Rebekah isn't normal. She can unlock all of her brain instead of 10% like the normal person. But what happens when the ones she loves safety and her own, are compromised? Will she give in to her destiny, or fight to stay sain?


1. unlock

In case you didn't know, you can only access ten percent of your brain. But, my name is Rebekah Stevens and I have access to my whole brain. While this Might sound amazing, it Truly is not. I have been in a facility every year, and every year my powers increase, so I break out.

"Rebekah!" Someone screamed after I broke out of the Miles County Facility For Mentally Unstable. Or MCFMU. I wasn't mentally unstable, if anything, I was the most mentally stable person alive.

"Please sweetheart, just stay here!" Shouted a voice I knew better than my own even though I heard it less.

"Mom, I can't!" I screamed. And I couldn't. Sometimes my brain goes into fight-or-flight mode and I have no way to control it.

"Sweetly, it's your brain. I need you to try," I stopped and thought of everything I could to take my brain off survival mode. My tenth birthday, my first kiss, my boyfriend. My boyfriend. I missed him so much, but just then I felt the familiar surge go thru my body and something right in front of me exploded and I screamed,

"Get away from me!" As loud as I could so everyone heard me. Thinking about Harris was probably not the best thing. Thinking about how much I missed him made me want to go to him, which made me want to escape.

Just then I heard a set of military style footsteps coming toward me, fast.

"Get away from me! I don't want to hurt you!" I screamed.

"Then don't!" A male shouted back to me. Ha, I laughed in my brain. If it were that easy.

"You and I both know it's not that Easy," I said and he sounded panicked.

"Then try. Rebekah, it's our only hope!" He said sounding even more hopeless than me.

"Hope. Hope was destroyed along with every other place I've been locked up in," I said depressed. I felt a tear drip down my dirt covered face and I wiped it away. I hadn't taken a bath in a week and I hadn't changed my plain white lap suit in days.

"Do you really believe that Beka?" He asked me. "Turn it off, we know it's hard,"he said and I snorted, "but you can do it. Please, we need you," he said to me and he sounded so desperate it broke my heart.

I pulled a strand of dirty blonde(it's normally just blonde) hair away from my crystal blue eyes. I thought about what he said and realized, it was MY brain. They're had to be some way to control it. Right?

"How do I control it?" I asked sounding weak. I could recall asking this question precisely 20 times. I would know, I have a photogenic memory even though it's way stronger than the average photogenic memory. I can remember every little detail, every little leaf line, every word in Harris's love letters, everything. Good and bad.

"Think of your happy place. Go their Beka," he said. I'd been given that advice, never. I didn't even know what my happy place is. While I was thinking I heard a cackle of fire and saw flames. I needed to think quicker.

It was cold outside but me and Harris didn't really care. I loved him and he loved me. He didn't think I was a monster, he thought I was amazing.

"Your so beautiful," he whispered to me while we were laying on a picnic blanket in the middle of a grass field.

"If you saw what I could, and can, do you would be horrified," I said. It was the truth after all.

"I doubt that," he said touching my cheek, giving me an amazing,warm feeling.

"Why?" I asked, "why do you love me? I'm a freak that has super powers, and I won't do anything but cause you pain and embarrassment," I said coming close to tears.

"Hey," he said making me look him in the eye, "you are not a freak. You are an amazing,sweet,kind, beautiful girl that I happen to love more than there are stars in the sky," he said. He told me he loved me. He'd never said it before because we both knew it. But now, he said it.

"And I love you more than there are stars in the sky as well," I said and we both smiled. Then he leaned down and kissed me. We laid there the whole night.

I snapped back to reality and saw that everyone was staring at me. I looked around and noticed that the fire was out and there was only minimal damage.

"You did it Beka," said the man that was talking to me before. He had on a suit that look FBIish, blonde hair, and violet, yes I mean violet as in the shade of purple,eyes.

"I.." I started but then I saw my mom running towards me.

"Mom, I.. I'm sorry,"I said starting to cry. She came to me and wrapped her arms around me. One of the places I felt safe.

"Baby, it's not your fault. You did amazing," she said and I sniffled.

I looked to the agent and mouthed,

"Thank you," which he returned with a nod.

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