The pain of december

Bella, 16 years old, loves to read and yah okay im no good in blurbs just read for your self and you can choose to like it or not
sorry but my storyy is much better then the blurb


1. chapter 1

Like the sun always hides for us at the last moments of the day.

I hid behind a car not very ready to meet my doom.


His eyes blue like the ocean and his hair golden like well I don’t like what he just, he was handsome.

Bryan Newly, 17 and a half year old hottie, played football and of course popular, aren’t they all.

You would consider yourself lucky if they even laid eyes on you.

I have a crush on him since sixth grade and now that we’re in high school he got even hotter.

This one time I talked to him to ask for a pen but my word came out more as an alphabet gone wrong, but he laughed, oh his laugh I mean goodness gracious, damn.

But anyways I bet you’re asking why I’m even hiding behind a car well let me explain.


As I walked past the school gates on my way home, I heard people yelling and clapping and screaming and you know it just sounded like a fight.

As I walked closer to the sounds, I saw two people fighting if I’m correct.

Leo Orson and Rob Loins fighting, for the second time this month, and all there fighting for is, yep I toughed so, Jennifer Richardson, the BABE from the school, standing not so far away from the fight.

I guess she slept with both. And of course they don’t see the whore inside of her, but the beauty that she is or so her makeup makes her.

So this is actually a fight no one can know of only the people in the football team and the whor-popular girls of the school. And so a girl like me should not be here, but look all me all badass and stuff (sarcasm right there just toughed ya’ll should know that).

Okay so I should really go now, but as the clumsy me I turned around and met a very nice trash can who just wanted to fall.


Farewell lovely world.

So I toughed they didn’t hear me but when I heard nothing I knew they were all looking at me.

I slowly turned around to be met with a thousand eyes.

“Who are you” one of the football players said.


“B-B-ella Stu-ward”


“Bella Stuward huh, lovely name but I don’t know you”


“well , would you look at the time”


I said as I started running the opposite way.


“Get her boys”


Why, why do you need to get me I am not in the mood to be gotten right now.

Well I’m a lucky person since I’m so good at running.

I started getting gramps but saw my house in the distance


“come on do you want to freaking die I mean seriously couldn’t that trash can just move”

I was almost home almost.

I struggled to get the key out of my pocket but finally succeeded I opened the door got in and locked it.




“Oh may shizie dopers”



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