Ask Frozen *OPEN*

Hey! So this is a movella where you can ask any Frozen character any question. I will put how to get your question in the first chapter. Enjoy!
(now closed)


5. FrankieTD

Requested by: FrankieTD


Questions: What was it like basically getting you're heart broken by Hans?

How do you feel about your sister after freezing your heart?

Did you truly think Elsa was a bad person after freezing the land?



When Hans broke my heart, at first, I was devastated. I felt my whole world was coming to an end. Then as time went on, I realized the need of how much he needed to go. So I punched him! What a jerk!

At that time, I was scared. Scared for my sister, for myself, and the thought of dying. But now that everything is okay between us, I feel my life would be incomplete without her. Even if she almost killed me.

I was very upset with her, but with my optimistic ways, (which are both a gift and a curse,) I felt that I would need to fix it. Within that journey, leaving Hans as leader was a horrible idea.




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