All the elements

All the elements Cardinal and Extended. All their power and all their gentleness. All right at your finger tips.


2. Water

                                                          The life giver and the death bringer.

                                                            Water finds it's own levels. Whether it's deep like the ever lasting sea. Or shallow like a pond in your backyard. It's on balance though. Just the right amount can bring life. Too much can lead to doom.


                                                            Mist sprays over you. With it's gentle microscopic droplets. It cools your parched skin. The drops get bigger and bigger. Till their the size of peas. The water level is quickly rising. It was at your ankles now at calves. Waist.Chest. Getting scarily close to your head. It goes over your head and dunks you into a world of greens and blues. Of fish and plants. You gasp in wonder. Only to remember you human limits. Water quickly enters you lungs making darkness creep into your vision. Your just about to slip forever into the darkness, when the water suddenly disappears. Now you left with a wilted flower. After you get over the shock you think this really needs some water. You hold the image of rain in your head till it becomes a reality. Soon the flower unfurls it's wilted leaves and brightens up. Now you both sides of the water. 

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