did she know about Lexi? "No thanks Mrs. Harbor, I know where she is. Have a good night." I stride out the door and close it softly. What on earth was Emily up to?

When I pull up to the club, neon blue and orange lights flash and I can hear the music. I push through the sweaty bodies of jumping people, basically towering over the crowd. Then I see a familiar red bun at the bar. Then I see Lexi. As the strobe lights hit her face, I see it's deathly pale and she just nods as she listens to what Emily says. I run up behind them and grab hold of Emily's waist, picking her up and setting her down on the ground. She looks at me angrily at first then in shock. "Bobby!" Her voice squeaks in surprise. Lexi's lip quivers. "I'm sorry for her behavior." I nod at Lexi and give her shoulder a squeeze. "Come here." I snap, yanking up Emily by the arm and pulling her through the club. "Let go of me!" I hear her say stubbornly. She tears away from my grip once we reach outside. "What was that for?!" She shrieks. I see mascara lines on her cheeks. "Emily, what is wrong with you!" I yell, grabbing her shoulders angrily. "Why would you go after Lexi? Why would you do that?" She narrows her eyes and pulls away from me. "If you don't know why now, you never will." She turns away sharply and I feel a raindrop plop on my nose. "Emily, this isn't over!" I see her middle finger as she turns the corner. What was happening to us? Emily and I were falling apart, and I was afraid there was nothing I could do about it.

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