Silver and Gold | Cake Vampire


Luke is a Vampire with unusual talents and Calum is a normal human.
Luke lives in an old mansion and he isn't sure who he is or what he came from.
One day Calum and his two friends Ashton and Micheal move into the mansion with Calum's dad James.

What happens when Luke and Calum finally meet?
Will Luke finally find out who he is, or will he get distracted by the Raven Haired boy living in his home.
I didn't rate this 16+ because I feel that when you reach the age of 12 you have the common sense to know right from wrong.
The book isn't real, know the difference.


3. Movin' In-3

Sunday morning, the movers came and cleared out my entire house and by the end of the day the inside was almost completely unrecognizable. They kept the more significant artwork along with expensive objects and accessories but other than that, anything that wasn't bolted to the ground was moved out and put into storage or the level 2 basement. Everything that was in my room was thankfully moved somewhere else inside the mansion but I didn't like the fact that James and Calum almost completely redesigned my home. More so Calum than James who just kinda followed along with what Calum wanted done to the house like he paid for it. At some point James did have input on what he thought was best for his home. Calum had the honor of decorating the kitchen, the 1st level basement, and of corse my room and connected bathroom. Calum's friends, who I later learned were named Micheal and Ashton also that they were living with James, the two had taken the liberty of decorating their own rooms two corridors away from Calum. Meaning each were on a different hallway on the same floor. Micheal, the playful and childish one, got lost on his hallway and had to use MARCO-POLO with Calum to find his way out. The whole time I followed him and every once in a while I'd whisper his name just to creep him out. Needless to say, he jumped into a few walls and later into Calum's chest when he was found. James decorated the dinning room, the ball room, the hallways, the living room, the extra rooms they weren't using and the library. James had more of an older and more classic antique style so the house still kinda looked like it came out of the mid 1800's. Calum on the other hand turned the 1st level basement into a complete teenage man cave with a huge 72" flat screen TV and game systems I've never played along with air hockey, a pool table and a full clear area just to play board games. A mini fridge and a microwave was sat in the corner and Calum later had Ashton and Micheal help him nail Christmas lights to the edge of the wall.

It was the later afternoon when the movers and extra decorators were finished with their jobs and had now gone home. The mansion was quiet since everyone had retreated to their newly decorated rooms to shower and clean up from all the movement today. I, on the other hand, decided to put Calum's basement to use so I went down stairs to watch television on the big screen. For a while I watched 'True Blood' but after a few hours, afternoon turned to night and I found myself staring at the wall listening to running water from an upstairs shower. I sat on the couch 15minutes after the water had gone off just thinking about nothing until the time came for me to at least move around the house for a minute. I walked around, or more like floated around, the kitchen and through the stair cases to the ballroom until I somehow ended up in Calum's ,my, room.

When I had came through the wall and into Calum's room, I could tell he had been the one who took the shower earlier. His hair was freshly dried and there was steam emitting from the restroom connected to the room. He smelled exactly how he usually does but with a fresher blast. Like sweet pink cotton candy, spearmint gum along with early winter and a dash of something so sweet it can only be described as Calum. As always. And if that wasn't a dead give away that he had just taken a bath you could just look at his bare chest and guess his earlier activities. Right now he is dressed in only a pair of black skinny jeans with a pair of black socks. A grey V-Neck sat on his bed in front if him which he seems to be facing while texting on his phone. Every once in a while he'll lightly smile at his screen, read a message and then start typing away on his phone again. I can't help but wonder who he's talking too but then again I am technically haunting him right now so I am bound to find out one day.

I take the time to study Calum's true physique without his shirt on. If anyone could see me right now I'm sure I'd be wearing a shameful blush but luckily I'm a vampire who soundlessly disappears on command. Or on accident in situations regarding my reflection.

His chest holds perfectly toned abs ( six pack if I may) and on the way down you'll find his deeply carved v-lines that disappear into his black skinny jeans. He grabs his gray shirt in his left hand but he never looks away from his phone. In the process his back muscles flex and I find myself taking a step closer to his back to study his perfectly sculpted body a little closer than before. Two dimples are placed at the bottom of his back and I can't help but run a finger over the deep indented place. Calum stops texting for moment to turn around and look for any signs of life but little does he know, he's staring directly into my eyes. Once he thinks he's alone, the texting continues but my journey through Calum's body just started. When he leans his head to the side while reading a text, I take this as my chance to breathe in his heavenly sent. My nose drifts over but never touches the skin. The blood coursing through his veins becomes louder the closer I get to his throat and I know I almost can't hold myself back. I drew back to the side of his neck and in one swift and quick motion, I had licked, snipped and kissed Calum's neck. I took a step back from Calum as he quickly grabbed his neck and let out a quiet hiss. He quickly walks over to his mirror and inspects the right side of his neck removing hand and poking the two tiny holes on his throat.

'Wah..' I hear Calum mumble as he draws in closer to the mirror. I pull my lip ring between my teeth while smirking at my work done on Calum's neck.

'Damn he tasted sweet.' I thought.


I'm not entirely sure what happened a second ago but in the middle of texting Natily a few strange things were going on around me and my suspicion was confirmed when out of no where I felt someone lick, bite and kiss my neck. At least I think it was a kiss but it was so quick I couldn't tell. Now there are two puncture holes on the right side of my neck and they very much resemble a vampire bite but a less sever size.

Every since I stepped onto this land weird things have been happening. First I here someone scream the first day here, I imagined a very sexy goth looking guy yesterday, I'm pretty sure Michel getting lost in the mansion wasn't all of his doing and I just got bit by....I don't even know.

