Cruel World

Twenty Year old Hope Richards has been surviving the zombie apocalypse for two years with her sister , Rose. After Lou Teasdale and her daughter, Lux are accepted into their group their world of safety turns around when they are abducted by seven men; more dangerous than the living dead.
Can Hope save them all or will some die?


2. Not Afraid



       My head pounded as I woke up as my vision gradually was coming back to me. All I could see was pitch blackness with some light making its way through a shattered window above me. Where ever I was it smelt like rotting sewer and was cold as could be.  The sound of moving feet from afar causes me to freeze. My eyes went wide when I heard the sound I fear the most, their clicking and moans. ”Is this really how I'm going to die, from a zombie? I can’t die. Rose, Rose needs me!"   I try to move my hands but can't from the hand cuffs that were attached to me. I cursed these men under my breath as I yanked and pushed on the wall with all my might as I heard the clicking getting closer. The sound of the brick crumbling from the wall gave me more motivation to continue until it came out. "Yes, yes!” I cheer as a couple of my tears ran down my face.

   It was still hard to see in the pitch blackness but thankfully, I could still kill in the dark as I remembered that first time I almost lost Rose. The clicking and groaning was getting closer by the second. All the sounds by me stopped like in the movies I watched whenever something bad was about to happen. I stood my ground until I could make out where the zombie was from the help of the little amount of light that made its way into the blackness. Thankful that part of the pipe that I had pulled out was sharp I kicked it down and stabbed the zombie in the head.


    The sound of clapping startled me. "Well done, love." One of the men says. I was blinded for a split second when the light in room I was in came on.  "Where is she?" I sneer. "Who you mean Rose?" The boy with the messy black hair asked, enjoying this. "No the tooth fairy, yes my sister." I say as I walk up to him. Blood trailed behind me from the weapon that still was connected to me. I wanted so badly to hurt him, but didn't knowing that I'm being watched.  He angered me more when he didn't answer me. "Where is she?!" I say as I inched closer to him. "Somewhere." "Somewhere? Seriously, you're answer is somewhere?" "I know I'm being watched by the rest of your "posse” so where is she?" I asked as I looked around the room until I saw a camera across from the room.  I charged towards the camera and hit it down with the pipe attached to me.

      A second later all the rest of his posse came charging in angered. Before they could take a step closer the black haired man stretches his arm out in front of them. "Zayn - "No, we won’t hurt her; she can be useful for us later." He said to the man I had wounded earlier. I walked over to them cautiously, "Where is she and the others?"I sneered. "Their fine love, just you know hand cuffed like you and being attacked by zombies." The man I wounded sneered with a smug look.  I roared with anger as I charged towards him with my weapon. Without realizing it I was held back by the black haired man named Zayn.

   "Love, I wouldn't hurt anymore of us if I was you. You would just be in more danger then you already are." He whispered in my ear. "Take me to my sister." I choked out as tears began to fall down. My body went limp as he held me still. "I just want to be with my sister." I say in between my sobs, “She’s the only family I have left. But why am I telling you this all of you don't care. All you care about is killing and doing whatever you want to whatever. So just kill me already. So I can be with the rest of my family." I say as I stared at the blue orbs of the blonde haired man.

  They all looked vulnerable for a second until one of the men with curly hair cleared his throat." Your sister and the others are safe they are in different rooms besides the mother and her child. You will be moved to a different room where you will stay."  " Can I se-" "No, you can't. I'm sorry but you just can't see your sister. "He said as they led me out of the room out into a narrow hallway.”W-where are we?" I stuttered. “In our hideaway." The blonde answered. "Why would you need to hide? You are the most dangerous things that we fear." "Really huh?" Well we our hiding from the walkers and everyone else that wants us dead, like the group Josh is in.

“Who’s Josh?" "Just an old friend of ours." Zayn answered. "Oh, where are you taking me?" "You ask too many questions." Zayn said as he shook his head. "I'm sorry, I'm curious." I say sarcastically. "We are taking you to your room."  For rest of the time I was quiet as I observed the hallway and the many doors we passed by. Everyone was full of people. ”Why would they keep all of these people? What are they planning?" ”We keep all of these people as our bait." A man with brown shaggy hair and stunning blue eyes said, "W-what?" I asked terrified. They all laughed, "I'm just joking, we rescue some people while others we capture because they are a threat to others and us."

