Our Perfect Matches

Two friends meet their dream guys from the main character's brother. The two main characters in here are based on me and my best friend. She also has a movellas (claire147) you should go check her out!


3. Could I Be Something Special?

Chloe came over to my house after school the next day as per usual and we went straight to doing our homework, but we never have that much, so we were done in no time. We went into the kitchen to get a snack. This is basically Chloe's second home, so she helps herself to anything available. Sitting at the dining room table, just talking, we hear the front door open and close and know that Niall is home. I completely forgot about his other two friends until I heard that front door, so I felt a sudden jolt of excitement. I bet Chloe didn't forget; we looked at each other in silence to see if they would come into the kitchen (which was connected to the dining room) which was likely since Niall was a food fanatic.


After a few minutes of listening them rustle around in the living room, probably putting their school bags down, we hear them head to the kitchen and I tense up a slight bit. Chloe somehow noticed and whispered, "What's wrong? You nervous?" I knew that if I wanted to impress someone like Chloe does, then I'll have to be more confident, so I lied and just shook my head. They came in afterwards, Niall first, and then two others. Wow, they're cuter than the last two, that's for sure. Niall ignored us, but the two guys saw us and the one with the brown, curly hair nudged Niall and asked aloud, "Hey, who're those ladies over there?" Niall sighed, "That's my sister Taylor and her friend, Chloe" he pointed to us while explaining.


The two guys walked over to sit with us at the table while Niall stayed and fixed his snack. The same guy with the curly hair was the first to talk, "Hello ladies, my name is Harry Styles, and this" he patted the other guy's back, "is Louis Tomlinson." Louis smiled shyly, how cute. We shook both of their hands and started to chat. Louis stayed quiet for the most part, but so did I. It kinda felt more like I was listening to a conversation between Harry and Chloe. Oh well, she was always the more bold one anyway, that's just her thing. I sneaked quick glances at Louis at times; it didn't really seem he was that interested in just hearing Harry and Chloe flirt all day, so I turn to him,


"So, Louis, I hear that you are gonna be practising something with my brother and three others. Are you allowed to tell me what it is you'll be practising for?" He smiled, "I wish I could, Taylor, but Niall already warned us not to tell anyone anything." He leaned closer to me and his voice got quieter, "He's embarrassed." I laughed softly, "Dammit, he has to tell me sooner or later. I guess he'll tell me on his own terms, though." Louis raised his eyebrows, "Wow, it's pretty cool how you respect your brother's privacy like that. You seem alright, Taylor." I blushed, "Thanks. You're not bad yourself."


Louis and I just stared at each other in the eyes for a short amount of time, but felt like an eternity. It wasn't even awkward like usual eye contact with people you don't know that well is. I didn't even notice when Harry and Chloe stopped talking and was just watching us uncomfortably. "Uhm, hey you two snap out of it, you're creeping us out." Chloe remarked. I looked at Chloe and back at Louis and laughed, "I'm sorry, I was just...distracted." Niall then clapped his hands, "C'mon, we need to talk in my room. Let's go." Harry and Louis got up and followed Niall. Chloe and I got up too. Niall noticed, "What're you two doing?" "Just going up to my room. Is there a problem?" "No, but keep it down, would you?" I nodded and we went our separate ways into our rooms. I followed the same routine as I did yesterday and we started  to listen:


~Niall's POV~

I turned to the guys, "Zayn, Liam, and I have already decided that we should wait to practice until we're all together. You think that'd be okay with you two?" "Yeah, no problem. Lets just get to know each other better." Louis suggested. They agreed and after a bit of talking about each other, Harry got bored and (being the ladies man he is) brought up the subject of none other than: girls. I loathed at the thought of more of my friends talking about my sister and her friend. I just rolled my eyes and listened to Louis and Harry talk.


"So, Harry, I noticed you and what's-her-face talking. You think you like her?" Harry shrugged, "I might. But I'm telling you, she's very flirtatious." Louis laughed, "Well so are you, lad." "I guess, but I'm not used to such bold girls. She seems the complete opposite of your girl, eh?" "Yeah she does, but I think that's why I like her. Her shyness is...cute." Harry rolled his eyes,"Pfsh, cute? I mean she's okay if you're interested in girls like that, but..." Harry didn't bother finishing his sentence, so Louis just shook his head, "Whatever man, you're just shallow. Taylor is...something else. Something special. I wanna ask her out. You should ask what's-her-face."


Louis turned to me, "Hey man, is Taylor seeing anyone right now?" I bursted out laughing. Louis looked confused, but damn was that funny, "Taylor? have a boyfriend? She's never been with anyone in her life. Guys just don't take interest in her. Not that I blame them. She can be socially awkward at times. Louis nodded, "Ohhh. That makes sense. But even if she is socially awkward, she's still a nice, lovely person." "Ugh whatever, I'm done talking about this. You do what you want, but she's still my sister, so treat her right."

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