Saved By One Direction

Daniela was walking with her friend Jasmine. A white van pulled over and took the. Ever since Daniela has been regretful about what she couldve done to avoid it. They let the girls there watch tv but only with someone watching them. Daniela ha kept a journal ever since.These girls are kept as sex slaves. Daniela and Jasmine were 17 when captured but they are now 18. They wish to be saved everyday. She wants to get out and live her life. Her dream was to meet one direction. Will she ever be saved?
Mature content so beware. There are sex scenes so beware... I just didnt want this to be private so...


1. How it all happend

Daniela's POV

             It had been about one year since Jasmine and I had got kidnaped. It was horrible. We were just walking home when i huge van almost ran over us. We were running out of the way but it was too late. Those horrible men had already gotten us. Life in here wasnt so bad...just kidding its horrible. When we got here we were forced to have sex with men. Some where in their 20's and the oldest where in thier 40's. I got i guy in his 20's so at least i didnt get a guy the was friken old like a girl named Jenna. She was only 13 and got a guy in his 40's.Yuck! Anyways,once we got their the guy picked who they wanted. After they picked,we were all tooken to the same roomwith all the guys. We were forced to get undressed and wait there.They could kiss us,touch us,anything you could imagine. Naturally we all slaped them but then we got hit. They said we had stay still and not do anything or we would pay. I looked over at Jasmine and she was super scared. Her guys was the same age as mine so i guess you could say we were lucky to not get an old guy. After they all practically raped us. It was horrible. That was the only time they did that thoe. The rest of that year we were just treated as slaves. I loved one direction with all my heart. I was going to see them at their Take me home tour but then this  happened. Every night i would ask myself why? Why would this happen to me? I had my family and its all gone.  My parents never really cared about me. They let me be out at watever hour i wanted. They were just so enoyed of me that they didnt care what i did. I could be a striper and they wouldnt care. I cry myself to sleep every night. I lost my virginity to a guy i dont even know or like. 😭This is all too much. Way too much. I cant take it. My life is miserable. I still had my blades. It was doing it tonight. End this misery. All the girls were into it. We were all gonna go into the bathroom and end the pain. We were going to try every method. Shooting,stabing,pills,drownling,anything that could make the pain go away for good. These people keep a gun to threaten us. Jasmine knew where it was. She would get it and give it to us. We would die together, be miserable together and be happy together. We would be up there and not here with these people. Today was the night. We all got the stuff. We were 10 girls all together. Jenny and Jenna would do an overdose with pills. Taylor and Hannah would drown themselves. Monica and Aliza would stab themselfves. Meredith and Jessica would also stab themselfves. Finally me and Jasmine would shoot ourselfves. We wanted the most painful and effective way to escape this for good. The ones with less noice would  go first. Our cover wasent blown because we had to take a shower together. Jenny and Jenna went first. They wanted to do it first since it was their idea. We saw their last breath. We heard their last words. And we were their last sights. They said "We will see you up there," and closed their eyes. Taylor and Hannah were next. The bath was full and they got in. Soon enough we heard no words. We all felt bad but knew they were in a better place. Monica,Aliza,Meredith,andJessica went and stabbed themselfves. They bleeded so much. They were gone the fast. Now it was just me and Jasmine. We held hands,hugged and finally she started pulling the trigger. "Goodbye" *BOOM*

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