How To Save A Life

Its like in those super hero movie. The girls in danger and at the last moment they hero saves her. Thats what kind of happened for Jamie Winchester, but instead of the super hero it was Niall Horan. A 19 year old boy from a band called one dirction. Even though hes not a super hero, he is a hero in real life.


1. What Happened?


       Jamie Winchester

When I was 11 years old my mother died in a car crash coming home from work. It was my birthdah. Some presnt right. My mothers death hurt us. Us meaning me, my sister Emma who was 9 at the time and my father. But the bad thing is that my father was so upset he started to drink really bad. At first he would come home at night and yell at me and Emma. He blamed the car accident on me because she was coming home for my birthday. For a while I belived him but then I thought to myself. Even if it wasnt my brithday she woukd still be coming home at the same time driving on the same road that that other guy was driving on.

Anyways after a while he became worst. He would come home and beat on us. Me being the big sister would protect her and get morst of the beating. I watched over her I raised her myself at the age of 11. It would just be me and her all day if we were lucky and I woukd cook for her and watch out for her like a mother would. Sometimes we would be lucky enough that our father would be home for a few days in a row. But then when he does get home he would beat us harder to make up for the days he missed.

We didnt have anything. We had one bed and then we wore clothes that dads one night stands would leave. And those normally didnt cover our whole body. But it was all we had. At nights I would hold Emma all night because she would have horrible nightmares of our father. I would also have one once in a while but I tried my best to hide them from her to show her that I was okay and that she was okay too.

Every night I would pray that someday we would get away from him. And live a normal life but that never worked and by the time I was 13 I stopped becaues things just started to get worst then better. 

Now im 19 and Emma is 17 we are still prisoners to our father and things just seem to keep getting worst. He barely leaves the house now and he treats us like slaves. Whatever he asks we have to do or we get 'punished'. I still do my best to protected my little sister. She hates when I call her little, she says shes a big girl now because shes 17 but she is still my littlw sister and will always be my little sister.

She still has her nightmares and I still have mine. I dont think those will ever go away and that scacers me. Emma cant even look into a mirror anymore because last time oir father shobed her face into it and smashed it and cut her face all up. I cant even look into one anymore because I dont look like a person with all my brisuis and the fact that I never really get to wash my face. Maybe omce a month.

Remember when I told you I use to pray everynight but I stopped when I was 13 because I thought it was useless. Well Emma has been starting to pray and she asks me to do it with her. Sometimes I pretend to pray with her just to make her happy, becaise when I see her happy kt makes me happy for once.

Sometimes I just image what it would be like if my mother never died in that stupid car crash. We would all be a big happy family okke everyone else. Its nice to think about but I know im never going to be happy and have a big halpy family with a husband and kids. Not when im stuck with my father. Maybe someday we will get out. If we dont die in here first.

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