Now I'm in my basement with Micheal and Ashton, explaining my situation but leaving out the part where I think the imaginary guy is sexy. Not that it's important.

"Wow man, so you really think the house is haunted?" Ashton asks.

"Micheal got lost in between two hallways. I didn't even know one of those hallways existed." I say to Ashton.

"I knew it!" Micheal yelled while popping up from his seat.

"What?" I ask Micheal.

"It felt like someone was sticking their foot in front of me so i'd trip and after a while I started turning in random directions just to get away from certain areas. Pure terrifying. Maybe there is someone haunting this house." He says.

"Maybe. But why do I seem to be the favorite? I mean, it bit me." I say holding my neck.

"You do smell like sugar." Ashton's says matter of factly. I smack him in the arm and he groans out a 'ow'.

"I do not smell like sugar." I said to Ashton. Micheal puts his finger to his chin in a thinking manner and begins to speak.

"Nope. I always thought it was pink cotton candy." He says.

I shake my head at my friends weirdness and crazy thoughts.

" I do not smell like sugar." I mumble while getting up off the couch to open the mini fridge. I grab a soda then sit back on the couch. When I get back to the seat, I notice Ashton holding a blue covered book with two amateur drawn clouds on the front and words written in crayon like font.

"The fault In Our Stars, really Ashton?" I chuckle at his choice of entertainment thinking ' why read when you can watch television' then another thing occurred to me. 'Why would a teenage guy read The Fault Our Stars'?

"I'll have you know that this is a beautiful love story about the struggles of Hazel and Augustus Waters. And Hazel's sad ability to make friends and enjoy the life she has." Ashton says strongly. He grips the book tightly and starts reading again but Micheal interrupts with a comment that I am sure will get to Ashton's nerve.

"Struggles. The only one struggling was Hazel with her thyroid problem and inability to love." Micheal says.

"Shut up Micheal. You know nothing more than the first 4 chapters." Ashton replies pulling the book closer to his face.

"It corny." Micheal says.

"It's beautiful." Ashton replies.

"It's cheesy." Micheal says and of corse Ashton speaks again.

"It's a love story. At some point Hazel did declare her love for Gus in the most beautiful and uncheesy way ever." Ashton say.

"It was stupid." Micheal says turning the television.

"She said she couldn't breathe without him." Ashton counters. By now the book has been put down and my attention for the TV is long forgotten.

"As opposed to what? Any other time she couldn't breathe?" Micheal says. I couldn't help but laugh at that comment because it was pretty stupid to say such things with thyroid cancer.

"She could too breathe!" Ashton counters.

"That pump attached to her face tells me otherwise."

"Fuck you Micheal. You're just a dumb-ass who will never know the true meaning of love."

"Fuck John Green, he's the dumb ass who wrote the book."

There was a moment of silence before Ashton chucked the paper-back book at Micheal's head then stormed upstairs leaving the basement. I pulled my hand over my mouth so the strong laughter was held in and my shoulders shaking vigorously. I waited until I knew I had enough self control to speak.

"You fought over a fictional book about a girl who could and could not breathe then had that same book thrown at your head. I think I need a air pump." I said pulling myself from the couch." Bye Micheal." I said before leaving the basement to Micheal and his thoughts.

When I made it up stairs I actually contemplated wether or not to sleep in my room but I decided it was fine for me to try it for one night. I changed out of my skinny jeans and grey shirt into plaid pajama pants and a white T-shirt. I jumped into my bed but not before surveying the room for any mysterious movements I needed to beware of. Once decided it was safe, I cut off my light and snuggled into my duvet. Before completely drifting off to sleep I could have sworn I heard a deep accented voice say my name.

'Goodnight Calum.'


At the moment I am watching Calum sleep, just wondering what he's dreaming about. I could be sleep but it's not required for my 'species' to function. Rest has no effect on us. It's just a way for our thoughts to become reality in our head. So let's say I was thinking about doughnuts before I went to sleep, I'd dream about doughnuts that night or in more extreme cases I could fully plan out and experience robbing a doughnut shop if I wanted. I used to dream about having a family, or friends, just a life in general. But you could imagine how bad it hurt to wake up to 'this' everyday. What ever 'this' is.

Earlier I think I remembered something. I think I remember something from my life before now. Before I was what I am now. I remembered after I'd accidentally bitten Calum. When he's left the room I had gone into a vision like trance. For a moment I thought I was going crazy but I'm pretty insane already.

I saw a girl.

She had strawberry blonde hair that went on forever. She was dressed in and ancient dress, something that looked straight out the 1800's in a Dutch type of way. Her eyes were a piercing green and her lips were stained red but not with lipstick.

'Go now. Leave. You must have taken rest by the time mother and farther are done. Off to bed.' She whispered. Her voice was strong but quiet. The way she spoke was comforting in Mother- like way. It was almost familiar.

After the vision I had found myself in the library. I don't know how I got there but maybe my subconscious side took me there for a reason. Even though I have no idea why I am here, I'm actually somewhat happy that I had that vision. It put me one step closer than I was to finding out who I am. It doesn't really help me 'truly' know anything about myself but I know that the strawberry haired Woman meant something to me and was apart of my life at some point.

Until these visions come through I'll probably be spending my mornings haunting the house , and my nights watching Calum sleep.



Here's a song I really like at the moment:

I write sins not tragedies- Panic at the Disco

I'm not sure why but I just wanted to share my favourite song at the moment.

What's you favourite song?

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