Friendship VS Love

This is a story about a young normal girl called Hyomi that gets send to a boarding school for a year by her parents. Her she meet some amazing people that brings her some of the best and worst memories in her life… Here she finds out about friendship and love.

It's a Block B fanfic


4. The Ball

You woke up lying in the bed in the infirmary with your foot raped up in bandages

You looked around a little confused about where you were. The nurse came in the room

“You’re awake. Everything looks good just try and be a little careful when you walk?” the nurse said.

“Okay I will” you looked at the watch and were shocked to see that it was already 4 pm.

*What! how can I even sleep for that long?* your eyes widened.                                   

You stood up and as soon as you started to walk to could feel the pain traveling from your foot to your whole body.

*Ouch! I really need to be more careful* you thought as you squished your face in pain.

Carefully you walked back to see the program for the day. Even though you had already lost a lot of the day sleeping in the nurse office, you still wanted to be a part of the last.



9-10 am: Games in the garden.

10-12 am: cleaning (We want to see the school sparkle)

1-4 pm: Making food (Those on this team know who they are), making the school look nice

4-6 pm: Getting dressed for the bal (We know how some of you girls tends to take forever getting ready so we gave you some extra time)

6-7 pm: Eating dinner

7-8 pm: taking pictures

8-10 pm: dancing and having fun

10: In your rooms ready for bed!

sincerely the teachers

“Heh” you laughed a little to yourself. The teachers here was a bit weird but you didn’t mind.

*So now it 4 pm so that means I have to get ready?*

When you went inside your room there was one in there

*Luna and Cathrine must be getting ready in someone else’s room*

You looked in the mirror and started to put on a pretty makeup and doing your hair, when you were half way done with your hair you heard it knocking on your door

“Come in!” you yelled from the bathroom.

“Hyomi! What do you think of my dress and hair?” Hyeri said loudly as she came in from the hallway.

You looked at her the mixture of confusion and happiness. She stood in front of you with a long puffy baby pink dress with her long hair that she had curled for the night.

She had a big smile on her face

“It looks really good”

“So do you need hekp with your hair” she asked

“Yeah sure why not. I have never been the best at hair” you smiled

Hyeri started to do your hair while you and her talked your hearts out. You told her about how you hurt your foot and how a nice guy helped you.

When you were done it was almost time for dinner. You looked in the mirror one more time before you went down *Wow I actually look pretty good* you thought to yourself.

From there the evening flew by in a second. The dinner was amazing.

The photography was good. All the students could have 3 pictures taken with people of their choice, in the first picture you chose Luna, Hyeri and CL for the second you chose a picture with Hyeri alone and the third was with CL.

Everyone danced all night, people were laughing and having fun and joking with each other. When you had been dancing with Hyeri and CL for quite some time you decided to sit down and catch your breath. You looked around the ball room and your eyes fell on somebody.  

Zico, the guys who had helped you earlier today. He was smiling and having fun with some really tall girl.

*He looks good, and he’s really sweet.. wait why do I think these things? I don’t know him at all!* Your thought was interrupted by the dance teacher Mrs. Lee

“All students find your dance partners it’s time for this evenings last dance”

You quickly found your way over to Hyeri and stood ready.

The music started and you laughed and dance with all your soul could content.

When the dance was over it was time to go to your room you hugged Hyeri and CL goodnight and started to go to your room

“Goodnight Hyomi” a voice said behind you

“MMhhmm goodnight    Zico” you said with a little smile as you looked down into the ground.

You walked to your room with a quick pace *He’s talking to me* you giggled.

You changed out of your dress and took your makeup of and lied down in your bed and started to think about, Hyeri, CL, Luna, Cathrine, all the people you meet tonight and of course….



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