Bully: A Story of a Girl Who Struggled

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A few names can take something a long way. Caitlyn knows how it feels to be called each one. She feels like no one knows what she's going through until she realises everyone struggles with something.


4. Chapter 4

"So this is me Casa or whatever the Russians say." Jordan says while pushing open the door of the apartment house making me laugh, "that's Spanish." "Sorry it's not super clean; the boys really suck at helping out around here. Pigs I tell you."

Jordan was 18 and moved out as soon as he graduated. He told me he went to college at Ohio State along with his roommates. "Well that is was teenage boys are supposed to do right? Mess? I mean that's was my brothers are like." I chuckled when he glared at me for practically calling him filthy.

"I'm kidding, it's very nice." I giggled once again. Jordan pulled the Cheesecake Factory leftover from the bag and handed me my Oreo Dream Extreme cheesecake along with the plastic black for. "Well it's small for three guys, two of them who have bang buddies every other night. That's one thing I can't do; I can't use a girl and leave her in a mess. It's pathetic, honestly." Jordan spoke like no one was listening, just speaking his mind. He plopped onto the tan yellow couch patting the spot next to him for me to sit with him. I do so and pull my knees into my chest while I picked at the chocolate chips with my fork. I was quiet like most of the time; I like to listen than speak but I'd catch myself thinking about other things, like how sweet it was that Jordan knows women aren't toys and how he respected the home he lived in. I begin peering around the room; one wall was painted black with green, red, and yellow handprints on it. The television sat straight in front of the coffee table with several X-box controllers strewn across the floor. A Gta V case was laid open with no disk on the floor along with a few dog toys.

"Caity? You okay?" Jordan dropped my thoughts.

I blushed, "yeah, I'm sorry I was… examining- do you have a dog?"

Jordan shook his head, "No we have a lizard." I raised an eyebrow in small disbelief making Jordan laugh, "I'm kidding, we have a dog. He's in Jonah's room. But be careful he's vicious." He opened the door calling for a dog by the name Otis. Then a Beagle came sauntering out of the bedroom. "That's adorable." I said picking up the severely sweets dog. "Yeah he's a cool dude. He's 7 years old and still kicking ass- oh I'm sorry. I shouldn't swear in front of you." Jordan covered his mouth; what a gentleman. I smiled, "Don't worry about it. I don't get offended over a few little words like ass."

"Well still, it's rude for me to curse in front a beautiful lady like you." I blushed; he called me beautiful.

"So, do you like black & white movies?" Jordan asked plopping back down on the couch beside me and Otis. "Yeah, like Psycho? That one is probably my favorite. It's a work of art honestly." His eyes lit up when I said that, "no way. I love Psycho! I have it on my laptop if you want to watch it."

I nodded, "yeah that'd be awesome!"

Jordan hooked the Mac up to the television, and I made popcorn to go with our cheesecake and movie. We watched the movie until a guy came through the door with a girl, her playfully giggling and nibbling on his ear until he turned and saw Jordan and I.

"When did you start bringing toys home?" The boy asked with a wink in my direction. He obviously is exactly how Jordan said the roommates were. "Ethan you're so idiotic. I'm sorry Caitlyn. He's just stupid-"

"Fuck off Jordan. You're being a bitch again." Ethan growled. The girl stood at his side playing with his shirt collar in a flirtatious way. "Ethan don't worry about them, let's just go to the bedroom." She winked and glared at Jordan and I as they chased each other to the bedroom. I looked at my phone, 2:45 A.M. "I'm so sorry about him. You're not a toy." Jordan repeatedly apologized. "It's fine. Listen, thank you so much for the awesome night and you're really cool. I have to get home, it's almost 3 in the morning and I'm sure my parents are spazzing." I answered shyly. I didn't want to leave; I was enjoying every minute with him. "I really hope he didn't scare you off. But I understand; it's late you need to get home. I'll drive you home."

"Thank you, Jordan."

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