Silver and Gold | Cake Vampire


Luke is a Vampire with unusual talents and Calum is a normal human.
Luke lives in an old mansion and he isn't sure who he is or what he came from.
One day Calum and his two friends Ashton and Micheal move into the mansion with Calum's dad James.

What happens when Luke and Calum finally meet?
Will Luke finally find out who he is, or will he get distracted by the Raven Haired boy living in his home.
I didn't rate this 16+ because I feel that when you reach the age of 12 you have the common sense to know right from wrong.
The book isn't real, know the difference.


2. I live here-2

For a while now I've been walking through the walls, pacing back and forth without a reason. Every once in a while I'll drop through the floor just for a bit of amusement but that doesn't last long when you've done it for the thousandth time that day. It also gets really annoying when I walk through a window with a curtain over it because I can feel the fabric rub against me as I pass through it. So you can imagine how much dust I've been collecting today. I'm completely decked out in black clothing. Black shirt, black jeans, black shoes and a black zip up hoodie pulled over my head. I'm not sure why I always wear black but I guess it's because I don't consider black a color. If someone asked you what the color of night time was, you can't exactly answer that's it colored black, just that it's dark.

Just as I'm about to drop through the floor again, I hear a rumbling ,resembling the sound of a truck driving towards the house. I walk through a few walls to get to the front of the house window. Once I look out, I see a black Chevy truck that kinda looks like the one from the FBI agency that visits the town whenever I decide to have a snack in the middle of the forest. Only this time, instead of men in crisply pressed suits, badges, and guns attached to their hip, two men emerge from the front seats. One is casually dressed in loose jeans and a plaid button down shirt and the other in a grey-ish beige suit. The back door opens and a younger looking figure emerges. His head is down with a grey beanie on his pitch black hair so I can't see his face at the moment. His hands are stuffed in the pockets of his grey zip-up hoodie that reaches down to his black skinny jeans. He takes slow steps in his black vans towards the vine covered castle, in a manner that shows he clearly doesn't want to be here. This will surely increase the amount of time it takes him to get to the door considering they parked about five minutes away from the front door already. I drop through the floor to the first level and out the building itself. Why are they here?

"Well James . This is it. This is the house." The man in the suit says. I move quickly to stand near them so I can hear their conversation. I make sure to keep a good distance away so I can't here their blood coursing through there veins. As sweet as their blood smells right now, I'm more interested in why they're on my land.

"It smells like shit out here." The younger one mumbles to James. Now that I can see his face, he looks to be at least 17 or so. His skin naturally tanned and his pink lips made into a natural pucker. His eyes are a chocolate brown and right now their starring straight at my home. His Nirvana Tee on full display.

'You look like shit.' I say crossing my arms. I know he can't hear me and I like it that way, but right now I'd like to drain the blood from his neck and leave his shriveled ass to die. Good looking or not. It's 7 in the morning and too early to kill. Even for me, but he'll definitely be an exception.

"Calum. Language." James says to the younger boy.

"English. Obviously." Calum replies.

"Anyways. Mark, how long do you think it'll be before we can get in and clear her out." James says, putting his hands on his hip.

'Get in what? My house? You're not serious right?' I say standing in front of James but he just stares right through me to Mark as he looks at my shrubbed up and beaten mansion.

"You could come right in tommorrow to start removing furniture and dusting down the place. Everything else is up to you. You'd have to move in first before doing renovations but I'm sure that after you see the place it won't need much." Mark replies.

"Won't need much? How about a can of Febreeze and a wrecking ball?" Calum mutters under his breathe as he shifts his weight from one foot to another.

'Wait. You can't do this. You can't-" the breathe in my lungs slowly starts to leave me and I feel myself getting light headed. I bag away from the group of men to sit on the ground, but no matter how hard I tried or what I tried, I still couldn't seem to shake this panicky feeling. My eyes began to water as I struggled for air and the burning sensation in my throat only grew bigger. A headache racks through me in a quick and powerful way, easily sending my into hysteria and that's when I realized I was actually crying.

"I live here. I- you can't take my home away from me. Please don't." I whisper.

"Alright we'll be around bright and early to clear out. Could I just have the keys and I'll be sure to make a payment this afternoon."James says. James and Mark go off into a very detailed conversation on my house while I'm left struggling on the ground. Calum on the other hand looks in my direction as if he knows I'm there. Like he can't see me but he can definetaly hear me.

"Please don't." I plead to Calum and his eyes widen at my voice. He can't see me but I made sure he could hear me. Only him. A pain pushes through my body while I let out an ear piercing scream and before I could catch Calum's reaction , I completely disappeared into darkness.


