Interview With Movellas' Authors.

So I saw some people doing this and wanted to try it out. If you want one just comment!


2. Interview with the awesome Parxdisexo

I am sure that a lot of you have heard of Parxdisexo from her amazing story the Nerd Project. With 230 fans it's not surprising that she's a well known author on here, and I had the honor to get her for an interview. 

Here's the interview:      

Q:How long have you been on Movellas? About two years I believe, wow, time sure flies fast.

Q:What's your biggest accomplishmet? My biggest accomplishment is when I finished my first ever story on here which is The Nerd Project or **

Q:Give us an insight on of your characters? I have a lot of characters usually they are like everyday people, that try to overcome their troubles and obstacles, and then there are the ones that are like demons or vampires. It's weird aha. 

Q:What's your biggest inspiration? My dad for sure is my biggest inspiration for a lot of things, he was always there for me when things went downhill no matter what, he never judged me for what I said to him, he makes me feel like I am his daughter not just some kid that doesn't know what's what. He does a lot of things for the family but it's so under appreciated that it hurts me but I know for sure everything he does I do appreciate. He just is the type of parent I want to be like when I become one. 


Q:What made you decide to write? I have always loved to write since I was around 8, I did like fairy tale stories about princes and princess and all that. I realized that I really wanted to be a writer about a year ago because it just took my mind further and expanded my imaginary view of things. 

Q:How did you find out about Movellas? I think I saw an ad about it once and it just looked amazing so I clicked on it and here I am. 

Q:Who is your favorite Author? (Movellas) So many, Maggi Styles, TooWeirdTooNormal, exode, Txmblr Queen, Lucy Style, malikxvibes, and CorkyPorky. I have many more but those are just at the top of my head. :-) 

Q:If you could have any super power what would it be? For sure Teleportation, I have a lot of reasons to want that kind of super power. It would make my life so much easier. I'm sure anyone could relate to that. 

Q:What's your real official name? Amber Chau but Amber isn't my real real name. Everyone just calls me by Amber. ;-) 

Q:What's a long term goal of yours? Go to collage, Meet my best internet friends, Live a good life, Become a writer or a model. Those two are my dream jobs so I will pursue them. 

Q:What's your favorite song? Ooooh. This is a hard one, Let me do my favorite song at the moment. I am stuck between 'Can't Be Tamed' by Miley Cyrus or 'West Coast' by The Neighborhood. <3

Q:If you could write with anyone on here who would it be? I think I would want to write with CorkyPorky or Lucy Style, I really do adore their writing and it would be amazing to somehow work with them one day

Q:Who is your dream guy? This guy name Daniel. :-) x

Q:What do you love doing besides writing? Tennis or Drawing. 

Q:If you could switch lives with someone who would it be? Uhhh, I guess Kalel Cullen from WatchUsEatAnStuff on Youtube, that might be weird but I just love her life? Lol. 

Q:What's your favorite story on here? Our Love & Past by Maggi Styles, The Distance by TooWeirdTooNormal, Awkward by malikxvibes, and Midnight Memories by curliesss. Those are the ones I'm currently reading :-) 

Q:What made you want to be a writer? It helped me forget about a lot of bad things in my life and it helped me not think about them and it just brought out a lot of my imagination. I don't know really, I just suddenly enjoyed writing a whole lot and I wanted to become one. The thought of people reading my stories makes me happy and that he created emotions for them like 'Happiness, Sadness, Excitement' it's weird but it makes me feel like I'm doing a good job so far. :-) 

Q:What was/is your best subject in school? For sure English, I always had straight A's in them haha.  


Q:Who do you look up to? My best friend Meghann, and my Internet best friend Maggi, and my dad again lol. 

Q:Best memory? Doing a BBQ with my mom, dad, and little brother. I know that seems stupid but it was the first time everyone was truly happy. :-)   

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