Harry Potter, next generation.

Years have flown by and Albus Potter has made LOTS of friends. These may include; Alexander Kinnell Qui, Fang Klin Song, and Jake Corrosian Anthony.
The story starts like this...
The 4 are on Hogwarts express and Albums S. Potter is waving bye to his father, Harry J. Potter. Then, he heared a man say, "Electrify!!!" and another say, "Protego!" °㊙��������!° Albus thought fearfully. Then, Alexander K. Qui came out of nowhere and said, "IMMOBULAS!!!" Both fighters froze and Alex said to them, "What the heck... are you doing?" Later, the 4 became friends and arrived at Hogwarts and went to the sorting room. "Fang Song" the hat said, "Hufflepuff!!!" "Jake Anthony" "hmmm... Brave at heart... Daring... Let's see... Gryffendor!!!" "Brilliant!" said Albus. "Albus Potter" said the hat, "Gryffendor!!!" "Alexander Qui" "hmmmmm...... Oh yes... Hmmm... Yes... Wait, wait... I know, I KNOW!!! Ravenclaw!!!"
And so it begins...


9. Mystery Person

A boy (seen above) was sitting in an empty classroom. It took Alex a moment (really 1/100000 of a milla-milla-milla-milla-milla-second, but Alex thought it was about 2 real seconds)to realize that this was the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. He was twirling a wand that was about 13 and a 1/2 inches long in his right hand, and in his left was a book. This boy looked like Justin Flitch-Fletchy, but younger. He stopped on a page and got up. (Alex noticed the book he had was the one Albus had gotten.) The boy raised his wand, pointed it at the other wall, twirled it in a straight line left, right, up, down, made an X in midair, then pushed his wand out and said, "Telemaraii!" His body looked as if its atoms came apart and slowly floated away without exploding, but than did the opposite about 1 foot from the wall. He had just done something beyond apparating, for before the year Alex had come to Hogwarts, you couldn't apparate at Hogwarts. (I'm not gonna be don yet, BUT PLEASE WAIT FOR THIS TO TAKE PLACE! IT'S HARD THINKING ABOUT WHAT THE CHARACTERS AND PEOPLE DO!!!)

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