Bully: A Story of a Girl Who Struggled

Attention seeker

A few names can take something a long way. Caitlyn knows how it feels to be called each one. She feels like no one knows what she's going through until she realises everyone struggles with something.


6. Chapter 6

When I sat in the car with Jordan, I was silent. My mind was focused on whoever this girl was and why she wanted my head on a platter for talking to Jordan.

"Cait?" Jordan called me from my state of focus.


"You're being distant. What's wrong?"

I played with a thread that hung from my jacket and shrugged.

"Well, would you want to come over to my apartment for a while? The idiots aren't home and I'm just going to be playing sick all day." Jordan asked with a little encouraging smile. I shrugged once again, "Sure. But I really need to shower. So, would you just want to come to my house? I mean my parents won't be home until about 7 tonight." I answered.

Jordan smirked, "Okay, but I'm not taking a shower with you. You're going to have to deal with my smell."

I glared before laughing, "You're so strange."


We finally arrived to my house which was farther out into the country than Columbus which made the ride about ten minutes later than it was to Jordan's house. "Wow, you've got a night place." He stared up at the large two story farmhouse with a large wooden deck.

"Yeah, my mom's company pretty much paid for it." I said.

"Well it's nice." Jordan smiled and followed me into the front where my Bulldog met us at the door.

"Hey, Bond!" I exclaimed to the large dog. He panted and barked with his tongue hung from the right side of his mouth. His raggedy moose toy sat in a slobbery heap at my feet while he stared up at Jordan and I.

"Is this your dog?" Jordan asked in an uneasy manner. I questioningly replied that he was correct. His mouth then curved into a cheeky smile,

"Jeez, you're making me jealous."


"You're so much cooler than me!"

I raised an eyebrow and laughed sarcastically, "I'm the one who had coffee spilled in my face."

Jordan chuckled and flicked his dark hair from his eyes and told me to go take a shower.


The hot water rolled onto my irritated skin, and I rubbed in the medicated soap that soon began to relieve it. My thoughts were focused on the girl that caused this though. Why was she so angry with me for talking to Jordan? He was just a friend.

Yeah an extremely attractive one

I said to myself. I didn't really want to date Jordan since I never have really been in a relationship. Plus it could rupture the extremely awesome friendship I have with him. It's crazy how much we like the same things, and his sense of humor was just perfect. And his extremely adorable laugh.

Jordan Odessa is definitely someone you couldn't help but love.

When I felt like the shower was long enough, I stepped out from under the spray and turned it off. I grabbed my towel and wrapped myself in it and wrapping my hair in another towel. I quickly washed my face and walked across the hall to my bedroom. I pulled on my undergarments and an old Ohio State shirt, my dad's, that has the sleeves cut off and a pair of sweats.

Just as I had my hair down, I heard the door open from the living room. I stumbled down the stairs to see who was at the door. My fear was that it was my parents coming home early, but instead it was the pizza man and Jordan handing him money. "Thanks man, see you 'round."

"Bye Kev!"

Jordan waved the man away as he turned to me with a large pizza box and smile plastered on his face.

I looked at him questioningly before he spoke.

"I got you pizza, I hope you don't mind. I just saw you were a little down, so why not pizza? It's the cure for any depression."

No, Jordan is someone who could cure any depression with simple things like a pizza.

I smiled and found myself blushing for some reason. "Thank you."

I waved him over to the couch and sat the pizza on the coffee table. Bond found his way to the pizza and sniffed around the table before I shooed him away. Moments later I found him resting his large bully head on my leg. I handed him a slice that he very cleanly carried to his food bowl. Jordan laughed with a mouthful of pepperoni.

"What?" I questioned him.

"That's adorable."

"What is?"

"Bond. He's a boss at getting your attention. I might need to get some lessons from him."

I rolled my eyes and took another nibble at my pizza slice.

I turned on the television and began to watch Supernatural with Bond and Jordan. Eventually, Bond jumped onto the couch and laid his head on my lap and I lay my head against Jordan's shoulder.

"Dean's pretty cute, huh?" I playfully elbow Jordan in his ribcage. He giggled, "Nah, I'm more of a fan of Castiël."

"You know Misha Collins is like 40, right?"

Jordan sighed, "Age doesn't matter, okay?" He then cracked a smile.

"Besides, I like a girl."

I still gave a half smile even though I felt a little rejected for some reason I didn't understand.

"That's great." I replied.

"Yeah, she's awesome and beautiful." Jordan answered, looking away thinking of the girl.

He pulled me up next to him so my head was on his chest and his arm slung over the shoulder in a secure embrace. I didn't realize I was drifting into a sleep until I was finally out.

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