Dearest Riley

Riley Horan. Sound familiar? Probably not. According to Modest! Management (a.k.a. One Direction’s management company), Riley doesn't exist. She is Niall Horan’s sister, but she goes by her fake name: Riley Gibbons. Management has asked (more like forced, actually) Riley and her family to keep her identity a secret from everyone else. No one knows that she has a famous brother, or that her famous brother has a sister. And it seems that Niall is absolutely fine with this situation; he seems to enjoy Riley not being in his life. Depressed and quite pissed (because her life is pretty bad at the moment), Riley thinks she has no one to turn to for help. That is, until another member of One Direction strolls into her life and changes things.

And don’t worry; this isn't a typical “teen-age-ery” love story. In fact, Riley doesn’t even like Harry Styles when he enters her life. If you really want the truth, Riley thinks Harry Styles is an asshole…….


2. Shut Out Forever

You know what? I really don’t like my family, and they obviously don’t like me very much either. Maybe I should just move out. Besides, I’m in college; I’m old enough now to be living on my own.

I debate this for a moment. Do I really want to do that to my mum? Well, she did support Niall’s decision to erase me from his life… Hell yeah, I want to break that bitch’s heart.

I look around my room for a moment; I really wouldn’t be leaving behind that much. My room was a pretty small one, with purple wallpaper and carpeting. Scattered on my walls were random posters of bands I used to like, and a few books were stacked on top of my nightstand. Other than that, there was my bed and my clothes. I could easily pack within an hour.

I decide to just do it. At the moment, I don’t really know where I’m going to stay, but I figure that if Niall will be staying here for his time off for the next several weeks, I’m better off staying anywhere but here. It’d make my life, and his life, a lot easier if I never see him again. I already know that’s what he wants.

I grab a suitcase out of my closet and hastily shove clothes, shoes, hangers, and all into the small compartment. I grab my pillow and my worn-out blanket off of my bed and squeeze them into my suitcase. It was a difficult feat, but somehow I managed to fit everything in there. Lastly, I shove my small stack of books into my oversized purse and grab my phone off of its charger.

I make sure to slam my door even harder than before, a final “screw you” to the room where I spent years crying.

I roll my suitcase down the hall, carrying my purse on my shoulder. I take a deep breath before descending the staircase. Making sure not to make too much noise, I tiptoe down; I want my parents to know about me leaving, but I want them to find out once I’m already gone. I really don’t want them to confront me now, especially in front of Niall.

Once the coast is clear, I quickly run to the front door. I was one step out of the door when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turn around in a panic.

“Riley, where are you goin’?” Greg asks, a concerned look on his face.

I look back up at him, a smirk on my face. “I’m moving out, and you better not say anything to mum or dad or else I will leak your secrets to the tabloids, you asshole.”

Greg looks stunned. He doesn’t say anything for a moment. Then, with a grim look on his face, he turns around and shouts. “Mum! Come here for a second!”

I glare at him and he just chuckles. “Sorry. I can’t let you leave like that. I wish I could, but it’s better if you tell mum first. She can help you find an apartment or something.”

He pats me on the back, but I just groan and push him away. Bullshit. He just wants to ruin my life.

My mother comes running in from the kitchen, looking confused as she evaluates the situation unraveling at the door.  “Greg, what did you want?” she asks hesitantly, glancing back over to me.

“Well, Riley wants to move out. She’s packed and everything, I just thought you should know. I think it would be best if she plans everything out with you first, do you agree?”

“What?! But you’re only 17! You can’t possibly be considering this!” my mother says in a hurry, rushing over to pull me back inside the house.

“Mum, I’m in college for goodness' sake! You can’t hold on to me forever!”

“I know, it’s just… can’t we just have a family discussion about all of this first?”

I look at my mother hesitantly. All I ever really wanted was to get back at my family for the years I’ve spent lying, but in this moment it physically hurts to see my mother heartbroken. Why do I care so much when they obviously don’t care at all?

“Fine, but we’re going to discuss it now. I don’t want to spend another night in this house,” I say firmly. I was going to stand my ground on this one. I was not going to back down.

My mother just nods solemnly, leading the way to the kitchen. Apparently we had to sit in order to discuss such matters. We all sat down at the kitchen table. My mother sat across from me, with Greg to my right. My mother called my father and he soon scurried in from the basement, sitting down to the left of my mother. Then, as I was about to state my case, Niall walks in and sits down a couple of seats away from me. Great, now both assholes are here.

My mother speaks first. “So, Riley just informed me that she wants to move out. I, however, don’t think she is ready.”

My dad is about to say something, but Greg interrupts. He turns to face me. “Riley, I know you are 17 and I know you’re in college, but that does not necessarily mean that you are independent. I know you think you are, but you’re not ready. Do you even have a place to stay?”

Everyone stares at me. The truth is, I was hoping Mark would let me stay at his place for a while, just until I get situated in my own apartment. But, knowing my overprotective parents, they would never let me stay at Mark’s. “Um…no. But I can find one.  Until then, I’ll just stay at a friend’s house.”

My dad shakes his head. “We can’t let you leave without you knowing where you’re going. I mean… I’m fine with you staying at a friend’s house for a while, but you’ll need to pay rent. You need money, first.”

I sigh. I didn’t really think of that.

I look up as someone clears their throat. It was Niall.

“Well, if Riley needs money, I’m willing to loan her some. How much do you need, Riles?” Niall says, pulling out his wallet.

I stare at him in disbelief. Niall wants to give me money? Since when is he ever nice to me?

“No thanks, asshole.”

My mother stands up and folds her arms. “That is no way to talk to your brother! Niall is being nothing but generous to you!”

I laugh. “Niall is nothing but a jerk and you know it. When he became famous he left this family behind. Not a single word from him for over a year. Sure, every directioner out there knows about you guys and Greg, but none of them know about me. That’s because Niall just cut me out of his life. He doesn’t want anything to do with me, and he doesn’t even want to be known as my brother. Niall is the most selfish bastard I have ever met. I can’t tell anyone my real name or else it’ll break his stupid contract! Screw his stupid management company, and screw all of you guys, too! I’m leaving.”

I get up from the table and walk to the door as my family processes what just happened. I grab my stuff and leave.

I was done.

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