Mark, my dad and I decided to look around inside the castle to see what needed to be taken out. I just wanted to get from outside because I'm pretty sure I heard someone screaming in pain. After that , the atmosphere got kinda uncomfortable.

We walked to the door which took and unusual amount of time to do considering how far we were from the door. Once we got to the door Mark pushed on the gold knob with so much force I thought he would surely hurt himself. I'd laugh if he did. The door popped open with a loud creek indicating that it hasn't been opened in a couple of decades. I cough at the dust that flows out of the house as we walk through the grand front door, well, as grand as it can be at this age.

I look around the dark and mysterious mansion in awe. Minus the dust, weeds, dirt, cracks, cobwebs, darkness and creepiness, it's actually a killer house. Two very dusty staircases curve around ,making two ways to reach the second floor and an oval shape in the middle. In between the two staircases is a hallway leading to some place I'd be interested in looking through. To my left is a large living room that looks like it hadn't even been used during its time and to my right is an arch that leads off into the kitchen. The inner house is mostly white and gold but I'll be sure to change that once we move in.

"So James, what do think? Beautiful isn't she?" Mark says turning in a circle looking at the ceiling. I look up to notice a muriel of a female angel with white fabric draped over the more important parts of her body. The muriel is rounded to the ceiling with gold outlining the entire thing. The angle had red hair that was randomly placed around her head in elegant way and her wings were white as white it self, folded up behind her back. It was beautiful to say the least.

"Um, I think I'm the wrong one to answer that question for you Mark. Calum, do you mind?" My dad asks me and I look down from the ceiling.

"It still smells like shit, but the house is pretty cool. When are you going to clean it?" I ask my dad. My dad gets this really creepy grin on his face like he's too happy to form words and I find it a little scary until he turns to look at Mark.

"Well Mark. I think that's it. I have the O.K. to get it." James says.

Mark shakes his head at my dad and puts his hand on his hip. "You must be a proud man Jay. A proud man indeed."

"Damn right." My dad replies.


After I went through the series of pain in my own front yard, I vanished into to thin air and for a while that's what it felt like I was doing. Floating around in thin air. Until I appeared in my room on my bed, it felt like I was floating freely on cloud 9.

Once I sat up on my comforter I could hear one set of footsteps walking up the stairs and the other two going in another direction on the first floor. I knew the set of footsteps belonged to Calum as soon as they hit the second floor. I could smell him. Something I found very interesting was that his sent wasn't as masculine as any other teenage boys smell. He smelled of pure sweetness with a balance of something else that could only be described as Calum. Like snow in the early winter mixed with pink cotton candy and....spearmint gum. Not the strong and common smell of peppermint gum but the exfoliating and airy sent of exactly spearmint. There was another smell on his body but I don't think i'd ever be able to tell you what it was or how it smelled, but I couldn't get enough of it, the desire, completely insatiable.

Judging from the constant opening and closing of doors on the corridor across from this one, Calum seemed to be searching through rooms, but as fast as he'd open the door it'd close in that same split second. I stayed seated on my bed listening to the commotion going on around me as Calum neared closer to my room door. A few more doors open and close and finally my room door pops open with Calum standing in the frame but just when I think he's about to close the door, he doesn't.

Calum surveys my room, acknowledging the large restroom on the opposite wall of me and the wardrobe I have instead of a closet. It's black with silver handle bars on it, something I'm sure I put there myself. Something I love about my room is that it's big and empty. There's the needed dresser ands side table, not like I use them, but there's never anything extra and I like it that way. Calum walks over to my desk with my birth certificate sitting on top of it. The only legible name being mine and my dad's but his last name is smeared and long gone.

"Luke Hemmings...." He reads off of the paper. His voice isn't too deep but not to delicate either. I'm not sure how to describe it but I'd love to hear it again.

"So you must be the adopted child..." He says still staring down at the paper.

Adopted child? What adopted child? He must be talking about me. IM ADOPTED!

"What adopted child?" I say appearing in the room, showing my true form. Calum jumps from the floor and onto the desk, his bum making a slight thump onto the hardwood surface. I raise my eyebrow at his reaction thinking it was a little dramatic , but then again, I did just pop out of thin air. I can hear Calum's heart beating at an excessive rate as he stare at me in fear.

"W-who are you?" He stutters scooting further onto the desk, a few more feet and he'll fall straight into the seat behind him.

"What adopted child?" I repeat taking a step closer to Calum. He jumps back landing in the seat behind him with one foot perched at the edge of desk and the other firmly pressed to the ground. I take another step towards Calum and before I knew it the desk was sent flying towards my chest knocking me onto back. Calum had successfully stalled me, giving him enough time to yank open the door and race down the steps to his father and Mark on the first floor. I decide to take the quick way down and drop through the floor to grand dinning hall. I walk through the hall to the front of the house so I can reach the kitchen where Mark, James and Calum were standing.

