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3. Movellas// 7.7.14




Movellas Magazine


July 7, 2014





Welcome to Movellas’ first issue (:



Top  Author:


Maggi Styles


Maggi is a sweet author who loves to write. She’s amazing and if you are ever looking for a cover or banner, make sure you go check her profile out and fan her!


Undiscovered Author:


Callie P. Sernelight


Recommended Music:


Tennis Court – Lorde

Ultravilolence – Lana Del Rey

Glassheart- Leon Lewis


Recommended Photo Editing Apps:


We will be sharing the easiest and top photo editing apps to edit your selfies for Instagram or just any picture for Twitter or Tumblr.


I often use PicLab.

It’s really easy to use. Especially if you’re new on how to use filers and shapes (:



Fashion Trends:


As I am assuming, we are all females, and most of us like to keep up on what’s in style or what’s trending. Here’s some of the ‘must haves’ for your closet;


Skater Skirts- Skater skirts are just a big trend right now, the cheapest I’ve bought was 12.99 (American dollars) at Forever 21.




Short Overalls with Crop Tops- Although I haven’t worn this outfit nor purchased it, I have seen these on WeHeartIt and everywhere I go. Here’s a picture;




High waisted short with Lace Trim- These a HUGE trend right now.  Everything is cheaper at Forever 21 so I recommend you get them there if you’re a huge shorts person! Try to avoid Aeropostale’s, because they are like a fortune if you get them there.





Fashion ‘Donts’:


Ladies, I’m telling you this from experience. Please DO NOT WEAR any shorts that don’t cover up yo ass! Okay? It’ll save you some judgment and embarrassment from the public. I mean this in the most positive way, ITS NOT CUTE! Here’s a picture of what I mean:






I interviewed a view Movellians last night! If I didn’t get you then you will be in tomorrow’s issue!


Here is Ariana’s also known as ‘Hxpster Parxdise’


Question: How long have you been on Movellas?


Answer:  A year and a half I guess you could say.



Q: What is your most popular story?


A: My most popular story would have to be Look Alikes, even though my other story has 80+ likes, everyone just seems to have loved Look Alikes from when I had first published it. 



Q: What is your fan goal at the moment?

A:  My goal is half complete actually. I'm really hoping to get 1,000 fans.



Q:  Who is your favorite author on this site?


A: Oh gosh. That's hard because everyone is so amazing and I have so many friends, but one person I admire is curliesss. I always loved her writing and she inspired me to work really hard at making my stories amazing just like hers.



Q:  Who do you look up to on Movellas?


A:  I kinda answered this one in the last answer so it's curliesss. Lol



Q: What inspired you to start writing?


A: It's a funny story actually. On an old phone of mine I had gone through the app store and found an app called funny jokes. You could write joke and all that, but it stood out when I saw people write fanfics. I was so keen on writing my own that I wrote a cliché story (which at the time, I didn't know what was cliché or not) and so someone told me I should put my work on wattpad and from there, I loved writing.




Q:  How did you find out about fanfiction?


A: I sort of answered this, but it was from the app called funny jokes and I was so in love with people's stories. They were incredible.




Q:  What is your favorite movella?


A: Hmm... Probably Here's to Us and Here's to Love by you because it's so different and unique.



Q:  What is your favorite animal?


A: Hmm.... Hard one, but I think it would be turtles.



Q:  Why do you write?


A:  I write because I just love it. I've always been told I have a wild imagination and I feel like writing helps me bring that out. 




Black Cat Suicide’s Interview:



Q: How long have you been a member of Movella?

A: Since September 8th of last year.




Q: What is your most popular story?

A: Superman



Q: What is your fan goal at the moment?


A: My goal is to have 300 by the end of the year.



Q: Who is your favorite author on this site?

A: Eleanor Calderxx



Q: Who do you look up to on Movellas?


A: Lucy Style



Q: What inspired you to start writing?


A: Well I have been writing since the 6th grade, it's my escape; I don't really know what inspired it. 



Q: How did you find out about fanfiction?


A: My friend told me about it.




Q: What's your favorite Animal?


A: Cat <3



Q:What's your favorite Fanfiction?


A: You're Mine



Q: Your celebrity crush?


A:  Johnny Depp



Q: Favorite clothing store?


A: Hot Topic



Q: Official name?


A: Amanda Forcier




It was an honor interviewing these two! Make sure you guys check your emails for my questions!


xx. Yahaira

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