Time is ticking

A girl finds a timer turner at Hogwarts, and changes everything.


5. The true one

 Hermione stopped crying as she realized it was about time for dinner.  She got up with Harry and they walked to Hogwarts.  Ron and Lavender were sitting by each other eating each other's food.  As Ginny and Dean,  silently were snogging a little ways up the table.  It was the 3 day, and they had one more day, but the voice had not come.  Hermione then realized.  This was not right.  The Future showed Harry, and Ginny kissing, and Ron and Lavender braking up, it also showed her and Ron together.  Ginny's true love was Harry!  And Ron's true love was her.  She quickly told Harry this, he seemed to understand.  So after Dinner, they went up to Ginny.  Can I have a word? Hermione asked.  Sure!  Ginny,  your supposed to be with Harry it makes sense.  Ginny was taken aback.  No I'm not!  Dean is with me no matter what! Ginny please- Go away!  She yelled.  Hermione walked back to Harry.  She disagreed.  Harry looked sad.  Let's talk to Ron.  Harry walked up to Ron, and Hermione watched him explain.  Ron looked at Lavender said something, and Lavender ran away crying.  Ron did like me!  Ron said something to Harry and Harry's face went worried.  Harry said something, and Ron nodded, and they walked back to Hermione.  We have 1 day to get Ginny! She said.  We've got to say we have something else on the list to do. We can get her and Harry to bond! Said Ron.  Hermione nodded, and ran to Ginny.  Ginny we have- Ginny had tears in her eyes, she wasn't with Dean.  What's wrong?  She asked.  Dean's a uggly git.  She said.  We have another task to do.  We do?  Um well yes, were supposed to climb a 20 foot tree to retrieve a Dragon egg.  Ginny nodded slowly, and they all together walked to the grounds.  They found a 20 foot tree the whomping willow!  As they got closer, it swing it's branches and almost caught them.  It swang a branch toward Ginny, that caught her, and she was attacked to it.  She screamed as it swang around.   Hermione stared on Ginny. Poor her.  But as she wasn't paying attention, a branch caught her.  She screamed like Ginny as the branch swang around.  Suddenly her hands slipped and she came falling down. She screamed as she saw the ground. But she was caught, by someone.  She opened a eye to see Ron, holding her.  Ron leaned on and kissed her.  Hermione's heart leaped.  It ended, and they looked at each other.  Hermione smiled, and Ron put her down.  Ginny was still swinging around.  Harry climbed the trunk of the tree,  and waited there. It was only 5 seconds before the next day. Come on Harry!  Ginny suddenly fell but was caught by him. He put her down, and they kissed.  A roaring sound came, and it said YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED BUT YOU HAVE ANOTHER THING TO DO.  SAVE THE LIVES THAT WILL BE LOST IN THE FUTURE.  The voice died down, and am Hermione stared. Oh no.


Hey guys!

I hope you are enjoying the story!  Comment if you think they finished the tasks to fast.  Will you so comment if you think I am not doing a very good job :)


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