Time is ticking

A girl finds a timer turner at Hogwarts, and changes everything.


2. Back to Hogwarts

  Hey Ginny!  I said.  Hey Hermione!  Wanna get a compartment together?  She asked. Sure! They found a compartment, and set down their trunks.  Do you know where Harry-  Compartment to your left. I said.  Ginny smiled.  Thanks.  She walked out of the compartment.  Gosh I knew she was going to ask that.  She's always so attached to him.  She sat there waiting, in till Ginny came in while the train started to move. They played games, had fun,  but what if Ginny was just having fun with her, so she would agree to visit Harry again.  He's right in the next compartment for Wizards sake!  But she did not ask.  They finally reached Hogwarts, and the piled into a carriage.  There that took them to Hogwarts.  They got out and went inside.  They made their way to the Great Hall, and waited for the first years to come.  Finally they did, and they got to see the sorting.  6th years gonna be tough for you Hermione.  Said Ginny.  5th year is not going to be hard for you Ginny.  She replied.  Ginny smiled.  Thanks!  When all the first years were sorted,  And dinner was served Ginny tapped her on the shoulder.  Where's Harry? She asked her.  Oh gosh- I mean I don't know?  She said.  No really where is he?  Hermione looked around.  Oh carp your right where is he?  She asked.  I don't know, but Ron is here.  Hermione was confused.  That's odd.  Maybe they perhaps had a fight?  She asked. No they couldn't.  Ginny replied.  They walked to Ron, who was just finishing his salad.  Ron have you seen Harry?  Asked Hermione.  Was gonna ask you the same question.  He replied.  Haven't seen him sense he said to go ahead and don't wait for him.  Hermione turned to Ginny.  They raced to the grounds, to see it empty.  Come on maybe he's further on.  Said Ginny.  Hermione shrugged, and followed Ginny onto the grounds.  They found nothing, in till Ginny called out to Hermione.  I found something! She called.  Hermione raced over, to see her holding a time turner.  Ginny put that back.  She said.  No I mean it's just a plain old time turner.  She said.  Ginny really put it back.  On the ground?  I don't think so.  Said Ginny.  Ginny something could happen, put it back.  Look how shiny it is.  Said Ginny.  Hermione looked more closely.  It was indeed very beautiful.  But she had more experience with time turners.  Ginny seriously put it back.  So you can take it for yourself?  She asked.  Hermione sighed.  Then suddenly grabbed the time turner. Let go!  Ginny yelled.  Suddenly thunder boomed,  lighting struck,  and black smoke came from the time turner.  WHO GOES THERE? Yelled a voice. Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley!  She yelled.  YOU HAVE MESSED WITH THE WRONG OBJECT.  TIME WILL BE TIMED.  YOU WILL HAVE TO COMPLETE A HUGE TASK.  BUT AFTER 4 DAYS EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE FUTURE WILL NOT HAPPEN!  The booming stopped.  Everything stopped, and a piece of parchment landed in front of them.  Hermione picked it up and enrolled it.  It said.


                                     A timr turners quest


                You must swim deep in the lake of black where creatures live, and retrieve a creature, that sings underwater and never shows off.


Then you must find a maze that makes you lost, where you must retrieve a sphinx, that will tell their secrets out to you. 


Then you must find a enemy pull them close and ask them for their dearest hope.


Finally you must face a fear and ask a man/woman for a date.


You must complete these jobs in 4 days, and wear the time turner.  If you do not succeed, everything in the future will not happen.  The time turner will show you the future.


Hermione rolled up the parchment.  Oh no what have I've done?  Hermione muttered.  No it was my fault.  Said Ginny.  No it was not. Hermione it was both of our faults.  But how are we supposed to get the time turner to show us the future?  She asked.  Black smoke shot out of the time turner and in a cloud of smoke, it surprisingly showed the future. 

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