Life ( a one direction fan fiction )

Heartbreaks, Broken promises, and Fame oh my!! Read about these two bands Dream On and One Direction.


1. Chapter 1

Alissa's P.O.V

Hi my name's Alissa Malik. Before you say anything, yes I'm Zayn's sister. I have brown red- ish hair and I guess you could say I'm sort of like a girl version of Niall. I can't swim just like my brother so that's a weird thing about me and I'm 19 years old I just graduated high school a year ago, duh. Im in a world wide popular girlband called Dream On with 4 other girls Ashton Samone dating Harry, Ashley Patine dating Liam, Emmily Manner dating Zayn, and Emma Tamern dating Louis. Your probably wondering 'who's dating Niall' well that person was me. Ya I know surprising right? Anyways he's now dating Barbra Palvin!! He freakin chose her over me!! He also promised me and I trusted that guy. That happened last year 5 weeks after my graduation. No wonder he was acting so weird and distant. Now all I do is lay in my bed and cry, watch t.v, eat little bits of food, listen to sad music, and not talk. It's been a year and 4 months I'm a crazy mess. I haven't been making a lot of videos for YouTube lately and we haven't been performing at our concerts. It's crazy. We've decided that we would take a break and start to perform again whenever we are okay. Or should I say whenever I'm okay. * vibrate vibrate * who texted me?

*Group text convo*

Zaynie: hey sis you doing ok?

Me: ya why?

Emmy: we wanted to know if u wanted to hang out with us. It's going to be fun!

Embear: ya it would be fun!!

HazzyPoo: plzzz

Louboo: plzzzzzz!!

Leeyum: come on gurll

Ash bash: were going swimming!!!

Me: you guys know I can't swim!!

Ashwey: oh ya we forgot sorry.

Zaynie: hey I can't swim either you guys forgot too!

Ash bash: no we knew.

Zaynie: don't I get an apology since no one told me anything.

Emmy: nope sorry babe. Luv you thoe!!

Me: who else is on this chat!!

Zaynie: just us I guess.

Me: ok. Could I tell u guys something?

Ash bash: sure bae.

Ashwey: ya!

Emmy: course.

Embear: ok.

HazzyPoo: mhm!!

Leeyum: of course love!

Zaynie: yeah

Louboo: yes!

Me: I still am insanely in love with Niall!!

Zayn's P.O.V

Uh oh!! She doesn't know that Niall is also on this chat. Darn it Zayn you had to check 15 minutes after she texted that. No one replied after she texted that. Then we heard foot steps coming down the stairs, revealing my beautiful sister Alissa giving us the 'why didn't you guys reply' look. We were all going to say something when all of sudden the front door opened and in came Dr. Hotan which is actually Niall. We heard he broke up with Barbra. He still had feelings for Alissa even if he denies it.

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