Friendship VS Love

This is a story about a young normal girl called Hyomi that gets send to a boarding school for a year by her parents. Her she meet some amazing people that brings her some of the best and worst memories in her life… Here she finds out about friendship and love.

It's a Block B fanfic


1. The first week alone

They say that living on a boarding school will bring you closer together to your friends…

They were right. But one thing they didn’t say was if that was a good or bad thing… After a year you found out that it was a little bit of both.

You were always together with people no matter what. When you were in class, when you did your homework, when you slept, when you wanted to be alone. Yes even when you would go to the bathroom! There would always be people around you and for the most of the time it was amazing but other times it was not a dance on roses.

There where people around you 24/7 and because of that you grew a really tight bond with some of them. When people go to a boarding school everything is magnified. People you would like you would come to love and people you would dislike you would come to hate.


It all started the day in the car when you and your mom and dad were driving all the way to the boarding school. It was summer in the start of August. The weather was really hot so you were wearing a simple light blue t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts.

You sat still looking out the window thinking about how the next year would be. You always hoped for the best no matter what the situation was. It was hard leaving your old friends at home and even though your parents and everybody else said that you would get even better friends at the boarding school it was still hard to be away from them and you couldn't fully believe their words. How could a bunch of strangers be better than your friends?

You were really nervous and you started to feel butterflies in your stomach and the closer you got to the school the bigger the butterflies got and somehow it also felt like your stomach got smaller.

“We are almost there honey” Your mother said as she looked back at you smiling from the passenger seat in the front.

 All the now huge butterflies was fighting for the space left so they started to fly up in your throat and you began got feel nausea and sick.

The car stopped in front of a huge old building that looked a little like a castle your eyes went wide when you saw it * Is this the place I’m going to live the next year* you thought to yourself.

“Bye honey! We love you! Remember to have fun!” your parents said

“Sure, I love you to” you answered back. You wanted to say more but you couldn’t get it out because of the nerves.

Your parents drove of leaving you to yourself.

You started to walk around the mansion out to the terrace where there should be a lot of teachers assigning you to a room. You stood in line waiting for your turn. You looked around at the other students that was standing and looking just as awkward as you did and that made you think that it was nice that you weren’t alone in feeling alone.

It was finally your turn. A tall man stood up and said that his name was Mr. Kang and that he was your contact teacher and then he pointed over to nine other people and said that they will be your contact group. If you ever got in trouble you should talk to him or them. It was like a safety net, it was nice and it made you feel secure.  

You walked with him and the nine people up a lot of stairs and came to a green door, behind that door there was a long white hallway. Slowly Mr. Kang showed people to their rooms and the group stared to thin out. At last there were only you left. You walked in what felt like a forever. You came to a door and stood in front of it “This is your room. You’ll be living with 2 other people. Welcome to our school” Mr. Kang said and then left. You stood for a longtime and just stared at it. You slowly started to build your courage up and open the door.

Inside the room you saw 3 beds and 2 of them where taken. There were sitting to girls sitting by table talking. Their heads turned when you walked into the room, the smaller one of the two had a nice and bright eye smile “Hello what’s your name?” she said happy with a wondering look at her face. You smiled back at her and said “Hello I’m Hyomi. It’s nice to meet you 2! I hope we’ll become get roommates”

bigger one of the girl was looking at you with evil eyes, not liking what she was seeing. Because of that look you actually became a little sad.  It was already there that you started to get uncomfortable in your own room.

A couple of days went by with group activities for the whole school. Monday there was team building in the contacts group. You played games together and wrote letters to yourself that you should read when the year was over. You wrote

“Hello me in the future! I hope everything has worked out for you. I hope you have a lot of friends and that you are happy! No matter what happens you keep fighting though! I know you can do it! You should stop being so shy and try and talk to people! Good luck me see you in 11 months! XOXO Hyomi “

Tuesday all the students and the teachers went cycling and drove down to a beach together.

There were only 75 people in the school so you should be able to get a close friend very quick. But that hadn’t happened for you.

Some people were already getting along really well and in some way you felt left out. You started to miss home and got homesick.

Wednesday was an art day. You spend the whole day outside drawing the big building you called your school.

Thursday was the day that the students was forced practice their formal dancing skill because of the welcome ball that was being held on Friday. This was a special day for you.

This was the day that started everything.

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