Cruel World

Twenty Year old Hope Richards has been surviving the zombie apocalypse for two years with her sister , Rose. After Lou Teasdale and her daughter, Lux are accepted into their group their world of safety turns around when they are abducted by seven men; more dangerous than the living dead.
Can Hope save them all or will some die?


1. Taken


        Death, it is just a word to you until you are surviving from it. It surrounds you when  you  are trying to find a temporarily place to stay or when you are getting supplies that you can manage to find inside of an abandoned drug store. Death is the color of the cloudy white eyes of the cannibals; of the monsters.  Death it smells like rotting flesh that is slowly peeling away from the dead. Dead, it's a funny word. When there is no such then as dead anymore. Only known as walkers, zombies, slugs, meat skins, crawlers, and my favorite of them all, the living dead. I have been a survivor of these monsters since it all began in the year of two thousand and twelve.

        I remember the day I saw my first one. I thought it was just a prank since it was a week before Halloween. Oh, but it wasn't when I saw it sink its rotting teeth into my best friends neck.  The blood gushing out, dripping down her as she screamed in bloody murder. I ran away in fear from her and that thing into safety. Clueless coward I was and still am. It's been two years since this nightmare began. I only have one family member left, Rose. 

     There are different types of groups of people in this new world of ours. There are the people who stick together, on their own, pretend behind their fences of steel that nothing has ever happened at all, and then there is the dangerous group of them all. Everyone knows who they are; "The Predators" is what they are called. They slaughter with no mercy.  They take what they want, and do what they want to what or whoever it is.



The sound of a distant scream awoke me in the tree we decided to sleep in for tonight. I gang my balance back watching in the direction where the scream of bloody murder came from. Seconds, then minutes passed without a sign of survival from the screamer. I felt pity for the person, hoping that they were killed by another human and not ripped apart by the walkers while still alive. Lying back down on the strong oak I gaze up at the stars that twinkled above. "H-hope, I'm scared." My sister, Rose stuttered faintly. "Rose don't you worry you are fine. You know I won’t let anything happen to you.” I whisper loud enough for her to hear me.  "I know." "Just go back to sleep. You need your rest Rose." 


    Rose must have obeyed me because it was silent again, besides the sound of hustling animals searching for food.  A couple hours later the sun began to appear above the Georgian mountains, showing an admirable view. I nicely nudge my sister awake, telling her it is time to move again.  The Oaks bark, rough and sappy stabbed my hands as I climbed down the tree before my sister, so that I could look around the area before she came down. 


       I froze in place when I heard the bustle of leaves, the wooden sticks crack, and the clicking sound too familiar. Quickly I grab my cross bow that lay snug on my back and placed one  of my arrows that had dried up blood from the last victim that came in our pathway into position . Ready to kill the dead, I search closely all around until I spot them on my right side.  The arrow soars and pierces into the head of the male walker. The walker stumbled for a moment until it collapsed onto the Georgian dead leaves. I walked over pulling the arrow out of its head that made sounds from its bone, brain, and blood giving me shivers up my spine. After a couple more minutes of checking the area my sister and I are walking towards the closes town, Blairsville.




      "Hope, I'm starving." Rose whined. "Rose, I know that for the thousandth time.”  "Are we almost there?"  ”Yes? We will be there in an hour and half or so." I say right after I heard my sister’s stomach growl like a hungry lion. 



"Look hope, there's a gas station and a small drug store next to it." Rose said too loudly.  I slap my hand over her mouth. "Shh Rose, are you trying to get us killed?" We sneaked towards the gas station with my crossbow and Roses machete ready in our hands. Quick on my feet I searched all the areas where they could and couldn't be finding none of them. We smuggled cheese crackers, ibuprofen, Tylenol, flu and cold medicine that was about to expire, unopened bottles of water in the fridge that isn't working anymore, and  managed to find several other foods to munch on.

           "Mummy!" someone, whom sounded as if they were about three years old or so, screamed on the top of their lungs.  ”Rose stay here." "Hope, bu- "No, stay." I say and run out towards the screaming. "Its ok honey, we're fine." I heard as I began to see that a woman with dyed blonde hair that's fading away said attempting to soothe her daughter, as they both were cornered to a building by too many walkers to kill on her own.


  I pulled the trigger of my crossbow that pierced into two walker’s heads. I kept shooting them until there were enough for her to kill on her own. "Who, who's there?" The woman asked with her shaking blood covered hand. "Drop your weapon and kick it over!" Her eyes went wide when she saw that I was aiming at her with my crossbow.  "Please, please I beg of you. Let us go, I can't leave her!" The human begged. "I won't unless you pull anything stupid." I splutter, lowering my crossbow a little bit.


      "What’s your name?" "Lou, Lou Teasdale. This is my daughter, Lux." She said as she wiped the blood off her hands with a grimy cloth before picking her daughter up. "Nice to meet you. I'm Hope Richards." "Are you all alone?" "No I am w-"  "Hope!" My sister screamed bloody murder. "Rose!" I scream, forgetting about the two people I just saved.  Don't die, don't leave me. I can't lose you too! My vision was blurry from my tears as I ran inside of the gas station, the tips and knuckles of my hand white from the grip I had on my machete.  "Well, well boys look at this. We hit jackpot today."  A male voice purred. "R-run, leave me." Rose stuttered before she was knocked out by a boy around my age that had black messy hair and seductive brown eyes. Raged, I scream on the top of my lungs.  My anger taking over, I stab one of the invaders closes to me. I wiped the tears from my face, my vision coming back to normal in time to see seven peeved men that looked dangerous, more dangerous than the walking dead. These seven men are "The Predators".  ”You’re going to pay for that." The second oldest man there that was buff said to me. "It's time." The black haired man said. They all came towards me besides the only blonde of the group holding onto Rose. 


  “Get away from me you monsters!” I roar before I trip on a person’s foot.  "L-Lou run!" I shriek seeing her behind me, fear taking over her as Lux bawled her eyes out terrified. Before she could even step back we both had bags forced upon our heads. I managed to fight back but struggled as they pulled us behind them. “We got us a fighter." The same male voice I heard earlier say before everything went pitch black.

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