Silver and Gold | Cake Vampire


Luke is a Vampire with unusual talents and Calum is a normal human.
Luke lives in an old mansion and he isn't sure who he is or what he came from.
One day Calum and his two friends Ashton and Micheal move into the mansion with Calum's dad James.

What happens when Luke and Calum finally meet?
Will Luke finally find out who he is, or will he get distracted by the Raven Haired boy living in his home.
I didn't rate this 16+ because I feel that when you reach the age of 12 you have the common sense to know right from wrong.
The book isn't real, know the difference.


5. Important A/N


School has been in for about 3 weeks now for me and I haven't had time to write simply because I'm am a procrastinator but I hope to get that fixed soon.

Also I legit hate my school to the brink of depression, like, hardcore. So whenever I'm in the biga$s library we have I'll write a few and have a break.

Last thing( not really important just thought I'd share a thought)my schools o-so-mighty new principle has decide to give us 10periods of classes on a Friday.

To say the least I'm pissed.

So expect a journal entire on how annoyed I am every once in a while( probably every Friday). ( you don't have to read it).

But that's all. (Emoji)🌑🌚<--

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