      I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "Why would they rescue people, they are known to slaughter and rape them and whatever else they do to them? Not rescue."  I must have spoken my thought because they all looked at me a little hurt. "So that's what you think of us huh?" Zayn says, "We haven't raped any humans, we have slaughtered some in defense though."  ""  "We are "The Predators” but we are the protectors. All of the stories you heard are spread by Josh's group, "The Mafia". "The Mafia” is the killers and the stories you heard about us. ““That can't be, you are just trying to brain wash me.” I say shaking my head in disagreement. 


  "Here's your room."  They unlocked the steel door and walked me inside, relief spread throughout my body when he uncuffed me. I felt my wrists that were bleeding from how much the cuffs dug into my skin. "Thank you." I say faintly to Zayn. He faked a smile as he told me that he will bring me some food later. I walked over to a corner of the room where there was a bed and a toilet on the other side of the room with a sink. "Are we in a prison?" I asked. "Clever girl.”Zayn said before he walked out and locked the door behind me.  With nothing else to do I lay down on the bed that creaked as I lay down. I made a bad decision to lay down, because sleep took over me.



        I felt something touch me, which woke me up. I punched what touched me in protection. "Ow!" I heard someone shout.  I looked over to see the blonde man. Guilt took over me instantly. "Oh, I'm so so sorry." I say as I rushed over to him. I grabbed his hand that he had clutched to his nose that was bleeding.  "Here let me see your nose." I say motioning him to come over to me.  I ripped my left sleeve of my long sleeved shirt off. I went over to the sink and got the cloth wet. "Pinch your nose." I say but was ignored. I sighed in frustration and went over to him and pinched his nose. "Ouch, stop it." He says trying to push me away. "Stop it, let me help you." I say to him. He must have had gave in because he stopped wrestling with me to get away.  After hold his nose for ten minutes the bleeding stopped.  "Here use this to clean yourself off. I say handing him the sleeve of my shirt I had tore off. "Thanks." He said as he began wiping the blood from his face.

  “If you have any put some ice on your nose and  some Vaseline in your nose." I say as I stood there awkwardly in front of him. He nodded his head but flinched as he touched his nose.  I walk closer to him, "Can I see your nose?" He hesitated for a moment until he nodded. I observed his nose. "You just bruised it, hopefully. I'm sorry again." I say. "It's okay love." "Why are you in here anyways?" I asked him. "I brought you something to eat and some bandages for your wrist." "Oh, thank you." I say, "What's your name love?" He asked me. “My name's Hope, what's yours?" “I’m Niall, Niall Horan."  "Cool, where are you from?" "Mullingar, Ireland." "What are you doing here in Georgia then?" "Rest of the lads and I were on tour here in America." "Tour? Are you a boy band or something?"  "Yes, we are or were known as One Direction."  " I'm sorry, I don't remember One Direction but my sister probably does." I apologize. "No need to apologize, it's hard to hold onto the life we had before." He said handing me my food that I began to devour.


   He smiled, revealing straight teeth. "What are you smiling at?" I asked. "You are just  ... what's the word, different." He said. "Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?" I ask. "It's a good thing. You are different then all of the other people we've rescued." He said while shrugging his shoulders which was kind of cute. "So, a good thing?" "Yes, a good thing. You are one of the only females that we've rescued that passed our test." "What test?" "The test when you were hand cuffed. We use that test to see where we can place them in our community." He said, "I know what you are thinking, love. Zayn had a gun in there just in case you were about to be bit by that thing." "So this prison is a community then?" "Yeah, we have a school in the cafeteria and are beginning a garden outside in the court yard."  I begin to giggle at the irony. "What’s so funny?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows.  

   ”I was just realizing something that's all." "What, Hope?" "Oh, it's just one of the comics I read, The Walking Dead." I say, “They all lived in a prison in Georgia and here we are doing the same." He began to chuckle a little, which was contagious. We were laughing a second later until someone opened the door of my room. "There you are lad. Louis needs you." Said a man with army cut hair and a birth mark on his neck. "Okay, does he need help with securing the fencing?" "Yes." "Ok, Liam I'll be there in a second." No, Niall he needs you now. The sun is going down in a couple hours." Liam said. "Fine. I'll see you later Hope." Niall said. "Ok, thank you for the food and bandages." "No problem, love." Niall said before they both left, locking me in again. I sighed and ate the remaining of my dinner. When done eating and I had nothing else to do, I go back to sleep.

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