Time is ticking

A girl finds a timer turner at Hogwarts, and changes everything.


3. The list

 The smoke sort of cleared, and there it showed Harry and Ginny kissing.  It showed Ron braking up with lavender.  And it showed Hermione and Ron together.  It showed Dumbledore dying,  Mofaly mending something,  death eaters invading Hogwarts.  Finally the smoke cleared, and they were now staring at the night.  I-..........Me and Harry..............Ginny slowly spoke.  Yes Ginny it is very obvious.  You want that to happen don't you?  Ginny bit her lip.  Well.......um......I........ huh....yes yes I do. She said.  But some of these things are bad.  She said.  Like Dumbledore dying, death eaters invading,  Mofaly mending something, I mean the future is bad!  Hermione!  Ginny yelled.  We can't think of the future right now. Did you hear the voice.  If we don't complete what it wants us to do, the future will not come!  Hermione sighed.  How are we going to do all those things? There extremely hard!  She said.  Not with Some help from Harry, and Ron!  We have to finish the search for Harry.  Without him, we can't procced.  Hermione nodded and the searched on the grounds again.  Finally they saw a body, and there laying was Harry rubbing his eyes.  Harry! Exclaimed Ginny.  Ginny!  He yelled.  He got up.  Whoa wait Harry.......Ginny told him all about what happened, how the future will not come if they don't succeed, but Hermione noticed, she left out their future together.  We have to start right away.  He said.  Let's all go get stuff to be prepared.  They all ran to the castle and headed towards their dormitories.  Hermione grabbed a backpack stuffed clothes, water, important books, and her swimsuit.  She also packed food.  She met up with Harry, Ginny, and Ron. In the common room.   Come on.  They all ran back to the grounds, and pulled out the scroll.  We have to retrieve a creature from the black lake that sings underwater.  She said.  I know! Yelled Harry.  This is like the second task! We have to go underwater, and get a mermaid.  Oh wow.  Hermione sighed.  Ok come on then.  The traveled to the black lake which took about a couple seconds. Then they changed into their swimsuits.  Hermione stood at the edge of the lake with her wand, as well as Ron, Harry, and Ginny.  They all jumped in.  Ginny handed them all Gillyweed, and Harry, and Ron turned into a weird flipper animal, while her and Ginny were the same.  They followed Harry deep into where the City of merpeople were, which didn't take long, sense Harry knew the way.  They swam towards a mermaid, who swam away.  They went to a merman and asked him to speak with a mermaid.  And why should I trust your not a kidnapper?  Asked the merman.  Dumbledore asked us to do this.  Said Ginny.  The merman sighed and motioned for a mermaid to come over. Then the merman swam away.  Ginny swam up to the mermaid.  We were wondering- Ron put a piece of duck tape on the mermaid's mouth, and Harry bounded cords to her.  She tried to come away, but it did not happen.  Hermione used her wand to drag the mermaid along up to shore.   What were we supposed to do with the mermaid asked Ginny.  The mermaid suddenly found a way to take off the tuck tape, but she did not scream. I know why you did this.  You messed with The time turner.  It's ok I'm supposed to tell a man that you succeed.  Harry nodded and let the mermaid swim away.  Why did you do that?! She yelled. I knew the mermaid was true. I just knew. Said Harry.   What's next on the list asked Ron.  We must go into the maze in the 4th year, and get  sphinx to tell it's secrets.  Harry's jaw dropped.  Harry!  The maze is still here! She yelled.  Harry looked confused, than nodded.  They changed out of their swimsuits, and made their way to the maze.  They looked at the maze entrance, and they all entered.  They walked for a very long time, in till a Blast- ended skwert came up.  Oh no! Yelled Ginny.  Harry pointed his wand at the skwert.  STUPFY! It blasted away.  They kept walking, and sense there was no champions,  They reached a sphinx very fast.  They tasks are over. Flee!  It yelled.  No! Yelled Ginny.  Hermione sadly took out her wand and pointed it towards the sphinx.  Cruccio!  The spell zapped the sphinx, and it toppled to the ground.  Hermione had tears in her eyes.  She didn't want to be the one to do that. 

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