Interview With Movellas' Authors.

So I saw some people doing this and wanted to try it out. If you want one just comment!


3. Interview with the great Orange Beanie

Orange Beanie is known for her amazing story The Initials On My Waist and it's sequels. She has 236 fans that are slowly growing, and I had the honor to interview her.  Here's the interview:     Q: How long have you been on Movellas? One year and 126 days.     Q: Who's your favorite author on Movellas? Tbh I don't have one- I don't read on movellas, I read on wattpad. I do have favourite people/fans of mine: Maggi Styles Canadian Direction AC       Q: Who do you look up to? Everybody that's taller than me   Q: Favorite band? One Direction 5SOS R5     Q: Real Official Name? Greg   Jk.   It's Phillis   Actually it's Orange Beanie so.....   Q: What's your biggest accomplishment? Getting my book on the popular page, winning the language award.   Q: What's your biggest inspiration? My mom says every time I write a new chapter I get a slice of pizza. So ya. Probably my mom.   Q: What's your biggest fear? Not living up to the expectation of my fans on Movellas.... and heights. Holy shit those damn heights....   Q: What character do you relate to most? I wanna say Tessa from the fanfiction After.... Either that or Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault In Our Stars.   Q: If you could have a super power what would it be? To have a super big mouth so I could eat an entire pizza in one bite.   Q: If you could co-write with one of the author's on Movellas who would it be? J.K Panesar   Q: What do you love doing besides writing? Sleeping, Eating, and Reading.   Q: What's your favorite song? She looks so perfect, Amnesia, Problem, Little White Lies, Heart's On Fire, Chandelier, Circles.   Q: Best memory?
 Going to Disney World for the first time in forever (ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Frozen Lyric)
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