Bully: A Story of a Girl Who Struggled

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A few names can take something a long way. Caitlyn knows how it feels to be called each one. She feels like no one knows what she's going through until she realises everyone struggles with something.


5. Chapter 5

Being underwater is something that stands on the line between something amazing and something dangerous. Imagine you're swimming in a reef with beautiful fish all around you: stingrays, clownfish, triggerfish, hawk fish, you name it. But then all of the sudden the fish swim away for their lives, and you sit there wondering why they all cowered so suddenly. Then you feel the eerie current come in as a shark sneaks behind you in a terrifying manor. You can't hide like the fish; the shark is too fast for you to get away. You just have to pray that the shark pays no attention to you. That's high school for me. No I don't mean a tiger shark is going to bite my legs off while I'm innocently walking down the hallway to the lunch room. But there's the people who you admire such as the homecoming queen and the mathletes captain. But then there's sharks; the ones everyone cower from. Yet for me it seems everyone is the shark and I'm just the prey.

This lunch I went to the courtyard to eat my regular Mac & Cheese with a can of AriZona tea. I plugged my headphones into my phone and begin listening to Pierce The Veil, and I will admit the band was good, extremely good. I began thinking about Jordan and how we hung out a few days ago, but he hasn't shown up to the store the past few days. I never texted or called just so he'd have his space, but just as if he was reading my mind, my text tone played.


OMG are you EVER going to text me?!?!?!

I pause to giggle for a moment when another rings up:

Jordan: quit giggling -.-

How the heck do you know I'm laughing?

Jordan: Girl, I've been sitting behind you the past two minutes.

Just seconds after I processed the text I hear him, "Are you not even gonna look at me?!"

I take out my earbuds and turn to face him. His speaking was nasally and he sniffled every once in a while. "Are you okay, Jo?" I ask concerned. He nods and sniffles once again.

"Yeah, I just caught a cold and haven't been able to show up to work because of their GERM POLICY." He rolled his eyes like it irked him making me smile. "I've never met someone who is dying to get back to work like you."

"Well I have to keep going to work if I want to take you out again." Jordan winked then coughed.

"Why are you here anyways?" I asked. Jordan graduated last year; he shouldn't have classes here, they're all at the college. He held up a binder, "I was captain of the basketball team. I have a book of plays coach Leonard needs." I nearly spat my macaroni all over him. He smiled showing his white teeth and laughed.

"Are you okay, Caity Cat?"

"You played basketball?"

"Yeah. Have you not seen the Odessa jersey hanging over the scoreboard?" I nodded suddenly remembering peering up at the red jersey my first day. "Yeah, I just didn't know it was you." Jordan and I sat in silence for a moment before his phone buzzed, "Alrighty, Caitlyn, I have to go give these to the team." He tapped the binder and stood up, hugged me, stole a bite of my cheesy pasta and giggled when I glared at him. "See you later," he coughed slightly and walked across the courtyard to the field house where the coaches usually spend their lunch break. I stood to throw away my trash when a hand pushed me back down, making drop everything. "Who do you think you are?" Snapped a girl.

I confusedly answered, "I'm sorry?"

"Don't even act like you don't know what you're doing. Jordan Odessa?" She flicked her red hair from her face and groaned.

"I'm telling you, new girls just try to be sluts!" She said to her what I believed to be friend standing and agreeing to every word she spoke.

"You must have this all wrong. Jordan and I are just-"

"Just what? Sleeping with each other? God, you disgust me!" Her voice sounded familiar, but I didn't know where from. I stared without noticing that her Starbucks iced coffee was just seconds from drenching my shirt and hair. The cocoa/coffee liquid consumed the fabric of my grey sweater. I then frantically took off the sweater, since I am allergic to coffee. I stood in my black tank top wiping at my neck for the brown liquid to leave my skin while everyone laughed. My skin was already itchy when I reached the bathroom sink. I stood over it washing my skin from the allergen. I finally finished and looked at my reflection. My skin was red and bumpy, but I washed it in time that there was not effect. I threw my hair up and went to the nurse.

The woman sat in front of an office computer writing on a yellow sticky note. I cleared my throat so she could notice I was there before speaking, "excuse me? Ma'am?"

She peered up at me through a pair of red glasses with thick lenses, "what is it? You're out of dress code." She gestured towards my tank top. I showed her the red shade of bumps zigzagging down my neck, arms and chest. Her eyes widen:

"Oh dear. What's wrong?"

"I had coffee… spilled on me, and I'm allergic."

The nurse handed me some allergy medication and a cup of water that I quickly downed.

"I'm not allowed to let you stay, so I'm going to have to send you home."

I didn't complain; I just nodded as she gave me a permission slip to leave the building. I texted my mother that I was coming home early before taking my skateboard from my locker. I strolled down the hallway to the office where I saw Jordan leaning over the counter to talk to the woman behind the desk. She was laughing and smiling from something jordan probably said. I opened the glass door,

"I mean it's a tough thing but-" Jordan stopped speaking as soon as his eyes glimpsed in my direction.

"Hi, I'm leaving." I said handing the woman a slip. She raised her eyebrows as she read and nodded, "see ya, girly." I noticed she had an accent.

"I'll see you again sometime, Mrs. Sands." Jordan said to her while I had my back to him when I was opening the heavy blue door to exit the building. I didn't hear the door slam behind me, but instead I heard a hand push it back open and footsteps while I kicked off my board.

"Hey!" Jordan's deep voice called me. I turned my craned my head when I, as steadily as possible, jumped off the long board.

"Why are you leaving school early?" He asked.

I kept my head down, staring at my brown Vans and just shrugged. I could tell he was concerned by the heavy sigh he let out. "Something's bothering you. I didn't do anything did I?" Jordan stepped closer. I rolled my head up to stare up at his gunmetal eyes. "Oh my god, what's wrong with your neck?"

"Someone spilled iced coffee on me." I was suddenly quiet talking to Jordan. Was it because of the girl in the courtyard? Was I nervous she was watching us?

"Are you allergic? Or was it just too cold for your hotness?" He winked cheekily after his last question making my mouth curve into a small smile.

"I'm allergic, but I took medication, so I'm okay." My voice was weak as I spoke.

"Yeah, but something else is bothering you; I can tell." Jordan's face was soft with the same concern he had just moments before his cute little joke. "No, it's just the medicine; it makes me really gloomy I guess." I smiled in a reassuring way. He still seemed unpleased with my answer but just nodded. "Do you need a ride home? please let me drive you at least." Jordan poked out his lower lip, making me smile.


His white teeth showed when he smiled, and we walked to his truck, his arm slung over my shoulder.

"You smell like a Starbucks." He said.

"Oh shut up." I giggled.

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