Bullied turned to fearless

Y/n is the school bully. She is bullied by the one and only justin bieber and his crew she only got one true friend called Allison. On day y/n decides she stands up herself she learns how to fight use a gun she became the cold hearted girl read out and find what happens.


2. introduction

Y/n played as Ashley tisdale

Let me tell you more about me wel I am the girl who gets bullied for no reason from the one and only justin bieber and his group. I don't know why I deserve this I haven't done anything wrong bit one day I promise I will stand up for myself and that's when they will all be shocked.

Justin bieber as himself

Well let me tell you about me I am HOT and everyone loves me. I bully This girl called y/n for a reason she done something she wasn't aware of and I do feel bad but she deserves it after what doe done to me you will find out more in the story

Ryan butler as himself

Chaz somers as himself

These are the main character but there will be a surprising twist haut wait and see further in the story

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