Cruel World

Twenty Year old Hope Richards has been surviving the zombie apocalypse for two years with her sister , Rose. After Lou Teasdale and her daughter, Lux are accepted into their group their world of safety turns around when they are abducted by seven men; more dangerous than the living dead.
Can Hope save them all or will some die?


3. Settle



         The sound of banging on my steel door awoke me. I breathed in and out heavily from the commotion; but also from the nightmare I had every night since 2012. "Hope, Hope are you ok." I heard his Irish voice ask in concern. "Y-yeah, bad dream that's all." I stutter as I got out of my bed. "Do you want to discuss your dream?" "No, I'm good." " I came to tell you that you are allowed out of your room from five in the morning  until when the sun goes down , so around six or seven o'clock." he said. "Really?" "Yeah, you can go down to the cafeteria or outside if you want to." Niall mumbled," If you want to you can go refresh first in the woman's bathing area." "I wo- Never mind, I don't have any clean clothing." “No need to worry about that, one of the women can help you in our clothing area." Niall shrugged with a smile. "Ok." "Here I'll take you over there." I just nodded in response as we walk out of my room.


        Most of the doors we passed in the narrow gloomy hallway were open. "Good morning, Niall." Said a girl around are age said. "Good morning, Trudy." "So did you get anymore rest from the last time I saw you?"  "Yeah, how about you?" "Kind of, my roommate is loud." "What’s his name?" "Louis, you saw him yesterday." I thought about all of them until I remembered him when he had joked around with me. "The jokester?" "Yes, the jokester.”Niall said smirking at my response. "How's your nose?" "Just sore that's all. Thanks for the advice you gave me about the ice and Vaseline by the way." "No problem." Before I could start any other conversation we entered a room where I saw more clothes than I saw in the past two years. "Wow." "Hello, Niall. What brings you in the women’s quarters?" "My friend here needs to find some clothing." Niall said as he put his arm around my shoulder.  I went tense, "N-Niall can you take your arm off of me?" I stuttered. From the corner of my eye I see that Niall is blushing a bright cue of pink. "Sorry." He apologized sheepishly as he took his arm off.


  "Hello, I'm Emma Jones. What's your name?" She asked placing her hand out to shake that I took. "I'm Hope Richards." "What a lovely name, how old are you honey?" "I'm twenty." I say, there was an awkward silence until I read her mind on what she was thinking. “I was only eighteen when the apocalypse began, I only have one family member left that's here with us, and her name is Rose Richards." "Am I that obvious of what I was thinking?" “A little." I shrug. “Well why don't we go ahead and pick the clothing for you?" "Ok." I say with a big smile on my face. 


  After looking around for at least half an hour I pick a red, flowing tank top, shredded acid washed skinny jeans, a black leather biker jacket, and brown combat boots with spikes on them. Before you know it I'm in the shower that feels good as it washes all of the grime and dried up blood off of me. When I'm done with my shower I put my new clothing on and put my hair into a messy bun. As I walk out of the bathing area for the women I hear the sound of laughter from outside. I walk over to one of the windows and see a mass amount of children from different ages playing in the courtyard where a couple basketball hoops were. "Harry, play with us!" A group of little girls said as they ran up to man that looked my age.  "Maybe later girls, I have to go on duty." I heard as he ruffled their hair with a smile before he walked off.


  With nothing else to do, I decide to go outside where the children were. I walked down the hallway expecting a staircase but just found a dead end, I walked down the hallway for at least fifteen minutes not finding the staircase. I sighed in frustration as I stomped my foot on the floor. "What's bothering you darling?" I hear. I turn around to see Louis amused by my frustration. "I can't find the staircase." I mumble, "What?" "I can't find the staircase." I say louder this time so that he can hear me. "Oh, well it's right next to you."  "What?" "It's inside of the door on your right."  Not knowing if I should trust him I slowly open the door that has stairs as he said there were. "Thanks." I mumble. Before he can say anything else I walk in and go down the stairs. "Hey, wait up!" I heard Louis shout. 

