Interview With Movellas' Authors.

So I saw some people doing this and wanted to try it out. If you want one just comment!


1. Interview with the amazing Maggi Styles

I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Maggi Styles. Everyone knows this amazing girl, not just for her top story Teenage Crime but also for her wonderful trailer and cover skills. At 586 fans there's no doubt that Maggi is well loved. 

Here's the interview: 

    Q:How long have you been on Movellas? 
Over one year. 
Q:What's your biggest accomplishment? A:Biggest accomplishment with movellas was getting over 500 favorites on 'Rock Me' and 'Teenage Crime'. But my biggest accomplishment overall has to be staying strong, i know its stupid but I do have goals I just haven't accomplished them.

Q:Give us an insight on of your characters?
A:I have many so I don't know exactly how to answer that

Q:What's your biggest inspiration?
A:My biggest inspiration is Lana Del Rey and my best friend who always makes me happy in my worst of times.

Q:What made you decide to write?
A:I read a lot, and I wrote in my journal and I just needed an escape mostly. Reading helped but not as much as writing. Writing just helps me be who I am.

Q:How did you find out about Movellas?
A:I think I was on my phone and I searched writing, and it just popped up.

Q:Who is your favorite Author? (Movellas)
A:I have a lot like Parxdisxo, CorkyPorky, Mrs.Directioner, TooWeirdTooNormal, Rileyes, curliessss, ect. I like a lot but those are just some I thought at the top of my head.

Q:If you could have any super power what would it be?
A:Oh god. Probably invisibility or some kind of water power. Sorry I'm pretty lame.

Q:What's your real official name?
A:My real name is Maggi Marie

Q:What's a long term goal of yours?
A:I want to become a screenplay writer/editor. I love making trailers, and videos for fun but thats really what i want to do.

Q:What's your favorite song?
A:At the moment my favorite song is Over by Tove Lo

Q:If you could write with anyone on here who would it be?
A:Oh I would love to write with Rileyes. She is an amazing writer, she is even getting published.

Q:Who is your dream guy?
A:Oh my dream guy is Dylan O'Brien, Evan Peters, Theo James, and Harry Styles. Just mix those all up and there is my perfect guy.

Q:What do you love doing besides writing?
A:I love to make videos like fan videos or trailers and teaser. I just love making them and people seem to like them. But I hope to get better.

Q:If you could switch lives with someone who would it be?
A:Taissa Farmiga because she gets to make out with Evan Peters and her mom is the mom on Bates Motel. She is just living the life.

Q:What's your favorite story on here?
A:Right now I'm in love with Wicked Love by Parxdisexo, Always by Mrs. Directioner, and Capable by TooWeirdTooNormal and Lucy Style.

Q:What made you want to be a writer?
A:I'm not sure, I think I just had ideas and i just started, but i want to get better because I'm not that great.

Q:What was/is your best subject in school?
A:Probably English and Math

Q:Who do you look up to?
A:I look up to Parxdisexo and my older sisters.

Q:Best memory?
A:My best memory is meeting Allstar Weekend and Cameron said I was beautiful, which made my year. 
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