The pain of december

Bella, 16 years old, loves to read and yah okay im no good in blurbs just read for your self and you can choose to like it or not
sorry but my storyy is much better then the blurb


2. chapter 2

*the next day*


i sang with the radio that was playing radioactive whilst making mac and cheese

the most popular food at my house 


i picked up my phone, unlocked it and saw i had a message from my best-friend Siera 

Siera in France she moved their last year because her dad found a better job there 

Siera-hey girl im coming on vaca next week 

me- omaygosh yay

Siera-that was so girly but okay my mom missed London so much she wanted to come visit she doesnt really like it here

me- but do you

Siera-kinda ohh i need t o go where going shopping :)

me-okayy don't forget mee when you shopp :3 byeee

Siera- byee


i did a little happy dance

why do i smell burning 

i sniff the air once more

and smelt 

"oh shit"

i ran to the kitchen meeting a not so large but still a fire, fire

"shit shit shit"

i took a glass from the shelf and filled it with water and started turning out the fire


"wel McDonald it is" i sighed 

i didnt like fast food or spending money on fast food but i really didnt want to cook again 

at McDonald

i order t my happy meal

and waited like 10  min 

*skipped the waiting and eating*


i walked home after eating and stopped at the park

i went to sit on the bench and just look at the kids  playing couples kissing friends talking 

when all of  a sudden a hand was put over my mouth and eye's



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