"Yeah dad"Calum says frantically" I think it's time to go home. Now." Calum says pulling on his dads arm towards the front door. I appear on the other side of James and Calum making sure I was in Calum's view. I show up enough for Calum to see me appear next to Mark. He spots me and I can see the fear growing in his eyes. I flash my fangs at Calum and his grip on his dad grows stronger.

"Go ahead Calum. Leave." I say in a mocking tone, a predator like grin playing on my face.

"Calum? You alright son? You seem a little shaky and sweaty. Do you have a fever?"James says in a concerned voice. Calum doesn't answer his dad, just takes off running out the front door while James and Mark share confused expressions. James pats the counter once then chuckles.

"Well Mark, I think that's my que. I'll see you tommorrow when I'll be cleaning and moving in furniture. Bye Mark." Mark waves of James while he jogs off to catch up with Calum. I walk to the front door to see Calum frantically opening the door to the FBI looking car. James hops in the front seat sending a questioning glance towards Calum but he just shakes it off. Mark starts the car and begins to bag out of the driveway before I sent Calum a sweet farewell.

"Bye Calum." I say in a devious tone and by the look on his face I knew he heard me.


The whole way home I didn't speak to dad and when I finally got home I didn't call Ashton nor did I call Micheal. There was no one I could speak to about this. Heck! I couldn't consult with myself about this!

When I got to my room I decided to just sit and stare at the wall since I couldn't find anything better to do. The truth is my brain is still frozen from when I heard that sickly sweet and mischievous voice bid me off to my home.

'Bye Calum."

I still couldn't believe it. Who was he and where did he come from? Most importantly, why was I the only one able to see and hear him? It's like he wasn't even there, but he was. I could feel him there but it's not like I needed to feel him because I could see him clear as day. He was dressed in all black with a hoodie over his head. A black lip ring hung from his bottom lip with his blonde like brown hair in a swoosh over his head. It was

I don't know. Maybe it's just my imagination. I mean, it's not like he ever physically touched me so he could've just be apart of a random hallucination I was having from that shit smelling house. Believe me, the smell could've knocked out anyone, including the noseless Valdomort.

What did he want? He seemed to ask me only one question and that was just about the adopted child from the Courte' family but his face told me he wanted to know more, almost like he was lost. Maybe he was a ghost or something because there was no way he could've done the things he did and moved the way he moved without being some mystical, supernatural being. For crying out loud, he got downstairs without even using them! Like he dropped through the floor or something.

My thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing on my side table. I look at the lit up screen to see its Micheal phoning me at 9:00am. Usually he'd still be asleep while me and my dad were early risers. I hit the green button and put the phone on speaker.

"Calum dude good morning." Micheal says in an enthusiastic tone.

"I woke up two hours ago." I reply.

"Well then Mr.EarlyPants. Did you and your dad go over to Centale?" Micheal asks. The memory of Luke scaring me into a desk flashes through my head.

"Oh-uh yeah." I reply as quickly as possible. Maybe a little too fast to be normal.

"Is there something wrong with you man? We've been on the phone for all of 2 minutes and you haven't cracked one joke about my aunt Dafilia from Fat Camp." Micheal says. I fall back on my bed with one arm sprawled out beside me as I answer Micheal.

"There's something wrong with that house other than the fact it smells like butt and looks like it been discovered from the underworld of Atlantis. Today I could've sworn I saw something strange." I say into the phone.

"How strange?" Micheal replies.

"Like supernatural strange." I answer.

"OOOOOOOH WE LIVE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE. SCORE!" Micheal's yells from the other side of the phone and I let out a chuckle.

"Yeah I guess so." For the rest of the conversation, Micheal and I talked about any and everything for about 2 hours before he got off the phone. During the convo, I reminded him to tell Ashton about us moving in tommorrow and that I already chose the room with the silver door knob so he couldn't steal it. We said our goodbyes and I looked over at my alarm clock. It read 12:03pm so I decided to just lounge around the house for the rest of the day or to take a quick nap before I moved all of the boxes from my room downstairs. Around 5:35pm is when I actually moved the boxes and by 7:30 I had passed out on my bed from exhaustion or just pure laziness. During my dream I drempt of the mysterious boy I seemed to have imagined and the silver door knob with the initial LH carved into the handle. I don't know why but it brung a sense of happiness to my face to know that I had the only silver door knob in the house. I guess I just like being different. I slept all night long and beforI knew it, morning had already came and I was sitting at the edge of my bed rubbing the sleep out of my eyes getting ready for the day.

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