        Reluctantly, I stop and wait for him impatiently. "Thanks."  "Ah huh." I say before I go down the last case of stairs that brought us outside. The sound of the trees nearly naked from their leaves that had changed color and had fallen off soothed me as I closed my eyes. The smell of sappy oaks made a grimace of a smile appear on my face. "Louis!" I hear the entire group of children shout erupting the moment I had with the outdoors. They all ran over dropping their toys in the process. "Hey peasants." He says back. "Who are you?" I hear a little girl shout as she pointed her finger at me.  I clear my throat," I'm Hope, who are you?" I question back. The loud little girl became shy all of a sudden which made me smile a little, "Go on, I don't bite." I say. "My name's Lexi." She mumbled out. "What a lovely name, honey." I say. Everyone was silent from my presence. I cleared my throat, “Well I'm going to go for a walk, so have fun with Louis." I say and walk off. "Wait, Hope!" I slightly turn my head to see Lexi run over to me. "Yes, Lexi?"  "Can I go with you?" "Sure." "I want to go!" All of the other children shouted as they ran over. Seriously, I mean don't get me wrong I love children and all it's just I wanted alone time. “Yeah." I say with no excitement in my answer. Louis walked over chuckling. "Stop laughing." Louis just continued laughing. All of the children thought it was funny and began to laugh along. "Stop, stop laughing." I say a little louder. They all ignored me.  This is my chance; while they're laughing I can sneak off. Slowly I begin to walk away. They must not have had noticed so I fast walked." Hey!" Lexi screamed making everyone stop laughing. "She’s leaving us!" My eyes widened when I heard a stampede of children. I turn my head to see what I thought many children running towards me. Crap.  "Hey, I wasn't leaving you all." I lie faking a smile. "Yes you were." How do I make them think I wasn't leaving them? Wait got it!

     I walk over to Lexi and stand in front of her for a full minute of just glancing around, "Tag you're it!" I shout as I tag her and run away.  All of the children began to scatter in the field along with Louis.  



      "Hope, help!" I hear Lexi scream in bloody murder. I run the fast I can over to her, forgetting of the game we've been playing since I attempted my escape, tag.  I smile at the thought of this as a trap to tag me but when I reached her on the side of the building she's cornered to the wall by two walkers.  I grab my machete from my combat boot and run over, the walkers were getting closer, the flashback of almost losing Rose the first time rushed back. Anger took over my body as I reached the walkers and  stab the first  walkers head. My machete was stuck. I look over and see the walkers is about to bite her. I hurry over and kick it down. Lexi was crying terrified. I walker was about to get up, I had no other weapon to use I sighed as the thought of never being clean entered my mind as I crush the walkers head with my foot.

       Lexi came over crying hard and hugged me. "Shh, Lexi your safe. I'll never let you get hurt." I whisper soothing her.  I pick her up and carry her around the building where I saw Louis, Niall and Harry come rushing over with their weapons. Niall was the first to reach us. "W-what happened are you two okay?" "Yeah." I say faintly. "What happened to your boot?" Harry asked nodding to it. "I had to kill a walker.”I say, "Take Lexi to the clinic and check her." I say handing her over to Niall. "N-no, I-I want H-hope." Lexi sobbed. "I'll be right back Lexi; I need to go get my knife." I say. Louis followed me over. "I don't need protection." I mumble. “I want to come and  follow you just in case.” Knowing he won’t budge, I give in and walk over to the walker I stabbed and pulled my machete out. The sound of its brain, blood, and skull as I pulled it out made me shiver. 

  I look over to the fencing and spot where they came in from. "I thought you said the fencing was secure?" Louis shouted out as I pointed to where they came over from. "I did, I checked every part of the fencing this morning."Harry hollered."H-Hope!"Lexi sobbed. "I'm coming honey!" I shout and nod to Louis as a goodbye and run over to Niall with Lexi.  Lexi squirmed in Nialls embrace. "I-I want y-you to hold me."  "Okay.” Niall hands her over to me. For rest of the way to the clinic Niall and I soothe Lexi

     "What happened, Niall?" A nurse said when we entered the clinic. "Lexi was almost bitten."I say, as I place her down on one of the cots. "How? I thought it was secure?" "It is, somehow we have an opening part of fencing. Harry and Louis are working on it as I speak." "Hope killed all the walkers and saved Lexi." "Thank you." The nurse said as she hugged me.”Your welcome?" "Sorry, I never introduced myself. I'm Kelly Jones, Lexi is my niece." "Oh, it's nice to meet you, I'm Hope Richards.”Oh you're Rose Richards’s sister?" Kelly asked smiling. "Y-yeah."  "Rose is in the Cafeteria with others if you want to see-" Thank you." I say and run off to where I saw a sign that said cafeteria, "Hope wait!" Niall shouted after me, as I rush in. "R-Rose." I say teary eyed and run over to her.  "What are you doing lady?" Rose said not looking at me. "R-Rose." I pipe out. Rose stopped what she was doing and looked at me.  "H-Hope?" Uncontrollably I shook my head sobbing. We embraced each other in a hug.  "I told you I would never let you out of my sight." I whisper to her.


 "Hope?" ""Yes?" "Why are you covered in blood?"  "I killed two walkers." I say. "Why did you leave?" I didn't, I was playing with the children and two walkers cornered one of the children while playing." "Hope, Lexi needs you."Niall said.  "Want to come?" Rose nodded her head and we left with Niall. For rest of the day I spent it with Rose and Niall trying to comfort Lexi the best I could with her Aunt Kelly.

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